Jan 23rd, 2013

Wii U hardware photos

Today during the Nintendo Direct conference, Satoru Iwata detailed the update schedule for the Wii U. Iwata mentioned that two upgrades will be coming for the console, one in the spring and one in the summer. These updates will bring the Virtual Console to Wii U, as well as offer improved software launch times and load times. Iwata reiterated that Nintendo remains committed to its customers who supported the Wii U early on, so the company wants to work out these early launch issues as quickly as possible. No specific dates were given for each update, but the spring quarter ends in March so that means we’re less than two months away from that update.

For further information on the Virtual Console announcement, you can check out our post with the details here. What do you think about Nintendo’s update schedule? Are you pleased with Nintendo’s efforts so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Damn, I was checking for updates everyday. Now I know it’s useless, let’s wait for spring 😀

  • Dariuvahush

    actually spring starts in march and ends in june, wo we’re not less than two months away from that update but at least two months away.

    • Fred

      I believe you’re correct

  • Marcell Wade

    Good to know, Nintendo cares about the small issues for Wii U. 🙂

    • Elem187

      I like companies who listen to their customers…. Good luck getting a massive multibillion dollar ultra mega company conglomerate like Sony to do that… even M$ has an issue where they took forever to actually admit that their boxes weren’t cooling properly.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    One more step to utter domination for WIi U

    Sure Microsoft and Sony will release their $400 minimum consoles with great power, but Nintendo has the games that we love like

    Yoshi Land
    Pikmin 3
    Wind Waker U edition
    Resident Evil Revelations U Edition
    Mario Kart U
    The Wonderful 101 (yes i mentioned it, looks awesome)
    and OTHERS

    Nintendo is guaranteed to steal the show this e3.

    • Wildman

       I need muh Metroid fix!

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Sounds about right, even if MS and Sony announce powerful hardware at
      E3, it won’t be too powerful as Sony at least is in some trouble and
      last time they made a powerhouse of a console they took massive losses
      on it. Microsoft maybe could afford it but they keep chasing the casual
      market and making powerful hardware would be unnecessary for that
      demographic and could even put them off buying it. and $400 is alot of
      money, and if Wii U was declared “pricey” by many, then those consoles
      face an uphill struggle for sales.

      E3 will be epic for Ninty
      this year, Smash Bros will be revealed, so will Mario Kart, the 3D Mario
      game, probably the new Zelda. That’s the franchises everyone was
      expecting and I’m sure there’s some fanboys out there saying “DUUUH
      Nintendo always relies on the same old rehashed stuff” Well we’ll see
      some Bayonetta 2 (jealous much?) and more of Yoshi, Shin Megami
      Tensei/Fire Emblem, Monolith’s Wii U project and possibly their 3DS
      project. Retro’s project (Metroid or Starfox after its long absence)
      should get some attention, then there’s the 3rd party stuff like Mass
      Effect, CoD, Assassin’s Creed. How about Ni No Kuni Wii U, Watch Dogs,
      GTA or even Eternal Darkness 2 (Please Please Please)

  • erm cross game chat???

  • gil

    Will this update in March contain the initial 5GB download? Since as of now, that is really the only thing holding me back from buying a Wii U (we have slow internet)

    • Arquitectura Unis

      yes, actually this year Wii Us will be in stock with the 5gb update done

      •  It was never 5GB so please quit saying that.   Total download for that update was under 1.5GB

        • the initial update was 5gb. when i updated it on Nov. 18th and checked my memory space i only had 27 gb left.

          • john madsen

            ok you moron the o.s takes 4.2 gigs of space this is why you have 27 gigs duh 

          • Sam Bradley

            You obviously didn’t check your “memory space” before the update. It would of been roughly the same

          • Marius Valasinas

            Same here. Update took away 5 GB of my Wii U just like that. Took a while to download too.

          •  27GB is about what you had available before the update too.  The OS and stock software takes up some memory just as Windows, MacOS or any other operating system takes some of your hard drive space.  It’s not that complicated but apparently some are so ignorant that they assume too much about what they know nothing about.

    •  What 5GB download are you speaking of???  This was never the case.  It was more like 1.2GB download.  I have slow 3Mbs DSL and it updated pretty quickly mainly because it was NOT a 5GB download that the trolls and the rumor sites made up without having evidence to back it up.

      My evidence was my router which measures my daily usage and the day I got the Wii U my total usage for that day was 1.7GB and that included all updates for the Wii U and for both Nintendoland, Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Transfer, and web browsing for the entire day.  

      This is the way of modern consoles so expect some fairly large updates for anything you buy today.  Unless you are on dial-up then do not let your internet speed hold you back.

  • I hate to say but they still need accomplishments and voice chat through party.. ó_ò

  • Linskarmo

    I hope the spring update comes soon, because the load times are rather annoying sometimes.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    Which was the ONLY problem to Wii U? It latency on menu switch. What is Nintendo going to do? Fix the latency on menu switch. This is what I call “Customer Care”. Please, imitate it, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, all. Not just the technology, as you did with Wii Remote breaking control, NDS touch screen and so on.