Jan 29th, 2014


Today after releasing its Q3 financial report, Nintendo included it has plans to reacquire 10 million of its own shares. The company will reacquire 8% of its outstanding shares by the end of March.

The company currently owns 13.8 million shares, but will be reacquiring 10 million more in a purchase totaling around 125,00 million yen. The financial report listed the reason for the acquisition as an effort “to improve capital efficiency as a flexible capital policy in accordance with changes in the business environment.”

[via Nintendo]

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  • BIG Franky

    they think the stock is undervalued…usually viewed as a positive in the market.

    • Yes, they’ll most likely do the acquisition and then once stock prices bounce back, they’ll trickle that 10 million back into the public realm for a tidy profit. It’s a good way to let investors see they have confidence in their performance while making a profit of their own.

    • Nintendo is smart. They haven’t been in business for 125 years because they are stupid. I hope they realize their weaknesses and do everything they can to become more successful at what they do.

  • Michael Dierlam

    Companies usually purchase their own stock when they believe it to be undervalued by the market. This is a good sign that Nintendo has confidence it their ability to turn things around, at least from a financial perspective.

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      I want to see them actually do it.

      • Michael Dierlam

        I guess that remains to be seen. We can hope!

  • CEObrainz

    I was under the assumption that Nintendo currently owns around 30% of all shares, so buying back more would be a smart move. More power to them.

    • DC777

      Especially before someone buys them out with all this wacko go on smartphones and other platforms obsession going around.

      Good move regardless. IBM has been keeping it’s value up for years doing this type of stuff.

      • Carlos Webster

        I’m happy that IBM lived off that. (I’m also happy for IBM because I like them because my dad works for them

  • Mario

    Ohh! Smart move Nintendo!

    • Fred

      So I don’t fully understand, what makes this a smart move?

  • Cahone

    So when I lost 2K when the stock price was 8 bucks last year, Nintendo didn’t give a shit? But now that its 16 bucks on 3 years of shit sales, they want to buy. What dirty scum.

    • Blue Hernandez

      Yeah I had thought of buying some shares in Nintendo but I don’t really know how the market works and with all the “bad” news surrounding them I don’t think I really want to.

  • Nintendo Dragon

    I really, really need to buy some stock in Nintedo!

  • Xero Azure

    I want to see the Nintendo Wii U around for a very long time, Because there is nothing wrong with this console. As far as I’m concerned it would be making a great amount of money if people and developers knew more about it.

  • Donaald

    I hope this means better investments.