Sep 13th, 2012

Nintendo has just announced a brand new media service for the Wii U. Called Nintendo TVii, the new service comes with every Wii U , and offers a TV/DVR-like service for the console. You can browse shows, TV channels, you can set your DVR (TiVo) to record shows, and a lot more. You can browse what’s on the TV, select a show, then select which service you want to use to watch the program. The same goes with movies: players will browse all sorts of movies, and select which movie to watch. Afterwards, a menu will pop up, offering all the sources where the movie is available (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime).

Other features include live-scoreboards for sports, where the GamePad can display additional information such as player stats, plays, and so on. You can also browse your DVR, see what your friends are watching and recommending, and more. The Wii U GamePad also has a built-in remote that can be used with many devices. Nintendo TVii was demoed during the event today, where a show played on the TV, while the tablet controller records thumbnails and takes notes of what’s going on. You can then Tweet and share those pics and notes with your friends.

Nintendo TVii will be included with every Wii U console and will be free of charge. The Wii U will launch on November 18 in the US in two flavors: a $299 bundle and a $349 bundle.

Nintendo TVii for the Wii U

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  • WIIU’s Brotherhood

    OMG!!!! I got the SKY’S HYPE!!!!!!

  • jcb411abuser

    amazing, but what the hell happened with the european direct show, some game especially for europe was to be announced and the next thing it goes off air??? WTF!!!! raging >:-@

  • taiye

    BOLT…that sounds good

    • [GHOST]

      I’m confused. What are you talking about? o_O

  • Britton

    All this news coming out made me need to go pee.

  • ThunderBlaze78

    Ok, this is awesome! I can’t wait to pick up my WiiU here at Chile!

  • Lengenscheit

    This is going to be awesome!

    • just nintendo


  • GirlGamer

    Awesome! Now everyone can watch it!

  • Kahhhhyle

    So wait can you actually watch tv? I or does it just tell you where you can watch it… Sounds like a waste of time if its the latter…

    • dubYA

      You can actually watch it.

      • Kahhhhyle

        You sure everywhere else I seems to be reading the opposite. Like it will direct you to hulu netflix whatever…

        • Zeta

          it will, however when it directs you to the choices you choice which media you would like to use to watch it (the stream itself will happen on the Wii U) as Nintendo themselves do not host movies/TV shows.

          • Kahhhhyle

            But you need to have a subscription to that service? Kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

        • Cyan Ram

          I believe it’s essentially a hub of your other video streaming applications. You’ll be able to watch it if it’s on live TV as well I think.

          • Kahhhhyle

            Nintendo put a video of it on YouTube. Seems like it is just a hub which directs you where ever so you still need cable, hulu, netflix, what ever… So not really free. I personally prolly wont get much use out of this channel lol

  • jcb411abuser

    it’s monster hunter, the european game is MONSTER ^%ÂĢ$*^%ÂĢE*%^ÂĢ* HUUUUUUUUUUUUNTERRRRRR!!!! suck it america suck it!!!

    • dubYA

      Um… We got Monster Hunter too. Yeah… don’t think I’ll be sucking anything.

      • jcb411abuser

        sorry lads, got carried away, way the guy put it in the presentation was that it was a special announcement just for europe.


      they announced that game is coming to us in America too, not sure what you mean then…

  • AwayToHit

    Looks neat 🙂

  • NintendoWizard

    Sounds EPIC!!!

  • jcb411abuser

    looks like you guys are getting MH3U aswell -_-‘ i felt so special, just for a little bit. 🙁

    • Marq

      You poor thing. For a brief moment, you felt like you didn’t suck it so hard. Must be tough.

  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!


  • Ledreppe

    When I watched the Nintendo TVii video I thought “Yeah, that’s cool, I want that!”, then it said it would only be available in North America and Canada. Why do you Americans always get this sort of stuff first? I just hope it comes to Europe in the not to distant future. 🙁

    • Marq

      I hope so as well. You European guys deserve everything we enjoy.

  • dallan anderson

    So does the Wii u have a tevo in it or does it just hook up to your existing tevo?

    • Wildman

      I would think the Wii U transforms into a tevo!

  • revolution5268

    i wonder if its also off tv play, you know watch it on the wii u pad.

  • VideoGameFreako

    Either way,IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!>:D

  • NintendoGamer

    Impressive move, Nintendo.

  • Curious

    The question I have is does it work with any PVR or TiVo only? I really hope I can make it work with the motorola PVR I currently have.

  • The incredible sandwich

    Smart,SUper SMart

  • rafael

    Im a F1 fan and would love to be able to follow every car’s position in the track through the gamepad, and also follow the race through two cameras, with one of them being in the car of some driver i like.

    My money is reggie. Just shut up and take my body! 🙂

  • Madmagican

    Huh, interesting concept; I like the wording at the end ‘The Wii U will launch on November 18 in two flavors…’ 🙂

  • Ass


  • Super Paper Rye

    I’m getting the deluxe bundle only cause it comes with so much more just for 50 bucks. And my Dad and I will probably enjoy watching some MLB on this. 🙂 He watched the stream with me and he really, really liked it.

  • Super Paper Rye

    I’m getting the deluxe bundle only cause it comes with so much more just for 50 bucks. And my Dad and I will probably enjoy watching some MLB on this. 🙂 He watched the stream with me and he really, really enjoyed it

  • SteampunkJedi

    Not sure if I’ll use this, but it sounds great!

  • TheUNation

    This is so off the chain! Nintendo is TRULY pimpin’ the Wii U big time. With Nintendo TVii, you can watch anything you want… especially watching movies on Netflix, Amazon, etc. I’m looking forward to watching TVii on the U.

  • Igor

    Worst idea ever.

    • TheUNation

      Sorry, Igor, but your comment is the worst ever! Troll again next time.

  • Noble Rot

    I currently stream Netflix on my old Wii box, so I guess Netflix, Hulu, AmazonVideo will work in a similar fashion on the WiiU.

    But I’m not clear how the TV part works. Do I pass the video feed from my Time Warner cable box to the Wii U and then to my TV? Can I watch the DVR from my TWCable box on my Wii U?

    Sounds hawesome, I just want to know how it works.

    Help me WiiUDaily, you’re my only hope!