Nintendo TVii is an entertainment platform for the Wii U console. Nintendo TVii will offer users to watch shows and movies, to browse and look up content, and to connect with various third party providers, such as Hulu, Netflix, and more. Nintendo has confirmed that all major US TV network are on board with Nintendo TVii. The service will be included with every Wii U and will be free to use.

Nintendo TVii features

Nintendo TVii integrates several channels of data seamlessly into one solution. Users can browse TV shows and listings, and then select which provider to use to watch the show. In addition to the TV networks, Wii U supports Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others. More services will be added in the future.

Nintendo TVii

The Wii U GamePad controller is used for a second screen experience. For example, watching a sports game, the GamePad will provide live player stats and match data throughout the game. In movies and TV shows, it’ll even take notes and add thumbnails of the show, which the user can share online with friends, Tweet, and more.

Nintendo TVii will also have full support for TiVo, and will allow users to set and record shows on their TiVo through the Wii U. Users will also be able to access their shows and mov

Nintendo TVii screenshots

The screenshots show how the GamePad controller is used during Nintendo TVii. Players can use it as a remote, as a secondary screen, to browse shows, and more.

Nintendo TVii trailer

  • Spence

    I really hope that this is as smooth as it looks. It looks like Nintendo put a lot into getting all these sources of media integrated into one system, so i really hope it turns out well. But of course, Nintendo seldom goes wrong.