Mar 8th, 2012 publishUpdated   Apr 3rd, 2012, 7:51 pm

Wii U Engine
Nintendo will offer Wii U developers free access to tools and software, the company recently announced. Nintendo has reached an agreement with game software maker Autodesk to license its GameWare middleware and software packages for the Wii U. The license is wide and allows Nintendo to offer the GameWare software development kit to all Wii U developers. The tools will be free of charge, any developer working on a Wii U title will have full and free access to this software. GameWare software is widely used by games and game engines, it’s part of the Unreal Engine 3, the Unity Engine, CryEngine 3, and many others.

Three core technologies will be offered to Wii U developers: Scaleform, which allows the creation of Flash-based user interfaces. Kynapse, a well-known artificial intelligence software, and HumaniK, a character animation engine.

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  • Caleb

    Where I can find this tool development?

    • pierre chybros

      If you find a way to get the wii U dev kit. Send me a mail to plz. You’ll be reward by a big thanks 😉

  • what haveyou

    “Scaleform, which allows the creation of Flash-based user interfaces.”

    Is that the ONLY way to create interfaces? Flash? I sure hope not.