Jun 19th, 2014


We haven’t heard much about Nintendo TVii since the Wii U launched and it’s still not available outside of the US and Japan, but today the service received a quick update that brings some new features for those of you who still use it. Here’s a look at what’s new:

  • Quicker load times across the service
  • Easier access to your favorite sporting events, now including baseball! Now you can start predicting plays & climbing the leaderboard even faster
  • Enhanced search functionality for all your favorite channels, shows, movies and sports to find out what’s on
  • Increased TV Tag coverage to all shows on the top 70 channels

It’s a small start and seems especially beneficial to sports fans. Will you be enjoying these new features, or do you even use Nintendo TVii at all?

[via AlwaysNintendo]

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  • Geek_Daddy

    I don’t use it at all… It it could integrate with some of the online viewing options that some cable companies provide for their subscribers and then have the second screen with that, it would get used all the time…

    • Zuxs13

      You mean like on-demand services? Or Netflix?

  • Ducked

    At least they did something. It’s a start.

  • Shota

    I totally forgot about tvii. Because it isnt availeble in europe yet

    • Ducked

      Well the good news is you aren’t missing out on much.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Depends on the services they’ll offer here

  • Rinslowe

    Doesn’t Nintendo of America own some Baseball team or something like that? Anywho, Nintendo TVii means next to nothing for me. Being in HK…
    But how is it anyway?

    • Ducked

      It’s something Nintendo has abandoned since the Wii U launch.

    • The former president of Nintendo of Japan held a controlling stake in the Seattle Mariners, but now that Hiroshi Yamauchi has died, I believe his family sold his stake in the team. It has nothing to do with Nintendo of America.

      • Rinslowe

        Oh, so that’s how it went. Cheers for that bit of trivia. It all adds up..

      • FoxMulder900

        According to Wikipedia they are still owned by Nintendo of America, I always thought it was really strange lol.

    • They own the Seattle Mariners

    • Zuxs13

      The former head of the company owned the Seattle mariners.

  • Bob Charlie

    Does anybody actually still use cable?
    Roku, Amazon, Apple, Sony > Cable/Sat

    • Zuxs13

      Anyone who is a sports fan does.

      • BIG Franky

        yeah, Bob…. are you a housewife?

        • SinkyChan


        • Bob Charlie

          No, I am actually an educator now. I played D2 college football before joining the Marine Corps. After going to Iraq I gave up watching sports as they no longer seemed to matter. I am from Colorado and did not even watch the Bronchokes in the Super Bowl or the Rockies a few years ago in the WS. So paying for overpriced cable just to watch sports really is not a priority in this house.

    • sillybajillies

      Yep. There’s a nice feeling to watching stuff when it comes out and being left at a cliffhanger when the commercials come on!

    • Roadkill409

      Not me. With all that you listed, minus Apple, there is very little need for Cable anymore. I wish they sold channels ala cart. I would buy one or two channels.

      • Bob Charlie

        Right, that would be nice! I’m sure companies will start selling subscriptions as internet TV is on the rise.

  • jjbredesen

    Hey Nintendo what about releasing TVII in europe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Roadkill409

      It has potential but I find that I don’t use it very much.

    • I agree with you there. TVii what’s that? Still indeed not available in Europe.

    • DC777

      Unless you find scribbling on screenshots of your favorite TV shows appealing it’s really not that great.

  • Des

    I never used TVii. Never knew what it was suppose to do. Still have no interest in it.

    • Zuxs13

      It provides a one stop shop to search your favorite shows then access where ever its being played, TV. Cable, Netflix, amazing, hulu all from one location.

      • Des

        I don’t use the Wii U to watch Hulu-Plus or Netflix but my kids sometimes do. So I guess I’ll have to research it a bit more. Thanks for the info.

      • Stephen

        It doesn’t have the ability to search video on demand services like Netflix, hulu, and amazon prime anymore. I just spoke to a Nintendo rep 2 days ago who confirmed this…that was one of the strengths of TVii in my opinion.

  • LordiMcKill

    It gets an update but no release date for the UK, come on Nintendo you can do better than that!

  • Officer Raichu

    tried it once got boring back to dvr ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zuxs13

    Until tvii can control more than just a TV and cable box I can’t really use it. And where is the TiVo support that was initially promised?

  • BIG Franky

    zero interest in that garbage….. hate the service and those that use it.

  • Timothy Mercier

    It has potential to be really cool, but unfortunately i feel it is not executed well.

  • BIG Franky

    LOL at all of the people that will be posting about how awesome TVii is and how they couldn’t imagine watching TV without … what a bunch of phony crap. fakes…

    • MerryBlind .

      Actually pretty much everyone agrees it’s not very good, and most people just don’t care about it. Not sure where your comment comes from…

  • ChrisCamp

    I had a lot of fun with it during the NFL season and drawing goofy pictures on top of walking dead screen shots. knowing about this update may inspire me to break it out for some world cup action!

    • JB

      I do love the screenshot doodle feature. Also using it for sports was great. The only problem was that it seemed scores/plays were updated slowly. At times it was way behind live TV. Maybe this update fixed that?

      • ChrisCamp

        Yeah, I liked the idea behind it more than I actually cared to use it. If the scores/plays updates sync up faster than it could get me back on board.

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    It would be neat if you could watch TV on the gamepad while someone was watching something else on the TV. I like the sports integration but would definitely like to see more.

  • JB

    Unfortunately, I don’t use it anymore. It had a lot of potential, but things that plagued it was on the system side of things, not necessarily the TVii portion. There wasn’t enough support for cable/satellite boxes, as it never supported my DVR. I also had a TiVo, but it never received support inside the TVii app (Though there was a remote code for it in the system, but it was very limited) Then the final nail in the coffin for me was when I finally got Google Fiber in my area, The TVii apps doesn’t list it as a provider for my area, so at that point, TVii became totally useless, unless I used another provider for my guide (Not to mention no system codes for my Fiber TV Box)

    As it stands, XBOX’s OneGuide is the superior option for me now, as it does everything on my cable provider that TVii doesn’t do sans the polls. If OneGuide adds that, it would be just about perfect. I’d go back to TVii if it adds more robust support for other/more A/V devices.

    • Roadkill409

      I would use my gamepad more as a remote but I wish Nintendo would add support for receivers. All my audio runs through my stereo so I still need to grab a second remote. If I could control my tv and my stereo I would use it all the time as a remote.

  • Richard

    I actually like TVii quite a lot but the poor battery life
    on the WiiU pad means I almost never use it.
    Itโ€™s just not practical as a primary controller.

  • Geoff Hammer

    I would use TVii, but alas I use a stereo receiver as my main hub, which is not compatible with the service. Fix that issue!!

  • Misfit410

    Would be nice if they also understood that some people use audio receivers.

    • Osiris11235

      Nintendo isn’t very concerned about A/V quality ๐Ÿ™ They still don’t support real 5.1 or 7.1 – only Dolby Pro Logic II which is encoded in 2.1 and then extrapolated to more channels.

      • Arthur Jarret

        They do support REAL surround – unencoded by dolby. Full six channel linear PCM.

        Your receiver must support this, of course – and it only works over HDMI as an optical cable simply cannot handle the data rate

      • Misfit410

        It’s not even about quality, the Remote is supposed to make watching TV and stuff sort of unified, but it’s only set to change sources on your tv, all of my devices are hooked via HDMI to my receiver.

  • Jackson five

    I used it to watch the kca on nickelodeon with my nieces. You could like vote for who you thought would win an award while they were announcing the nominees. We had fun with it at the time , but haven’t really used it at all outside of checking it out when I first got wii u.

  • Dรกibhรญ wotshissurname

    Europe PLZ?!

  • DustinALedonne

    Easier access to your favorite sporting events, now including baseball! Now you can start predicting plays & climbing the leaderboard even faster http://sn.im/290xdj8

  • X3Charlie

    Have they made it possible to scroll through menus with the control stick cause using the touchscreen was a pain.

  • Mtz

    i can’t get mine my zip code don’t work

  • paddle008

    TVii is slow and performs badly still, you aren’t missing much if you don’t have it. BTW it’s also available in Canada not just US!

  • It’s a little late to try to make TVii relevant

    • Steve Rees

      It’s never to late dude…..but it’s getting there! Lol

  • Steve Rees

    Would be nice to at least try it Nintendo!! 19 months after release and the EU still doesn’t have Nintendo TVii!

  • Teves153

    hah hah hah….. WHY IS IT NOT IN EUROPE YET!

  • steveb944

    I’ve tried multiple times to use it and it just randomly crashes and is too slow.

    I’m pretty sure you could set baseball as a favorite from the get go and track stats and gameplay, albeit slowly. Unless the update adds the same basketball predictions (can’t recall if they were there b4) then what a waste of an update.