Oct 26th, 2015


Any gamer familiar with the Nintendo 64 would place Goldeneye 007 as one of the best games to launch on the system. The game has been remastered and enjoyed by millions of fans across the globe and according to a recent report, Nintendo wanted more Bond games from Rare but the studio declined to work on them.

In a recent interview, Goldeneye designer Martin Hollis said that Nintendo was extremely happy with the critical acclaim that Goldeneye 007 received and wanted his team to work on another entry in the series for the console. Hollis and his team finally decided not to pursue another Bond game based on another film in the franchise and Nintendo respected that decision despite how successful Goldeneye 007 was.

“I thought about this and was not sure I’d really want to. We had a small chat, three or four of us on the team. It was like, ‘No’. We sent the message back, ‘The answer is no. We don’t plan to make another Bond game from another Bond film’. And that was it.”

“It must have grossed, I don’t know, $400m or something. You might’ve thought that on a commercial basis someone at Nintendo, even lower down or higher up or whatever, would’ve said, “Well, are you sure?”, but out of respect for the creator and the importance of the people who actually made the game, that was it.”

It’s hard to imagine that sort of scenario playing out in today’s game’s industry, where series like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty have become annualized so even if gamers don’t know what the game will be about, they’re 100% sure a new one is coming next year. Kudos to Nintendo for respecting its creator’s desires and not running their ambition into the ground to reap millions.

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