Oct 29th, 2012

Last month, Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing a built-in media app for the Wii U called Nintendo TVii. The new app/service allows users to browse shows, movies, and more, and watch them on their TV via the Wii U. They can also control their DVRs, and Nintendo even partnered up with several cable providers for the service.

Now Nintendo reveals that the company is considering Nintendo TVii for Europe and Japan. It all depends on third party providers such as cable networks and video on demand services, says Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. He added that the company plans to “share more details in the future” about Nintendo TVii in other regions.

So far Nintendo TVii is only announced for North American Wii U owners. The service will be free to use, but individual subscriptions will be required for services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others. You can check out some screenshots of the service here.

Getting a service like this off the ground usually takes time, because the cable and third party providers must be on board first. Hopefully Nintendo can strike some deals with European and Japanese providers and bring the new Wii U service to those regions.


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  • Chris

    Hope so

    • PACMAN

      hear that fricken xbox FREE!! you know that word?

      • LogicalDude

        Gotta love Nintendo. They seem to respect the people more than S&M (yes…I know πŸ˜‰ ). This is going to be great. I think I will finally get a Netflix subscription if I can stream to the gamepad (no outlets in washroom, no room in kitchen). I just hope that the Wii-U demo units have this feature on it so I can check out the interface for myself.

  • kone

    wtf! bad move should have has this in place before launch

    • kone


    • Madmagican

      Well, it’s not launch yet *optimistic face*






      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        less caps plz πŸ™‚

        • KINGTENDO

          are your glass’s making my cap’s look gargantuan?

      • kone

        Yeah whats with the thumbs down are you all kids?

        • Nintyfan

          I bet ur the kid. Dont take sides when you are just tryin to get some attention.

          They wouldn’t have made a “thumbs down” button if it was pointless.

        • KINGTENDO



      • FireRed

        cool story bro ;P

    • Nintyfan

      You’re contradicting yourself. LOL

    • Darknut

      I fail to realise how exactly this is then a ‘bad’ move. Obviously by the information revealed here, Nintendo is trying to pull it off in Europe..
      Calling that a bad move means you would have liked them to keep with the stance we had heard before, exclusive to N.A. when you then contradicted yourself, and I’m sure this is what you meant by ‘bad move’ although you used it in the exact opposite context from what it should have been used in… you said they should have had it up by launch.
      This article reveals the push to put it in place by launch, even if it is not in place and running by launch, it is never a bad move to bring a free service onto their platform in another region.
      So in short, one of your points is invalid, the other is a contradiction, and they don’t make much sense at all..

  • NintendoMan :D

    What about Australia? Has Nintendo forgotten about an entire continent worth of customers? I don’t live there, but I think it would be fair.

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Not to put down the australians, but compared to other regions, not too many people live in australia. They should still get the service though, since they are still part of the four major regions in video gaming.

    • Nintedward .

      An entire continent of customers ??? there is more customers in England than there is in Australia. 30M people doesn’t account to an ”Entire continent worth” of people lol. North America including canafa acounts for that so does western Europe.

      Australia is amazing don’t get me wrong but it has a small population.

      • Nintedward .

        For anyone doubting this comment – There is litteraly more customers in little old England than there is in Australia, England (that tiny country) has almost twice the population of The whole of Australia.

      • prettypinkpanacea

        Yes that is true, Australia is a small market. But it is obviously not that small sine we still receive the next generation gaming consoles in the launch window. Our dollar value is of reasonable parity to the pound and USD, so it is not as though Nintendo makes a significant loss by addressing the APAC market. I also think these types of services should be organised or at least confirmed/denied for all regions at the outset of the launch. Nintendo has a habit of releasing its products to the APAC market without full functionality. For example, I remember purchasing the game cube and thinking about playing games online with internet connectivity. I’m not sure how good it was because I didn’t have the chance to test it due to the fact that I couldn’t readily purchase the hardware to go with it. Despite this, I still only buy Nintendo products and I live in Australia. Why? Because, to me, Nintendo is the “goto” gaming console of my generation. It would just be nice to know that we Aussies too can expect services like wiiTV to work.

        • prettypinkpanacea

          Though I am also aware market size matters.

        • Nintedward .

          Australia is a large gaming market!!! The UK is Huge though , third in the world after Japan and USA.

          All companies put their stuff in Aus they can make a lot of money from it.

        • Master of Awesomeness

          Let’s be honest. Australia is small in population compared to european countries, but we aussies and technology, are like the americans and their fast food. We are like, addicted to the latest technology and we consume so fucking much of all this technology. You kiddies are probably thinking we use horses and carts to get around still, but me? Pfff. If you say we’re tiny, get ready for some pain!

          Fuckin Brits. Pffff.

          • Nils

            It’s funny because nobody has said a shit about Australians(at least what I can hear)

            (>^o^)> o o o o <—Kirby

      • GayBoi

        in sweden are a lot of humens like me too wait in 4 days to the wii u is coming oute πŸ™

    • ax-el

      Don’t forget about Latin america, Mexico is the third game consumer in the world but for some reason Nintendo forgets it, the Wii U release prince in Mexico is around $450 USD for the standart and $550 USD for Deluxe, and not TVii (a total waste in memory in the console for everyone except the people from USA). It’s unfair how all the games company forget about all other countrys outside USA and Japan.

      • El CaRaS1

        Mexico is part of North America. But the price is not controlled there the retailers take advantage and double the prices in electronics/video games.

      • srpg2ishere

        Less talk about countries, more about wii u ok?

    • Wils81

      I’m sure David Turnbull would be proud of your statement.

      • aussieguy

        22,620,600 people in australia say hi. of course we have a smaller population compared to places like the UK and US, we’re only 200 years old and can only live pretty much along the coasts of the continent. either way if tvii can be put into a european console, it shouldn’t be hard to do for aussies either, considering we’re both pal regions. either way nintendo probably should have had the function available to everyone world wide before release.

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Yes, Mr Turnbull would be very proud.

    • Bosmur

      NZ too…

    • dr scoobie

      only 20 million people.
      ofcourse not everyones going to buy a wiiu.

      theres no gaurante that electronics survive summer.

  • Ninjafish

    Is the TVii function going to be accessible in Canada?

    • TheUNation

      Yes… Nintendo TVii app will be accessible in Canada… not only in the United States.

      • LazerK

        Know if it’ll be accessible in Mexico?There are a ton of things that aren’t available here from Nintendo so I don’t expect it to be….just wanna make sure..

    • NintendoMan :D

      Is Canada part of North America?

      • TheUNation

        Yes… Canada IS part of North America.

        • NintendoMan :D

          I know I wanted to see if ninja knew. Only a 1st or 2nd grader would think Canada isn’t part of NA.

          • Ninjafish

            I totally skipped over the NA part >_< good thing I'm in university. Ugh

      • Colton

        No it’s part of South America.

      • sehxualpanda

        yes, America is a continent (North, Central and South America). not to be confused with United States of America.

        • GameChanger

          Actually, North America and South America are two different continents and Central America is the southernmost part of North America.

          • Kav

            Im pretty sure you aren’t american….

            Because every american knows that they live in one contient, America, but people outside America thinks there are two Americas, we keep telling them about it, but it doesn’t work.

  • Anubis

    Now I can watch TV while I’m doing #2 πŸ˜€

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Does it stream to the gamepad? I know it shows extra info but I don’t know if the gamepad displays the TVii footage

      • NintendoMan :D

        Not to be a downer but it doesn’t stream to the gamepad. just put a tv in your bathroom like all the fancy hotels do.

  • Nintedward .

    Don’t know about other European (cough finland cough) But the UK definitely needs this application. I have over a 1000 channels on my TV and Use Streaming applications , so does pretty much everybody in UK.

    TV is Massive in UK – we need this.

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Your post is exactly opposite of our finnish friend a little ways down there

      • Roedburn

        Please pay no attention to the little Finnish dick, he has a bit of a history of trolling here.

    • Lazara The Last

      Yeah, we need it in Norway as well. When we’re not on viking raids, we usually watch TV!!

      • Roedburn

        You, sir, are awesome!

      • GayBoi

        so truth xD all the vikings has end it up to the tv and games now all hardcore viking like me πŸ˜› any way ^^ …//SWEDEN

    • dr scoobie

      i cant even get dave.
      damn you freeview!!!!!!!!

    • GayBoi

      xD finland is so poor xD but i need it in sweden lol ^^

  • Cloud W Omega

    im just wondering if it works with canadian stuff like bell Fibe TV

  • code

    i got neflix but is hulu worth it or can i watch crackle for free to…i dont mind the commercials or ads

  • Master of Awesomeness

    Wait, does australia still get nintendo TVii?

  • Matti Virtanen

    This is absolute shit. This have been one of the biggest things ive looked in WiiU.. om so dissapointed. πŸ™ I almost want to cancel my preorder.. sigh.

    • TheUNation

      Matti… it’s just an app for the Wii U. Don’t get mad about it just because Nintendo wants to create a system that not only plays video games… but also the accessibility to use social networking in games and chat with your friends. You can even play games on the GamePad while your father watches TV.

    • Nintendude

      You may cancel your pre-order for a gaming console… because it may not be able to let you watch TV on your Wii U?

    • dr scoobie

      but the news is that they are considering
      where as before they werent.

      so you want to cancel your pre-order because you might
      be able to watch tv on it?

  • teg

    I’m kind of surprised that it wasn’t already a universal feature. I mean, most of TVii’s functions seem entirely useless in Canada (we have no Hulu or Amazon video and Canadian Netflix is infamously terrible, for example) so I had assumed that it was just developed for an American market in mind and that other regions would automatically be included without regard for whether or not the service will actually be useful there.

  • TheUNation

    If Nintendo can make Nintendo TVii app on Wii U possible here in the United States and Canada, there is a very strong possibility that TVii will make it happen in Europe (hopefully in Australia) and their own country of Japan.

    Let’s hope our global president bring Nintendo TVii app to the Wii U on a global scale! NintenDOMINATION!!!!!

  • ThunderBlaze78

    Still forgetting the Latin American market…sigh…

  • Jetty

    I assumed Nintendo TVii was “stock” for every Wii U (just like region lock). TVii is not a part of my decision to by a Wii U, not even by the slightest. I’m not a fan of mixing game and video, I’d rather Nintendo use that energy on developing more games.
    After griping about my television habits, this is a great feature, I’m sure Nintendo will have it done correctly. Nonetheless, this should be on every Wii U. Europe will land a deal, then Japan. It’s only a matter of time.

  • nintendoododo

    I don’t know about rest of the europe(uk where tv does not exist) but I really need this feature to FINLAND!!

    • Roedburn

      You are not worthy!

    • Nintedward .

      :P. Nintendoododon’t do that again. UK has by far the highest quality of TV in Europe!

      • Grove Street N****

        and its still ages behind with its monarchy shit.

    • Unity

      I’m sorry, how many people live in Finland? About 5 and a half million? There are more people than that in LONDON ALONE. UK where TV doesn’t exist? Don’t make yourself look stupid. Oh wait…

      • parena

        Yet Finland (and the other Nordic countries) did get Netflix this month while way bigger European countries don’t have it yet. So why not TVii? In fact, even more reason: if you need TVii to be able to watch Netflix on your Wii U, they should do it as quickly as possible. The only way for me to watch Netflix properly is on my Wii. Do I need to keep it on the side just for that? Seems silly to me.

      • dr scoobie

        i think hes talking about the 1 mile off the beach.
        wont find no internet access there!.

        • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

          Finland versus United Kingdom…really? You guys should know better…ssssshame.

  • Roedburn

    This application is cool and all, but it is highly unlikely that I’ll ever use it.

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I’m not a big TV-watcher, but I hope Nintendo finds good providers for European television enthusiasts, for their own and the Europeans’ sakes.

  • iLikeWeYOU

    sweet πŸ™‚

  • ck1x

    I would think that they would want this as a universal feature worldwide! I know some locations may not have use of many of the TVii features, but just having it there for future sake is a bonus…

  • DJ

    Just the fact that it is available in more than just the US out of the gate is a good sign. If it works as well as we all hope, then Nintendo will have validated it as a selling feature, and they will be more willing to throw resources on getting it into the hands of the rest of the world.

  • LP

    Admin., Canada, USA and Mexico are in North America…, will Nintendo provideTVii for Mexico right away? Or is it USA and Canada? Or just USA? Thanks.

  • marioU

    do Nintendo TVii have anime-based porn services? if so hopefully it has a free trial for 30 full bloody days. *nose bleeding*

  • Improv

    And Australia?

  • Arsonist Monkey


    • NintendoMan :D

      I don’t think monkeys are supposed to eat Wii Us.

  • Count me in

    would like to use it with my apple tv here in canada.

    • dr scoobie

      i dont like apple.
      they sue too much.

      “oh your holding an apple in that add next to a tv?

  • Ledreppe

    YES, please bring it to Europe, please Nintendo.

  • Klesto92

    Mexico is in north america, but will we have this?

  • NinFINLAND-do

    Why do u hate finland ..hate the idiots who are trolling here. this is nice country …any way 1person in finland is=10 russians πŸ˜€ i rather watch any shows on pc just google it and watch it… And ill buy wiiu for gaming!

  • Teves153

    Don’t consider it DO IT …………………………………. Please

  • Ben

    I would totally love that, even if it just showed the tv guide, score’s on imdb and rotten tomatoes, tweets about the program and trailers or previews. That would make ma happy enough. And if Netflix comes to my country links to watch the serie or movie on Netflix.

  • Zero

    I believe this is a good sign. U.S citizens always get the full features right away, but at least its nice to see Nintendo considering TVii for other regions so early.

    Hopefully it will get to all regions: North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

  • Joesatmoes

    idk why it would even be a question. I thought, when they announced TVii, they announced it for Nintendo conferences in Europe and Japan, too. I personnally won’t use the feature, but I can’t see why Nintendo wouldnt implement it globally. I’ve heard they are having some manufacturing issues with Wii Us in Europe, but a software feature like this should not be missed by Europe.

  • Aeglos13

    You have to admit. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

  • TheMan

    They donΒ΄t need to do that for europeans if they just give you the option to browse the internent where and however you please like on a PC.