Jan 24th, 2013

Research firm Forrester just released their yearly consumer experience chart, and Nintendo emerged as the top pick in the consumer electronics category. Nintendo, with its Wii, Wii U, and 3DS consoles, beat out the heavy weights from Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung. Overall, Nintendo scored 83 points out of 100, while the runner up, Apple, scored 79. Sony came in at third with 76 points, followed by Samsung at 75.

This is great news for Nintendo, a company that has been struggling over the past few years with slow sales and a declining share price. Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, has been doing well in the marketplace, but even Nintendo acknowledged that it could be better. Wii U sales have been lower than both the Wii and the GameCube.

Nintendo has a lot in store for the Wii U. Pikmin 3 is coming out in a few months, and later this year (hopefully), we’ll get Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, which was just announced yesterday. Check out some amazing screenshots from the game.

Nintendo chart


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  • Laud

    I kind of already expected this so I’m not really surprised but yeah… All those people who said Nintendo was doing bad were obviously misinformed.

    • InterTripleteWorldChampion

      Totally agree with U! ūüėČ

    • Chris C

      Misinformed? You saw in the above article Wii U’s selling worse than the GameCube…right? ¬†

      Nintendo will post another Annual Loss for Fiscal Year 2012, that makes 2 years in a row that Nintendo will lose money.  

      But I guess you’d call that Nintendo doing well?

      • DUNNY

        its al about being happy not the sales just be glad for nin

      • Laud

        Yet they’ve made generated more money than both the Gamecube and Wii with just console sales.¬†

        How do you know they’ll post another Annual loss? Are you just here to be a pessimistic ass? Your argument died about a week ago when it was reported that they made more money than previous consoles so I’m starting to think you’re just trolling.

      • J_Joestar

         selective reading going on here huh?
        The Wii U is selling fine, and better than the GC, its the attach rates of games that is the issue.

  • this is 2013 ? omg this is only the 3rd week everything can happen this year, why show this so early?

    • Elem187

      This is for 2012.

  • Noteak

    Too bad it did not make it into the “excellent”¬†category.¬†

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Eat that, all you haters! ūüėõ

  • funkzillabot

    I LOVE my Wii U. I’m happy.

    • andrewjcole

      I love mine too!

  • Linskarmo

    Great! I’m not sure what criteria this is based on, though.

  • AAAkabob

    I’m actually surprised, what with the morons unplugging their Wii Us during the update. Not to mention just regular crashes that happen way too often.

    • NintendoNoob

      Regular crashes are because it’s a new system. Nintendo will release some updates to have less crashing, either you have Miiverse set to all languages or you don’t take care of your Wii U

      • AAAkabob

        New system or not, it shouldn’t have been crashing daily for me. I have never even remotely damaged any of my Wii U products if that’s what you are insinuating. I think my Wii U is great; my point was I was surprised people would say they are “satisfied” when we heard so many stories of the console getting “bricked”. Hell, IGN’s Wii U just bricked and are you gonna tell me they were treating it like a child?

        • AKT4

          Actually the bricking turned out to be false. Wii U’s screen went off and it seemed as if it didn’t work at all, but it would’ve downloaded the update still if it was given time. After it was done downloading, it would’ve turned on.¬†

          It’s very unfortunate that the misinformation was never fixed. However, you can find out it yourself if you google it. Wii U Daily should make a story of this.

          • AAAkabob

            Let me repeat some things for you “IGN’s Wii U just bricked” and “New system or not, it shouldn’t have been crashing daily for me” ¬†IGN already updated their Wii U and so have I. ¬†I shouldn’t have to restrict miiverse to ensure the system doesn’t crash. ¬†What’s next developers makes graphics scalable to reduce crashes?

            This is a console, everything SHOULD work perfectly specifically if the programs were designed for the system.

          • Cap9

            Nothing is perfect dude. Xbox was imperfect when it first came out, PS3…every powerful brand new console has it’s imperfections at times. When you have 1 million produced, theirs bound to be a faulty one somewhere. The question is, how much. I’m sorry u seem to be having more issues than normal with your Wii U. My Wii U is working pretty well and only froze about 3 times since I first got it and for me it seems to only freeze when I load a game for the first time, well it happened to me with the 2 games I bought. My xbox, even after buying the most recent updated version still freezes at times, and that’s about my 4th xbox, shame on Microsoft! Lol My computer froze on me the other day. If you want perfection, make sure you enter the pearly gates.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    well this is consumer experience guys… it’s not how well the WII U is doing. It’s essentially how happy people are with the product since they’ve bought it/used it/customer service/support/etc

    • Elem187

      I can attest to that….¬† I was unsure of the whole tablet controller before getting the console, but after spending time with it, I cannot imagine going back to a console that doesn’t allow for off TV Play.

  • audie bowler

    FACT nintendo is number one in the world for build quality THATS A FSCT BY THE WAY there low fail rate in electronic devices is above ALL OTHERS

    by the way the most complained about and replaced on warranty devices in history OFFICIAL number one x360 two ps2 3rd ps1

    lol @ fanning that… sony also usedvto class a replacment as a sale ps1-2 userbase numbers are FAKE

    • Cold Heat

      Do you have a link or source for those OFFICIAL stats?

  • audie bowler

    xbox 360 56% fail rate LTFOL

    • ¬†and this my friend is how high xbox sales are…

  • kevin nun—-

    Nintendo has a lot in store for the Wii U? Are you serious?Pikmin 3? I dislike that game, just not my thing, I’m weird like that. Zelda? A REMAKE only in HD? are you kidding me? Why not just¬†release¬†a Nintendo DS HD? Seriously, I bought the Wii U hoping there would be new titles and a new¬†experience,¬† the new games for Wii U, for the¬†majority¬† don’t show it’s true potential. I m not a Zelda fan or Pikmin, and Mario is too repetitive. I am not saying Nintendo should stop¬†releasing¬†those games, NOOOO, but they are beginning to be too¬†monotonous¬† I know there will be some annoying¬†bums¬†trying to defend their Zelda and¬†whatnot¬† but please respect and realize these are my opinions. that Nintendo should¬†release¬†more¬†mature games. Too much family games, some people like me don’t have family that are free to play games on a Nintendo Console. Release more awesome online, and preferably hardcore in my case, games please. Less with the remakes and series.

    • bayonetta 2, resident evil revolution, Aliens, and zombi u, and also monster hunter 3 and xenosaga??? those games dont sound like family games to me, just saying

      • kevin nun—-

        I never tried bayonetta thats my bad i guess, because i never in my life heard of it until now. resident evil, repetitive serious not nintendo’s fault. aliens is good, zombie u i hear is good, but what after you pass it? wait for the second version? monster hunter is no fun, in my opinion without online. whats a xenosaga?

    • oh they are coming out with a new zelda in 2014

      • kevin nun—-

        I might try it out. In fact, I have been thinking. I never liked Zelda games, I thought the guy in the pointy green hat was Zelda, I¬†just¬†found out today his name is Link. But since I still have my NDS, Ill try out one of the Zelda games and see if 3rd time’s the charm.

        • NintendoNoob

          Not DS Zeldas, if you have a Wii or Wii U get Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword

    • Rob Lucci

      Please respect my opinion but  your better off getting a ps3/360 if you dont care for any of nintendo games, and you are a obvious troll. 

      • No, PS3 and 360 will never be as good as any Nintendo consoles. Not even better that Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

        • Rob Lucci

          PS3/360 have good games should never doubt them, but for handhelds IMO nintendo can’t be touched.

          • bizzy gie

            What does IMO stand for?

          • Rob Lucci

            “in my opinion”

      • kevin nun—-

        I swear, I was about to buy a ps3 or 360 until I heard of the Wii U’s gamepad. I was like, “I can now play ps3 and 360 games in my bed, on a little screen, yeah!”. But it hasn’t been as exciting as I thought.

        • Elem187

          Why would you think you can play playstation games on a Nintendo product. are you really that dense?

          Troll alert.

          • kevin nun—-

            I meant games ported from the ps3 and xbox like bf4 and stuff w/e though. BTW I such searched what troll meant, and It does seem like I am one huh? Honestly, I respond because people don’t get my point.

        • Rob Lucci

          I’m Not really into meme but this is an¬†appropriate time to put a picture of a guy putting his hand on his forehead.¬†

    • Nintendofreak

      let me guess hardcore for u is call of duty..know it makes sense 

      • kevin nun—-

        I should seriously stop using the term hardcore, I really mean realistic. Call of Duty does fit in that category because alot of things in it are realistic, not all of course, but compared to a Lizard/Frog game like Yoshi Island. WTH

        • NintendoNoob

          Yes, of course Call of Duty is realistic. Shooting someone in the toe with a sniper rifle will kill them in real life -_-

          Battlefield 4 will be a lot more realistic than Call of Duty

          And plus, most fun games aren’t realistic.
          Skyward Sword
          Mario Kart
          Walking Dead

          These are just few examples of amazing games that are not hardcore/realistic

          • Elem187

            He’s trolling…. Kevin here cannot play games unless it has blood in it.

            I’ve been playing first person¬†shooters since the very first one(ID/Apogee’s Wolfenstein 3D anyone?)

            Having blood and guts spewing out of dead bodies doesn’t make a game fun…. maybe it is when you are an immature 15 year old.

          • kevin nun—-

            Everyone has their tastes. You can’t expect everyone to think the same way you do. Ignorance. I am simply expressing my tastes, you have your own, fine with me.¬†

          • kevin nun—-

            I didnt say they were fully realistic.. they are more than a running plumer, ( take no offense please, I do like Mario ), and a running toad.

        • ¬†You make it sound like Xbox360 or PS3 do not have any of those “other” types of games?¬† Are you for real?¬† They all have them with their own unique characters.¬†¬† Many people buy Nintendo for the exclusives like Mario and Zelda just as they buy a 360 for the exclusives like Halo or a PS3 for the Sony exclusives like God of War.¬†¬†

        • Cap9

          Yoshi’s Island is a game I love for it’s fun gameplay, sick art style and level design. Although it may look kiddy, its a unique quality production. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But I enjoy mines.

    • Rye Rugovac

      Yup… No “Hardcore” games.
      BLOPS 2
      BAYONETTA 2 (is coming out soon)
      MONSTER HUNTER 3: ULTIMATE (is coming out soon)
      and MANY more.
      Defiantly not hardcore. Nintendo just focuses on both audiences, both casual and hardcore.
      (Sorry for putting it in caps, just wanted to distinguish the games.)

      • kevin nun—-

        I guess by “hardcore” I also mean realistic games. Yeah BO2 is one good game as well as AC3. But I mean, I got tired of batman, you go on missions and then when you pass it, you play it all over again, I see no point in it. Other games are not out yet, and it will be a while until they come out, so I can’t express my opinion on them. I¬†don’t¬†think Ninja Gaiden is¬†immensely¬†popular. Nintendo says they are trying to get hardcore gamers back, and they lured me , but their 1st party games are doing the opposite, resulting¬†in¬†few¬†online players in some games.

        • Elem187

          If you don’t like Batman, don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing you purchase anything. If you don’t like Nintendo games, why would you purchase a Nintendo console? Nobody is twisting your arm.

          • kevin nun—-

            I was expecting a bit more?

    • Nanashrew

      Wind Waker HD is a freebie for the fans to help in the wait of the next Zelda, that’s pretty much what they said in the ND. As for the new 3D Mario game I suspect it may have a release within this year or early next because of the fact it will have a playable demo at E3 2013. Also if you’re looking to more “hardcore” (I really hate that word) that new Monolith Soft game looks to be just that, much like their previous games.

      • Cold Heat

        They aren’t going to charge for Wind Waker HD?

        • Elem187

          Thats absurd. If Nintendo is charging for games that were made back in the 80’s, why would they give out a 10 year old game remade in HD without a charge?

        • Nanashrew

          I don’t mean it in that sense… I mean they are giving us something for our patience. Sorry for the confusion >.<.

      • kevin nun—-

        If it is a freebie it would be awesome, but I doubt they will spend time remaking the game in HD for no cost.

      • Sydney Ultrasyd

         Freebie ? Are you sure ? Any source ?

      • Cap9

        I hate the word hardcore too man. Hardcore to me is not just about Mature rated games.

    • ¬†So let me get this straight…¬† you do not seem to like any of Nintendo’s first party titles or characters yet you bought a Wii U console at launch??¬†¬† Now you lash out your hatred because of buyer’s remorse?¬†¬† How strong were the games when the 360 came out?¬† or the PS3??¬†¬† This not taking into account a whole new control type with the gamepad that developers cannot simply port over from one console to another.¬†¬†

      Word of advice… make an educated decision and if you are not a huge fan then maybe wait a bit and see what happens.¬† In the mean time the rest of us will all have fun playing games with our family and friends

      • kevin nun—-

        i accidentally liked your comment. anyways, i bought the Wii U because of the controller  my mistake for thinking it would have games like xbox360/ps3. I guess it was too much to wish for. I suppose I am not really a nintendo fan, I just bought most nintendo consoles and handhelds because they granted different experience in playing games.

        • ¬†While it is still early for the Wii U and titles are being developed to take advantage of the unique tablet controller the games that have come out for Wii U that are also available on 360/PS3 are the same.¬† Some have gone as far to say that the tablet controller enhances their game play but everyone likes something different.¬† I think you will find that while the Wii U may not get all the past games that came out for the 360/PS3 that the new ones developed will be essentially the same but may also have exclusive features to take advantage of the unique offerings of the Wii U just like they develop specifically for Kinect or Playstation Move.¬†

          • kevin nun—-

            Yeah, I bet the Wii U will get better with time.

    • zelda hd is only here to keep¬† fans company untill the REAL one comes out, listen or you’ll get nowhere

      • kevin nun—-

        I know that, but what about fans of games like battlefiel, skyrim, gta? We need something to keeps us busy, the only option I see that would do that is Black Ops 2 and¬†Assassin’s¬†Creed, but then why buy it for Wii U and when it is cheaper if you already own a ps3 or 360. I guess I am mad of myself because I¬†don’t¬†see the fun in Zelda that most people see in it and Nintendo is focusing alot in Zelda and so many gamers are excited and I am like WTH.

        • Cap9

          Zelda is an Epic franchise. Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge is a dope Wii U exclusive, it’s about 5 times better than the original ninja gaiden 3 and it’s a hardcore game. Multiplayer too, a pretty good multiplayer at that, if you enjoy being a Ninja. Wii U is still young…just chill out and wait for the shower of amazing innovative experiences coming our way Kevin.

      • Elem187

        Daniel, ignore him, he is just trolling. He doesn’t own a Wii U.

    • Elem187

      Obviously Kevin has been unaware what Nintendo has been about these last 30 years….. Yeah, Nintendo should just abandon what works, and go for what “Kevin” thinks the company should do.

      Nintendo likes making a profit. If they follow your advice, they would become Sony and become unprofitable like the PS3 was. I don’t think Nintendo is in the gaming business to bleed money like Sony is.

      Nintendo does what Nintendo does. If you don’t like Nintendo, don’t buy one, buy a Sony system instead… Kevin’s opinion represents only 10% of console gamers. Nintendo caters to the 90% of console gamers. You may think hardcore gamers matter, but they don’t. 90% of the market is casual gamers, only 10% are hardcore gamers. The market cannot survive on hardcore gamers alone. And a company cannot be profitable (as Sony has proven) while targeting only hardcore gamers.

      • kevin nun—-

        I do agree I am part of the 10% hardcore gamers in Nintendo, but with all do respects,¬†I am pretty sure if I bring ps3 and xbox360 hardcore gamers, they would run over your 90% of fake statistics. Don’t generalize.

    • Okay, that’s your opinion, but if you don’t like half of the best Nintendo franchises, why would you buy their console? lol!!! Mario is just fun, Zelda is AWESOME beyond words and Pikmin is a great game. my opinion.

    • Cap9

      Define Hardcore…lol I believe there’s different ideas of a hardcore game. In my opinion, for ex. a good quality Smash Bros game or New Zelda game with tight gamepad implementation and or innovative or top notch gameplay is hardcore to me. I don’t have to see blood spray out of a mans torso after slicing him with my dragon sword, to consider a game hardcore.

      If you want the bloody or M rated idea of Hardcore, get Ninja Gaiden 3, BO2, AC3 etc. My idea of hardcore is broader than others.

  • kevin nun—-


  • TheLast

    My god, they surpassed Apple.

    • xdlugia

      So? Apple sucks anyway.

    • Jonas

      i guess apple reached the top now its going down again with them. The computers are too expensive and the iphone 5 dissapointed most of the customers because it did not have any new completely special thing

      • TheLast

        Slightly larger screen. :

  • No one is in excellent rating??? Tough crowd~ Lol at least Nintendo is #1!

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    Telling bad things on Nintendo seems more like a sport than an intelligent and relevant fact. These numbers confirm what I’ve said for ages: who hate Nintendo, and make stupid critics on it, are those ones who never played with it. And this is a fact. A relevant fact.

    • Jonas

      thats true. I know some people playing ps3, but still saying the got their wii to play smashbros because its super fun.

  • Jay

    The best customer service I’ve ever dealt with.
    Apple being a close second.