Jun 12th, 2014


Two of the biggest console manufacturers in the game have caught on to Twitch and want to be on-board for the ride, but where’s Nintendo? The company has been the only one resisting the growth and influence of the games streaming service, and it looks like their stance won’t be changing anytime soon.

Nintendo revealed in a Q&A session this week that they don’t want to bother with Twitch because they feel it’s boring to watch people play video games when they could be playing themselves. Funny, that, considering they have a Twitch channel of their own that they’ve been streaming E3 2014 content on. That’s one opinion, though tons of Twitch addicts (both on the viewing and broadcasting side) would beg to differ.

It’s a shame Nintendo has taken this stance because there are many gamers who enjoy watching games like Mario Kart 8, and I’m sure Super Smash Brothers is going to have quite the following on the streaming service once it finally debuts.

Nintendo has always been known to go against the grain in certain gaming trends, and it’s worked out well for the most part. We’re just hoping they eventually change their minds on this one little issue, because Microsoft and Sony are just as ready to reap all the benefits of hopping onto the train (even if said benefits don’t amount to a ton more momentum than they already have).

[via Polygon]

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  • Poopsy

    Why are the WiiUDaily fourms dead? Where has everybody gone??? This is E3 for crying out loud!

    • Phoenix Maybe

      I don’t think that forum is “dead” just yet. The E3 2014 thread is quite busy right now.

    • I told you, come back later, when things are less busy.

  • Sdudyoy

    This is one of the few times I believe Nintendo is wrong, watching games is not boring, in fact through live streams, and Youtube, I have made my deciding decision on many games, twitch support isn’t necessary but it wouldn’t hurt to have it.

    • Will.F. Martinez

      Same here. I might use it I might not. But it doesn’t hurt to have.

    • sillybajillies

      I really don’t like saying this but I feel like the system just isn’t powerful enough to stream real-time and that dissing live-stream gameplay is Reggie’s way of avoiding having to admit that (and thus making the system and the company look bad).

      • sillybajillies

        🙁 Looks like I’ve been hit by the Guest Vote troll(s?).

      • Rich Garriques

        k your stupid for saying this because live streaming only requires 1 gb ram and an hd gpu with a significant amount of internet speed to do. so your argument is invalid.

        • sillybajillies

          That’s the minimum requirement and it’s literally all the Wii U has to offer. The Wii U has 1 GB afforded to games, and 1 GB afforded to the system UI (Notifications, Miiverse, Home Menu).

          Using that 1 GB of RAM wouldn’t be able to push a high quality video out in real time (because it’s the minimum requirement) and it would eliminate your background processes. You wouldn’t be able to check your friends list or Miiverse because the RAM required to use those features during gameplay would be being used by Twitch.

          • android138

            you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. troll somewhere else.

          • sillybajillies


            Here’s Wii U Daily with the system specs.


            Here’s the requirements for Livestream, a popular livestreaming application. They’re generalized so that they will work on most computers (Which averages around 2GB of RAM needed to run system functions). They’re not the same for all systems, but it’s up to you to find the requirements.

            You can dismiss me as a troll, but I remember reading these articles about this kind of thing. Please, explain to me how this would work if I’m just some big troll spitting garbage.

          • Gregg

            Consoles and Computers use resources, far differently.

          • android138

            dude you have no idea they both use totaly different computer architectures. the ps4 is made of pc parts so they know what is needed to run programs. the wii u is another beast all together. nobody really knows what the wii u is really capable of unless developers use the platform and push the hardware. saddly the ps4 will not yield anything great besides a few anti aliasing and more shaders thats it.even the AI wont be greatly improved with old hardware. the wii u is new tech that improves apon old techniques used in the gaming industry. there was still alot of potential in the ps 360 but that is another story.

      • SoulSighter

        I actually streamed E3 live from twitch all last week through my Wii U’s internet browser. Everything seemed pretty flawless streaming wise. The only thing that was lackluster was the interface, which a dedicated app would most certainly fix. Isn’t kind to make assumptions and spread rumors of things when you’ve never tried it, nor have the knowledge to make the judgement.

        • sillybajillies

          By stream I meant to be the one who is putting the live video out. Not viewing a stream.

          this comment has gotten out of hand.

    • Zuxs13

      I guess im just too old, watching someone play a video game on line for more than 3-4 mins is worthless to me and very boring. But that being said you have to find the whole conversation, not what Wii Faily wrote. There is a lot more to it than what is in here.

    • Steve

      Ever heard of Game Reviews? Yeah, we have plenty of those already.

      • Sdudyoy

        Yes I have, but I still enjoy to watch games be played to figure out how they play better than game reviews.

        • Josh Dye

          At least normalboots.com works fine on Wii U’s browser

          • Sdudyoy

            It does? I have to try that out.

        • Steve

          Your argument was that these live streams have helped you decide whether or not to purchase a specific game. You don’t need an entire LP to make that decision. All you need are short segments that portray the benefits of purchasing the game. If professional advertisers can convince someone to purchase a product with a 30 second ad, why can’t LPers?

          And, I have to respectfully disagree with you. While Live streams can be fun, they also spoil the game for other players. I wanted to purchase Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii when it first launched. But, after a friend showed me an LP of the game, I decided not to. I already knew the story, what would happen, etc… So, what’s the point of purchasing it?

          • Sdudyoy

            I was talking about LPers, I don’t always watch live streams, I just think they’re fun to watch.

  • Petri

    Well, I’d rather play the games myself.
    I only like to watch informative and opinionated (in forms of top 5/10) videos of games.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    I actually have to agree with Nintendo. For the most part watching someone play a game, especially on sites like YouTube and Twitch, that I could go buy at that same moment is kinda boring (unless I find the player amusing). However, watching someone play a game that no one else has access to, well that’s a different story.

    • Game Grumps are about the only ones I can stand to watch play a game. and at that point, it’s really not about the game

      • Phoenix Maybe

        (Edit: GIF didn’t work 🙁 )

        • Did you see them fighting Ganon in Wind Waker? Hilarious

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Usually when I watch LPs I usually try to find ones that have no commentary as I find it mostly annoying with a few exceptions

        • Yeah, i can feel that

      • Arthur Jarret

        I’ve never been much of a gamegrumps fan – I absolutely loathe pewdiecake… but I like to see Tara Babcock play videogames…

        • pewdiepie and toby are just… eh… Game Grumps are fun because they don’t just focus on the game. They get sidetracked with really fun side conversations and other such things.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yeah, but that’s just… well, how I game – really. I’d rather spend my time playing with mates. However, I don’t have a Tara to game with so that’s something I’m sorely missing.

          • Tara?

          • Arthur Jarret


    • MerryBlind .

      Yeah same, I understand why Nintendo say this, and I agree, to a certain extend. ‘Just’ watching someone play a game is boring, however, when I DO watch someone play a game, it’s more because the person is really entertaining/hilarious. So like Zorpix says “it’s really not about the game [anymore]”

    • darkcreap

      Yes, but what about competitons? I am not the one to watch sports, but I found the Smash Bros tournament interesting. Not that I would have watched it all, since I had other things to do and I prefer playing videogames myself, but for a lot of people (even me) can be interesting to see an epic match of a videogame. You know, is like these speed runs and time attack videos. Or watching someone perform a glitch or do an epic move. With this, I mean that it can be fun to watch videogaming competitons. Actually, there are gaming professionals who charge huge amounts of money for winning tournaments. I read a recent article about it. The same way there are people who like watching football (and also playing it), there are people who also like watching videogames. Of course, it would be pretty negative if there were a lot of people who liked watching games instead of playing it. Nevertheless, maybe one day there will be a big market for games that are made just for expert gamers to play and others to watch. Who knows.

      I am with Nintendo in the sense that playing yourself is way better (that’s why we are gamers), but there is also great to see other people play. Whenever I went to one of my friend’s house as a child I liked to play games in the SNES and N64 with him, but some times watching was interesting too. I think Nintendo should give its position a second thought. I agree partially with them, but not completely.

    • palomino blue

      Right there with you. Commentary and review on games I have no access to are fine but with what limited time I have to play games I’d rather actually play than watch.

  • nintendope

    This is no minor issue.. Twitch is becoming the heart of the gaming community, whaterever is on twitch will be on the gamer’s mind, silly Nintendo never accepting free advertising until too late.

    • Phoenix Maybe

      Wow…I haven’t thought of it that way before. Good point on the advertising.

      • nintendope

        They think people will start watching streams instead of buying their games but that is wrong, watching my favorite streamer playing a game makes me want to play it myself.

        • darkcreap

          Yes, exactly. I think Nintendo had this negative attitude towards Youtube recently, remember? They were afraid that people uploading walkthroughs would prevent them from playing a game, but I find that absurd. I use walkthroughs to get clues in games or see endings of games I will never buy, but that never has prevented me from completing a game.

          Actually, I never watch the ending of a game I intend to beat (unless I’ve given up on it). I consider that an ending is the reward for beating the game and I stick to that.

          Watching people playing a videogame for either recreational (tournaments) or practical use (walkthroughs) is in any way substitution for playing the game. Of course, the same way there are people who watch football and not play it, there might appear a group of people who like watching videogame tournaments just for the sake of watching a show/competiton, but that is not gonna kill videogames as an entertainment industry.

          And yes, it is free advertising. It can make you “whooooa” I want that game.

          I started uploading MK8 highlight reel videos to youtube and post them in my facebook, guess what? A guy who had a WiiU but not the game decided to buy it. Oh, and I love uploading my great MK8 moments to youtube. Oh, so many epic races to remember!!!

  • Jason

    Nintendo also said once that no one wants to play video games online, and then we got Mario Kart DS, an online game. So give it a few years, but Nintendo really needs to stop being stubborn.

    • android138

      dude they build around the state of the economy. and even nintendo wiill get social trends wrong. the wii not being in hd was nintendo acknowldging the fact that most people didnt have hd tv’s. but society started buying hd tv’s and nintendo had to live with their decision. social trends can change in a heartbeat. internet came on so fast and strong nintendo had to change for the better. now everyone and everywhere is connected. hopefully the way news is spreading so fast the bs news gaming sites wont be able to control the flow of information. and put it in a bad view. the gaming medis started the console wars. gamers will end it.

  • kevin nun—-


    • readypembroke

      Number 51 is Bayonetta 2.

      • Petri

        nice, I’m planning on getting both, digital and physical.
        I hope they add first one separately on eShop, I would buy it too.

  • Donaald

    “So I know you were expecting invites, game chat, and standard online features on Wii U. Not my problem!”

    • Rich Garriques

      what makes you expect something? when nintendo said nothing about adding these features. you know when people say this stuff about nintendo it just shows that you all are a bunch spoiled brats

      • Donaald

        Well, I’m sorry for wanting features that even last gen consoles can do. Damage control much? And I can be as “spoiled” as I want, it’s my money, you fag


        • The Bling Man

          More like angry console warriors trying to spread fudd after Nintendo absolutely owns E3.

          • Donaald

            This has nothing to do with console warfare, E3 or popularity contest console fanboys have, it’s about consumer dissatisfaction, you moron.

        • I agree with you, but the name-calling makes you look like a child. Reported.

          • Donaald

            I don’t give a fuck

  • Without quotes, this story is missing some points of clarification. Nintendo isn’t against Twitch, only livestreams that have no value. Events like the Smash Invitational, Nintendo Directs, Nintendo Treehouse E3 coverage, and while not officially done by Nintendo, Twitch Plays Pokemon, are the events Nintendo would utilize with Twitch streaming. Normal playthroughs done by Joe Schmo aren’t exactly what I would call something of value to Nintendo. Providing coverage of a game, maybe, but it certainly isn’t free advertising, especially if said gamer hates the game entirely.

    Now you can argue whither regularly streaming a game on Twitch is fun or not, but to say that Nintendo won’t bother with Twitch, when they have a good partner relationship with Twitch, is false, especially when they have been using it heavily these past couple of days for their own projects.

    • darkcreap

      Well, apart from tournaments, walkthroughs and speed runs can be great, even if they are recorded events. I am all for Nintendo in using Twitch to celebrate tournaments like you said.

      It would be great if Nintendo did an online world tournament, in such a way that they could choose players for a tournament, but without making them be present in a physical place, like they did in E3, that way we could see a tournament with the best Smash players all around the planet. They could interview the players to make them agree for the live broadcast. And there could even be some kind of price.

  • DC777

    Watching people play games is great and many times hilarious. This is the train of thought that keeps Nintendo in the toilet. I had a blast watching some guy die 500 times when DKTF first came out, streaming it on Twitch. It’s free advertising for your game not to mention the financial deals that could come of it.

    It only proves that despite the improvements we have seen recently, Nintendo is still out of touch with the modern online world. If they want to make themselves a slow producing, niche gaming platform, that is stuck only in the old school past, they are doing a great job.

    After the disappointment of E3 (regardless of a fine presentation and great tournament) the delayed major releases and the continued lack of any thing close to one new mature and/or online ip or rpg, I personally resigned to the fact that I will have to pick up a second gaming console. Nintendo can be great but apparently only about twice a year.

  • darkcreap

    I have to politely disagree with Nintendo on this issue. While I agree with them to a certain extent, I also think that they are being short sighted and not seeing the whole picture. Videogame streaming is not substitute for real gaming, but watching other people playing games can be fun. I liked to play with a friend of mine as a child games in the SNES and N64, but some times I liked seeing him playing and doing cool things while I rested or simply I didn’t feel like playing that day.

    The same way people like watching other people play football, same happens with videogames. I mean, look at the Smash Bros tournament we had a few days ago, remember? If Nintendo did more tournaments like this, it would help other people get aware of the game and very likely make them desire it themselves. It is also good to see how great some players can play and see them do speedruns or cool things in those games we love.

    I think Nintendo is being shortsighted. Yes, they are right in one thing: just watching can be boring, but some times just watching other competing can be fun and great too. Just imagine a Smash or Mario Kart 8 tournament.

  • Levi Johansen

    It is very simple; if the game is interesting to watch then the developers can add streaming or clip uploads themselves.

    Mario Kart 8 has the option to upload races to youtube, and Super Smash Bros might as well.

    It would be a waste of power to make such a function a part of the OS and available in every game; if the developers want more power rather than streaming and uploading – then they should have it.

    Should the devs want streaming/uploading, then they can make it themselves and make if as efficient as possible for the game. (like Nintendo did for Mario Kart)

  • blindtiger

    and thats why i like nintendo… why would i upload or watch a videogame video? i really dont get it. but then again i dont get smart phones or facebook. im too young to feel this old…

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I think their statements are being taken out of context. They don’t hate Twitch or streaming they are simply not interested in streams that have no value. If you have Mario Kart TV which essentially lets you upload videos to Youtube and if they include something similar in Smash Bros then whats the point of having a full blown Twitch app? I think part of it is because Nintendo likely figures that most professional streamers have their own capture cards which allow for rendering, streaming, and recording commentary at a much higher quality.

    • FutureFox

  • Daniel Carvalho

    What Nintendo fails to understand is that gameplay videos generate hype, get people interested into playing the game, and that helps raise sales. The more videos about Nintendo games out there, the more people will be talking about them, the more people will know those titles exist, the more people will start researching for those titles, and ultimately more people will be buying them!

    Yes, watching someone play a game on a video sites isn’t as fun as playing the game, but I can’t even count the number of times watching someone playing a certain title has made me interested on it – even though I couldn’t bother knowing about that game with the company’s advertisement -, and led me to obtain those titles – which, by the way, I have beaten 4 or 5 times each!

    Nintendo underestimates the power of the Internet, not only regarding online gameplay, but also regarding its power as advertisement tool. You’d think they’d change their minds after the success their Nintendo Threehouse was this year, but once again they show they’re willing to go in full speed at the wrong direction.

    • Zuxs13

      Read the full story!

  • Joseph Oliveira

    Good for Nintendo and I agree. Watching people playing video games is fucking boring! You can’t include their account when they play at E3. Those games hasn’t been released to the public. They’re different.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    Um Nintendo I think EVO and the pokemon red twitch channel beg to differ

  • Archiq09

    I like see people play on Twitch when I dont know whats play.
    If nintendo has stream app on twitch Im will be happy because I can’t stream my wiiu only my pc -_-

  • Shota

    it’s boring to watch people play video games when they could be playing themselves. then why is twitch so successful gaming site?

  • Nicolas Dorion

    “they don’t want to bother with Twitch because they feel it’s boring to watch people play video games when they could be playing themselves”

    once again, even if they are not really wrong, nintendo misses an important aspects of the current video game industry.
    We live in a generation where people don’t just want to play games, they want to watch people play game. Possibly watch more than actually play.

    If nintendo supported Twitch, more people would be aware of nintendo’s games, more people would be interested, yada yada yada, you know the drill

    • Kevin James McAllister

      Reggie said at e3 that he’s not interested in the average person with a hundred views uploading their stuff, but they want to have a working relationship with the folks on youtube that people care about, like they did with the Fils-a-mech thing. He says that he’d rather have a “curated” set of videos out there. That means we’ll see stuff from the “best” of youtube/twitch and none of the crap (ideally).

  • FutureFox

    Not every game, or genre for that matter, benefits with having live stream, so I can understand Nintendo’s stance on this.

  • Bomberman

    Nintendo has totally bad view point on this. I love watching people play, especially competitive games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart. In fact, it makes me want to play it more; trying to emulate my favorite pro streamer. Then again, Nintendo is always behind in the times, so it’s no surprise they would not take advantage of Twitch.

    • Zuxs13

      Well if Wii U daily reported correctly you would have read that they still want people to be able to watch other people play, they just dont want it to be done by joe smoe with a handheld camera, they would rather it be similar to how their Tree house events or smash bros tournament went on twitch, with pros playing and good commentator.

  • Santiago

    I think that if anyone can stream by just pressing a button then it will be hard to find good, serious streams. Now, people who play in tournaments will have no problem streaming in their own way, and these are the people we really want to see on streams

  • Takarashi282

    Nintendo kinda needs to realize that after a while, you start watching streams for the personality behind it. When you’re watching somebody stream, if they’re a dick, then you turn off that stream. It’s rarely ever about trying to leech off of corporations’ money (even though it’s cool to get money off of ad revenue on videos and subscription money off streams), and the people who are in it for the money don’t ever get it because they’re usually unlikeable. But let me state how successful Call of Duty is. People put highlights and things on Youtube or other video uploading services, and more people see it and think, “Huh, this looks pretty fun… I may pick it up.”

    Nintendo must understand that they’re essentially preventing word from being spread. And in that, they’re getting less and less sales. Whereas with the PS4 and XBox One, you can become that person who plays these games and influence the viewer to buy said games. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to stream or capture gameplay; it is possible. But the big guys who spread the word on games are suffering from x-amount of loss when they’re posting their let’s plays on Youtube.

    That’s why Nintendo is suffering from loss, is because they’re putting out a potentially great console, yet hushing the newsboy.

  • FlashFan207

    Twitch seems very silly. I am certainly not ashamed I have never heard of it. That said, there is much about the video game industry I find stupid or boring and cannot believe how anyone could ever find it cool. But like all things in life, people have varying tastes, and even though I agree with Nintendo on this particular point, does it not seem a little silly to shoot yourself in the foot and intentionally cut yourself off from a (perplexingly) successful offshoot of the industry?

  • anhell

    I don’t like to.watch games. I like to play games.

  • Arthur Jarret

    It really won’t matter in the long run. There’s only a small percentage of console owners that actually use the live stream function. Like PS3/X360 live stream you can still use a capture device, too… and as the Wii U does not have a seperate camera (only the low-quality built-in-the-gamepad camera that does not show a player well during gameplay) like PS4 and X1 you would need an external device to make a decent livestream anyway (because just gameplay isn’t worth livestreaming for).

    More people that own consoles watch Twitch than upload to it, more people that own consoles don’t watch twitch than do watch it. I can understand why it wouldn’t be a priority function.

    • Arthur Sataine

      What are you talking about? That’s all I want to see or hear in a livestream. Gameplay.

      • Arthur Jarret

        That’s exactly when most would rather play it themselves. If I watch a livestream I want to see the players response, grumblings and ragequits! Especially the ragequits!

  • Mason742

    If you really want to stream you can. You just have to buy or create a solution to do it. Like a capture card, Nintendo is just stating they aren’t going to invest in a easy to use solution for everybody. Albeit capture cards aren’t that hard to use anyways.

  • discuss

    I support them in this decision.

  • jhell

    nintendo twitch is awesome

  • Austin Burn

    the wii u wouldn’t be powerful enough to encode and stream to twitch anyway, it’s just not powerful enough.

    • Mozellergodt

      Yeah. I hope for their next console they would drop the expensive gimmick that is a gamepad and put some more into their hardware 😛 E3 has just proved that not even Nintendo can come up with gameplay revolutionary enough to justify the gamepad.

      • TrueWiiMaster

        Seriously? The Gamepad is integral for Captain Toad, Splatoon, Mario vs DK, Mario Maker, and Kirby, and will play a big part in Bayonetta. It’s important to a lot of the indie games too. The Gamepad is more than justified at this point.

        • Mozellergodt

          “revolutionary *enough* to justify the gamepad.” I don’t want them to add artificial reasons for it to be there.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Opinion, opinion. As far as I’m concerned the Wii U only needs ONE traditional RTS to cement the gamepad as fully justified.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            What “artificial reasons”? The Gamepad is naturally important in level creation games like Pushmo, Mario vs DK, and Mario Maker, which would be impossible or terrible without it. The same goes for its use in Splatoon as a constant map, which, because of the gameplay, also acts as a scorekeeper. It’s also a huge improvement in any split screen game, like Hyrule Warriors or Mario Kart. I don’t know what you want, exactly, but like I said before, the Gamepad is more than justified at this point.

      • android138

        its not a gimmick tthe whole fact you dont need a tv is revolutionary enough.

    • android138

      dude you sound just like the morons above stop.

      • Mozellergodt

        Really? This might actually be true, the console is already busy encoding and streaming video to the gamepad + it also got less juice than PS4 / Xbox.

  • Zuxs13

    Wow why don’t you guys report the whole conversation about Twitch. They said they feel like it may work for some but not others and They have other plans for twitch. They also commented on their Affiliate program with YouTube. Pointing out that the E3 press release they did with Mega 64 is an example of what they would like to do with these programs!

    And they also felt that just watching joe smoe play on twitch doesn’t really provide compelling experiences on how to play the game. They pointed towards streaming things like the Smash Bros tournament with pros playing the game, hinting at they will provide twitch like content using pros to play the game, not a 12 year old in east bum shoe.

    • Yoshifan3

      they still are being stubborn and this just proves that they have no clue about online gaming or what people want in general.

      who are they to decide what stream has value? everyone had to start somewhere. can they read minds and say “i know what people want. twitch is not it”?

      no they cant and it gives them a a bad rep for doing that. so this once again proves nintendo is clueless.

      • Zuxs13

        Well since they have people who study markets and do research i am sure they no far better what people want then what you do. They are not clueless, they are being careful. They are also trying to provide a high value to the twitch broadcasts than the crap that is on there already.

        Be honest with yourself, do you really want the current twitch stuff that’s out there? Or would you rather have the more professionally done Twitch stuff from the tree house events? And they never said they would “stop” other people from doing twitch like stuff, they just said they dont feel like Nintnedo is going to provide twitch to the console, and that could be for many reasons, the wii u isnt strong enough, they dont have the funds right now to do it, or other reasons.

      • android138

        wow nintendo clueless! do you guys even think about the thigs you say before you say it. troll on

    • Arthur Sataine

      You can’t expect journalistic bias to have any integrity to it whatsoever. I don’t see a problem with Nintendo’s stance on it. I’ve seen quite a lot of moronic nonsense on Twitch. When all I wanted to do was watch some gameplay. I don’t care about the shows, I don’t care about the “Streamers” that make money from donations, I don’t care about some “show.” All nonsense.

  • Zuxs13

    Oh for those Metroid fans, here is the conversation to wet your Whistle.


  • FutureFox

    What Nintendo really means….

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    So it’s denying the fans what they may want because of their own personal opinion.

    Seems legit.

  • shadus

    I kinda agree with Nintendo in that it doesn’t need to be a standard feature on a console. There are still plenty of ways to get Wii u gameplay on twitch and anybody who is really big into playing on twitch will go that route. Most gamers don’t stream from twitch, sure we probably watch it but we don’t stream so adding in a feature that could weaken the integrity of its games doesn’t seem smart to me especially when there is already an after market solution created by your consumers. I do agree Nintendo does need to use twitch and youtube to advertise. They should get 10 popular lets players give them a good yearly salary and have them promote their games through that format, call them the “Nintendo Dream Team” or something

  • Rich Garriques

    Nintendo revealed in a Q&A session this week that they don’t want to
    bother with Twitch because they feel it’s boring to watch people play
    video games when they could be playing themselves.



  • TrueWiiMaster

    “because they feel it’s boring to watch people play video games when they could be playing themselves. Funny, that, considering they have a Twitch channel of their own that they’ve been streaming E3 2014 content on.”
    Not quite. They said they thought it was boring to watch random gaming videos from random people, and said that it was great to watch Mario Kart highlight videos or videos of expert players (like in the SSB tournament). The content they were streaming at E3 wasn’t just straight gameplay. Not only was it footage of unreleased games, but it had commentary, oftentimes from the developers themselves. Streaming ordinary gameplay from average players without commentary would indeed be extremely boring. Games are meant to be played, not just watched.

  • Shaise

    Umm….This annoys me about Nintendo. See how calmly and casually they say “don’t count it in.” I THOUGHT YOU WANT TO UP SALES!!!!! I know it matters about games, but streaming your game from the console is creative, showing other players what you play.

  • android138

    wow really wii u daily. nothing about mario kart tv. listen just because they are’nt using twitch doesnt mean they wont have their version of streaming. this article puts nintendo in a bad light to get clicks. sad really because wii u daily just lost my respect and my viewership. wii u daly, you are hurting the industry. you are not helping in any way. if you look at the comment you cansee you just caused reason for more console war bs.

  • android138

    the whole fact they used twitch to stream the live treehouse event makes you guys sound like a bunch of morons.

  • The Bling Man

    Ha! of all the weeks to post a “LOL Nintendo are so antiquated” story you pick the week where they dominate twitch, Youtube and E3 in general completely because of their idiosyncrasy’s?

    Nintendo pick their spots get over it, lets all move on and talk about the positives of which are almost inumerable shall we?

  • Gregg

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been gaming on every platform since the Atari 2600, and I can’t even remotely comprehend wanting to watch someone play. Never even seen “Twitch”. Keep it focused Nintendo.