Jun 23rd, 2015

Ask any Nintendo fan what game series they want Nintendo to start work on again, and you’ll likely hear F-Zero somewhere in the mix. The fast-paced racing game has been popular with fans since the original released on the Super Nintendo. Even with the relative success of the Mario Kart franchise, many hoped Nintendo would relent and begin developing the series. According to a new report from Nintendo Life, the Wii U almost had an F-Zero game.

With the Wii U on the horizon, apparently Nintendo of Europe contacted the studio responsible for the Burnout series and asked them to work on a pitch for a brand-new F-Zero game that would debut at E3 alongside the official unveiling of the Wii U. It would have been a racing fans wet dream, considering Miyamoto has stated in the past that he’s confused about how to bring F-Zero into the modern era.

Sadly, Criterion was busy with Need For Speed: Most Wanted and porting it to various platforms, so the E3 vertical slice Nintendo wanted them to produce couldn’t be made. Because Criterion was busy, Nintendo decided to move on from creating a new F-Zero and so we only have confirmation that the pitch took place and went nowhere.

At least Mario Kart 8 has 200cc mode to satisfy your break-neck racing itch, right?

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