Jul 22nd, 2013

Nintendo is going to campaign their home and handheld consoles throughout the UK at a number of family-friendly events this summer.

The Wii U Den tour will run from the end of July through to beginning of September, offering players the chance to experience games already released, such as New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land, as well as upcoming titles releasing later this year.

Animal crossing new leaf 2

The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun will take place during the same period, showing off games such as Mario Kart 7, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, among others.

Hosting these tours in the UK is a smart decision for Nintendo, whose home console has so far failed to appeal to many consumers. With campaigns like these, we can certainly see that the company is taking steps to market their consoles by showing off some of their exemplary software titles.

The dates and locations of each event are listed below. If you live in the UK, be sure to check them out!


The Wii U Den tour dates and locations:

Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland – (27-28 July)

Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Ashton Court Estate, Bristole – (8-11 August)

Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne – (15-18 August)

Clacton Air Show, Marine Parade West, Clacton-on-Sea – (22–23 August)


The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun dates and locations:

Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland – (27-28 July)

Nottingham Riverside Festival, Victoria Embankment, Nottingham – (2-4 August)

Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne – (15-18 August)

Williamson Square (City Centre), William Square, Liverpool (22-25 August)

Bournemouth Air Festival, Bournemouth Sea Front, Bournemouth (29 August – 1 September)

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  • Jack5221

    Lets get some central america tours next! Im one of the very few people here in San Jose Costa Rica that has a Wii U. 🙁

  • Silent

    Well, I hope you UK guys enjoy it, time for UK to get some love since Nintendo is not doing that well there right now.

    • Zombie Boy

      Unfortunately, the UK is a land of casual gamers. If it’s not FIFA, Call Of Duty or playable on your mobile phone then forget it! But there’s still a few of us here that appreciate ‘real’ games, so it’s nice to see something like this happening 🙂


        Really? EVERYONE I know play none casuals games as well as casual.

        You’re comment is a sweeping generalisation in my book!

        • Zombie Boy

          Well I’m just going by what I hear at work every day – People are always arranging times when they can play COD or FIFA online together in the evenings, but never anything else. The same goes for my friends, family members and random people that I talk to. It seems that ‘true gamers’ are very few and far between around me, and I’m definitely the only person I know that owns a Wii U. Maybe it’s just my age group, though (I’m 35)?

          I really hope the Wii U takes off in the UK as I’d like to see this situation remedied.

          • bizzy gie

            You’re not alone. The big games here are COD and Madden/NBA2K.

    • bizzy gie

      Really? That’s your attitude?


      I’m buying a plane ticket ASAP!

      • Lethal_Doze

        The only way I can describe WiiU position right now in the UK is nonexistent. Im yet to hear someone talk about it in real life, or see it at some other place than TV and store

  • Billy_Perry

    *Bristol 😉
    That’s near where I’m living, blatantly getting down there 😀

    • Silent

      Well, Nice! I think its kind of disappointing that they dont have MK8 in the list of games.

    • Zombie Boy

      That’ll be the one I’m heading to as well 🙂

      • Satoru Iwata

        Please understand, Zombies are not permitted due to last years massacre that was never broadcasted over the news worldwide. Thank you for understanding.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Hope UK fans get convinced on Wii U so about 3DS it is still doing fine there and truly these guys really bought the Wii’s a lot. I think this campaign will be successful because UK has a great fan base for Nintendo. My friend from Ireland will buy a Wii U in October for Wind Waker. Hope he heads into those events and try the Wii U software before buying the console at October.

  • Ducked

    Wii U needs it more than 3DS does…

  • It’s about time Nintendo of Europe did this. I’m not even from there but it really wasn’t fair that NA seemed to be getting all the attention with the Wii U promotions. Now hopefully you guys will get the chance to demo Super Mario 3D World.

  • LopsidedPasta

    It sure is nice to see the new 3DS section being so thoroughly neglected

  • Mochlum

    Does 3DS even need a tour?

    • Mochlum

      And also, I am kinda mad that the tour in Florida left right when they started having upcoming games like Pikmin, W101, and WWHD. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait then.

  • tomtank91

    seriously Nintendo you need to be doing it every county in th UK, these places are nowhere near me.

  • everyone

    Nintendo events are so fun. Whoever on here goes make sure to load up on sweet Nintendo merch.

  • majora :D

    nintendo when the f*ck are you doing this on latin america?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Nice, I hope they bring demo stations out here permamently like the Best Buy thing in NA. Right now we’ve only got old ones from 2012 with 2 playable demos. Nintendo UK, if you put out demos in shopping centres with WW, AC4, Watch Dogs, Pikmin, Mario, DK Wii U will do OK 🙂

  • Ryan Nintendy

    HEY GUYS!! POKEMON RUMBLE U COMING TO AMERICA AUGUST 29! FIGURES WILL BE SOLD AT YOUR LOCAL GAMESTOP! http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/vg_pokemon_rumble_u_announce-2013-07-17/

  • Shelim Uddin

    I am a huge Nintendo fan its ashame the Wii u den tour isnt in leeds.

  • Akai Dani

    And once again Britain means England…come to Scotland Nintendo!

  • UK only? How about the REST of Europe Nintendo? Is the European mainland not good enough? Owell holidays upcoming soon and I can get to the UK in about 2 hours (lives in the Netherlands) might book my last minute trip to the UK then, or maybe I go by my own car and tour about there 🙂

  • benjie

    Well I am very lucky that I am on vacation in bristol on the 11th of august.

  • stephen morrow

    So thats England then Northern Ireland or the rest of the U.K..Im from Northern Ireland, and would love to bring my wee niece Katie to one of these events-Shes obsessed with all things Nintendo and her mum is lookin to get her the larger 3ds for Christmas.Why is there no tours in the rest of the U.K then? I’m sure Scotland and Wales feel a bit left out too….she would have loved somethin like that : (