Feb 19th, 2018

Nintendo has really embraced indie games on the Switch, and it shows: there are a ton of cool indie games on the Switch eShop, and most newly announced games also have a Switch version in the works.

The company recently commented on their approach to listing indie games and AAA games on the eShop, saying that they don’t distinguish between big AAA games backed by large publishers from small indie games.

Nintendo’s Park Seong-sa elaborated on this in an interview with a Japanese publication:

“On Nintendo platforms, we don’t really differentiate between AAA titles from established firms and indie games. In actuality, they’re lined up as equals in the Nintendo eShop. We don’t specially promote indie games just because they are indie games, and conversely we don’t prioritise them below AAA titles either.”

Nintendo’s “Nindies” initiative has proven to be very successful, attracting over a hundred indie developers to the Switch platform.

In fact, the Switch is quickly becoming the platform for indie games.

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