Apr 16th, 2012

Super Mario Wii U
Nintendo has confirmed that they will showcase a new Super Mario Wii U title at E3 2012. The news came after Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said in a recent interview that they are working on Super Mario Bros. for the Wii U, and that it’ll be unveiled at E3. Many suspected Miyamoto to have been misquoted, as he never reveals any projects Nintendo is currently working on.

But a subsequent statement released by the company to Eurogamer confirmed the Super Mario Wii U game in development, and that it would be unveiled at E3 2012. In the interview, Miyamoto mentioned that he was working on several projects for the Wii U, and confirmed the existence of a Pikmin Wii U game. According to him, the new Pikmin game “will take advantage of the HD resolution and the new tablet controller”. He said that the Mario game for the Wii U will take similar advantage of the HD resolution and touchscreen controller.

Recently, Nintendo acquired the domain SuperMario4.com, which could hint at the title for the upcoming Mario Wii U game. This year’s E3 will be held in Los Angeles from June 5 to 7. Nintendo is expected to reveal the finalized version of the Wii U, some games, a launch lineup, and a launch price as well.

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  • Venom Jamaica


    Now Iknow that the wii u will sell millions of copy on launch just cause of Mario and Pikman games. Am sorry for Nextbox and PS4 they gonna have ALOT of catching up to do……

    Nintendo: “catch me if you can”
    Sony” Pant… pant.
    Microsoft: pant pant pant

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  • alienfish

    Super Mario Bros. 4 would be pretty damn cool. I have a lot of good feelings about this E3 and what Nintendo has in store for everyone.

  • TheWord

    Only fools expect a launch date and price at e3.
    You’ll be disappointed, according to my sources.