Dec 19th, 2012

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing an update for the Wii U tomorrow (12/20) that will enable to highly anticipated Nintendo TVii feature. Nintendo TVii will allow users to use their GamePad like a universal remote, browse content from several providers, including cable channels.

Some cable companies have TVii apps for their shows and some sports teams have apps for their teams where like-minded individuals can socialize. Nintendo is hoping to make TVii the premier place to be since it will be an all-in-one type of feature. Nintendo will allow you to share your reactions to shows you are watching through your typical suspects of Twitter and Facebook, and you will also be able to post on Nintendo’s Miiverse as well.

The only setback so far is that Nintendo was not able to get a deal done with Time Warner or DirecTV to access the content that users record with their DVRs. The update that launches Thursday will not have this feature and Nintendo was not able to add access to Tivo or Netflix just yet. Netflix and Tivo are currently scheduled to release on Nintendo TVii in early 2013.

Nintendo TVii


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  • muhaha.

  • YES!!!!

  • Megan Allen

    how much does this cost i missed it?

    • Mickey Mouse

       It’s a free download, but you’ll have to pay whatever subscription fees may apply to individual content providers.

    • MikeChritopher


  • What!  No Directv dvr support????  Boo!!!!!!!!!

  • I dont have a Wii U…

  • uPadWatcher

    Let’s hope that TimeWarner Cable and DirecTV ink a deal with the Big N for Nintendo TVii

  • Joey Perez

    no directv ????? thats an epic loss they are 30 Million customers with the best dvrs …



  • Savion Tucker

    Why no Netflix yet!? That just makes me have to wait even longer to use Nintendo TVii. All I have is Netflix so as far as I’m concerned this update is a little irrelavent to me. 

  • Brad BoZ

    Yes! I hope Xfinity agreed.

  • Trenton Quick

    Wait, so does this mean I can STILL use this on Directv right? Just no recording?

  • Robert Papageorge

    What about the thousands of others waiting for it elsewhere!?

  • Gbenga Aleru

    Is there a provider list??