Sep 27th, 2013


On the eve of the above picture being snapped showing off current shelf space for Nintendo games in a Tesco, it looks like Nintendo UK has acknowledged the problem and will now begin working with Tesco in a giant campaign to raise consumer awareness about the Wii U. Nintendo finally admitted to MCV that many people don’t know the Wii U is a new console, or that it is not a peripheral for the older Wii.

Nintendo UK has booked in-store space at Tesco in order to show off the merits of the Wii U, in addition to sending a five page leaflet to 300,000 people who bought a Wii at Tesco, but have not purchased any other console. Nintendo will also be giving vouchers that offer money off of game purchases. According to Nintendo, the marketing budget for both the Wii U and the 3DS is ‘significantly higher’ than last year.

“We haven’t had the sales we wanted on Wii U hardware. We haven’t had the software for most of this year. But we have some quite ambitious numbers, particularly with some of our biggest franchises coming. Our monthly tracking shows that Wii remains the No.1 console for brand awareness. This offers us a massive opportunity to convert Wii owners to Wii U. Interest is starting to grow but we know we have a lot of work to do.”

It’s nice to see Nintendo acknowledging that they have a lot of work ahead of them, specifically in getting people to realize that the Wii U is not a Wii accessory. The targeted advertising at Tesco is designed for kids and parents.

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  • Louie

    I’ve been waiting for Nintendo to jump start the advertising campaign, especially in supermarkets where the game selection is pretty terrible.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Wait a minute… Games in a super market? o_O LOL

  • jay

    “Nintendo finally admitted to MCV that many people don’t know the Wii U is a new console”

    Admitting the problem is the first step to victory.

    • Nothing5555

      Let’s face it, Nintendo got a little big headed with the successful sales of the Wii which probably led them to think they did not have to promote the WiiU. The problem with the Wii was a lot of the sales were to the casual market most of whom do not follow video game news.

    • Διονύς84

      The first step is to change the stupid name to “Nintendo U”. There’s no reason to name the console “Wii U”, especially when the logo features a small U next to a big Wii!!!

      • companyoflosers

        might as well drop the “U” as well. they needed a name that had nothing to do with the old wii or any previous consoles. kinda like what they did with the gamecube. the U only really works with the wii part because they are both plays on the words “we” (wii) and “you” (U). a totally new name with no attatchment to any past cosoles at all is in order. too bad nintendo wont do it until their next console probably. who knows when that will be.

        • Διονύς84

          “U” would be an awesome game and a clear sign that it’s a different console but related to its predecessor “Wii”, just like with PS and PS2.

          • companyoflosers

            thats not a good thing. wii may have the most sales of last gen but it also gathered the most dust and was a waste of money. if anything nintendo should try to disassociate its new console form the wii in terms of naming it. its name was half the problem with getting people to know wtf it even is. its a good console too because its really fun and capable of handling hardcore games. it has a hard time getting third parties on board though because people dont know what it is, when they DO know it exists, they think its just the tablet controller as an add on because thats all nintendo advertises about the system. they need to treat consumers like they cant read because they obviously dont, they just see the tablet controller. release a commercial that DOESNT make the controller the centerpiece, instead make it the power of the console because its bounds ahead of the original wii.

          • Gregg

            Waste of money to who? I personally know TONS of gamers and NONgamers, who had a blast with the Wii. I own 4 of them.

          • companyoflosers

            ya, had a blast for the first month or two then let it collect dust on a shelf or in a box somewhere.

        • Gregg

          That would be a horrible idea, “Wii” is a household name,that cost millions to create

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Faiil U?

      • Gregg

        It’s their console brand.. Sony has Playstation, Microsoft has XBOX, and Nintendo finally has a brand other than “Nintendo”. It’s Wii. A 2 would be better than a U. yes.

  • ScrewAttack

    Money off on games? Yes please! I got my Wii U at Tesco, does that count me in for the goodies :p

  • only god can judge me

    They definitely need to increase the awareness of the wii u now that they have some new compelling software to showcase the potential of the wii u people need to be up to date with prior knowledge of the console firsthand because regardless of how great the games they releasing in the near month or two people will not buy them if they still are confused about the wii u.

  • Robert Butters

    Hey Ash. “it looks like Nintendo UK has acknowledged the problem and will not begin working with Tesco…” Did you mean “now”?

  • bizzy gie
  • Niknique

    Yes!! Finally!

  • Good job Ninty! Get your name out there 🙂

  • Marcus Navarro

    Rock ’em like “Sus-sussudio” played

    Back when we used to rock the shag, no fade

    This skilled trade like a tailor made suede

    Hit the studio – and I’m paid

    Edit: Invertebrate jellies, all of you. 🙂

  • Jack5221

    While I don’t live in the UK, it is nice to see Nintendo getting the Wii U awareness out there. Its a great console, it innovates the way we play games rather than just focus on FPS, power and pretty graphics. I’ll never understand why people pick consoles based off specs as opposed to what the console can actually do.

  • david jarman

    And here in the U.S. Nintendo acquired Deutsch LA. For those who don’t know who they are. They are an award winning advertisement agent that has done commercials for Sony. Can anyone say,”Holidays?”

    • Marcus Navarro


      Nintendo’s not fucking around right now…

    • Pikachief
    • jay

      Please tell me they didn’t make that crying baby commercial that creeped consumers out.

  • Agent721

    About time…I live in the US, but the UK Wii U situation sounded even worse over there.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    This is a good start. The more awareness, the better chances people will purchase a Wii U.

    • dforce79

      I totally agree. Daniel, I love your harsh but fair outlook (been noticing your post for awhile now and damn if if I can not agree as much of a fanboy as I want to be).

  • starwars360

    That is good news for Nintendo.

    I just cannot wait for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and it is finally release next week!!! I need to complete story in GTA V first and get some more major achievements out of way then start The Wind Waker HD.

    Also cannot wait for Sonic: Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and load more this Christmas!!! 🙂

    Love Xbox 360 and Wii U so much. I did love PS3 but Xbox 360 and Wii U way more that made me into and fall in love with. Look forward Xbox One this launch and PS4 in 2014!!! 🙂

  • Super Buu

    They really should take the original Wii out of the shelves so that people will buy a Wii U instead of buying a Wii thinking they can play with a tablet.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I wouldn’t say take it off, but make a deal with retailers to stop advertising and highlighting it so much while leaving the Wii U in a dark corner. They do have to sell all the stock of Wiis they have, but to do that, they are sacrificing the Wii U. It’s a really stupid decision, as the Wii is going to be discontinued in a few years, while the Wii U is the one who is supposed to take it’s place on the shelves.

    • jay

      I’ve always said this but Nintendo’s gonna milk the Wii until there’s no more milk left.

    • dforce79

      The Wii does not need to go away but less attention is definitely needed. What they need to do it promote the Wii U like they did the Wii. Do shows (basically) and let the casuals see that there is a new product they need to buy. HD upgrades are coming soon (cough…Wii Sports…cough…) with definite added features that many will enjoy and need to know about. Plus, all the other games coming out. I love how they handled E3 and beyond but now it is time to take that approach to the malls and retailers such as Wal-mart, Target, and Best Buy (again and for all of them and for an extend period of time).

  • Hezkore

    Seriously, people _still_ don’t know what the Wii U is?
    This saddens me…

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the human race.

      I mean, for god’s sake! In one of my 9th grade classes, from last year, I had someone in my class that didn’t know what a dolphin was! True story.

      • readypembroke

        This one person asked “What’s a Wii U?” when I said “I got a Wii U!” in my Computer Applications class in high school last month!

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Lol xD
          Let’s see…what other stupid things happened at school….oh! I was talking to this one kid about the Wii U (before it was released) and I was naming some games off. The first game I said was “Super Mario Bros. U,” after I said that, he was like “what’s that about?” (Literally, that was his exact words.) I just sat there starring at him for a few minutes.

          • jay

            well the fact that a lot of retail employees are just as clueless doesn’t help sales at all.

            I’ve seen them confuse people even more. I saw a lady who wanted to buy a Wii U walk off with a Wii because the retail guy said it’s “the one that plays Wii Sports.”

          • readypembroke

            Oh yeah one of my classmates said that the Wii U looked complicated…… then 1 week later comes over and I think he was loving that Zelda minigame in Nintendo Land being the archer. Now he wants a 3DS for Pokemon Y!!!! Hopefully he will buy a Wii U in the future!

          • Gregg

            Good work fellow gamer. Spread the goodness

          • readypembroke

            Also I get to show off Watch Dogs on my Wii U when it comes out to a classmate. He said “When Watch Dogs comes out, I am coming over”.

      • therealruben1

        I was having a conversation with someone and they were saying nintendo was doomed then someone else joined the conversation and i asked him if nintendo was doomed.He said no and said they had great games like uncharted.
        True story.

      • jay

        Lack of awareness doesn’t make a person stupid.

        Yeah not knowing what a dolphin is, yeah pretty stupid.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Yes, I realize that but the Wii U has been out for a while now. There’s been commercials (very few, but there’s some), it’s advertised in retail stores (my Walmart has adds for it in the game section), it’s even been on the news for crying out loud!

      • StigtriX

        The codename for Nintendo Game Cube :3
        Also a mammal that many think is a fish, which it certainly is not.

    • Nothing5555

      I bet there are a lot of people who bought the Wii that still don’t know what the Wii U is.

      • jay

        Nintendo’s fault. They don’t advertise on the Wii and there’s HUGE opportunity for it.

        For example the popular “Everybody Votes”(and others) channel gets discontinued and the reason being “Nintendo no longer supports this service”.

        What a HUGE opportunity missed! !

        • Mason742

          Honestly, it would be easier to just completely discontinue the Wii and burn them.

          • Superstick98

            After all, Wii U IS backwards compatible. So that does ort of make sense.

        • Jon

          there was a bunch of announcements that went on the Wii telling people about the Wii U. If those people don’t know what the Wii U is then they are morons.

        • They could make a nostalgy type ad using old Sega slogans. “Wii U blast processing! –*then show in fast forward a guy playing Sonic & Mario bashing the tablet like crazy*– It has what others don’t!” — Am sure Sega would approve it, since they are one of the biggest supporters today. :p

        • Nothing5555

          Well how many people who bought Wii’s that are really gamers? Where there not a lot of “casuals” who bought the Wii? They will probably not own another game system for some time if any.

    • It’s japanese marshmallow. Very good.

  • A SNES Day Off

    “We haven’t had the sales we wanted on Wii U hardware”

    What the heck were they expecting – sales to be in the same ballpark as the original Wii? We’re in a recession and Nintendo are trying to sell a £200-£250 machine that has, over the past ten months, floated around with virtually no marketing. ‘Wii’ is a brand unto itself, and that makes it even less appropriate to join it to the suffix ‘U’ and expect parents to understand that this product is an entirely new system.

    If Nintendo are to position the Wii U as a games console, then they should focus on just that and tailor the OS around the owner’s gaming interests. Hulu/Amazon/Netflix/LoveFilm/’TVii’ streaming channels (and even, to a great degree, Google Street) are irrelevant and only confuse the audience as to how the product positions itself within the home, which is the first mistake. Nintendo shouldn’t step into this particular arena unless they are willing and committed to offer services that are at least on par with even the current generation Playstation and Xbox. Otherwise, not only does the marketing create a unbalanced message, but consumers will simply draw comparisons between the Wii U and other hardware, and then opt for a more polished/complete product that solves consumption.

    Even Hiroshi Yamauchi, the late Nintendo president, said that keeping the cost of the hardware down was a very important target when designing a games console. Why? Because the customer has to purchase games in order to make the console operate – not vice versa.

    I will no doubt be hung for the following comment, but I truly believe that while the Wii U is in-itself a superb product, Nintendo should have simply produced a more traditional console “successor” in the Wii 2, essentially including modern hardware, HD output, online spaces (Miiverse/eShop) and a dedicated Virtual Console U.I. Bundle in a Wii Remote Plus and demote the Game Pad to a separate purchase (such as a Wii Party bundle). Wii games would be playable right from Power On, without the need to enter a *ahem* Wii mode… £175 like the original Wii, and you have a compelling product.

  • 2 things.

    … Advertising targetted at children and parents…? Where is the promised “U” part…
    And isn’t it a little late for this shouldn’t they have done that from the start… Instead of “assuming” that the terrible choice for the name would be all they needed for the Wii U to be succesfull?

    Atleast they FINALLY start promoting the system but yet again they also say the budget to promote both WiiU and 3DS is much better then last year? Really Nintendo you STILL need to promote 3DS? Everyone knows what 3DS is and 2/3rd of these people OWN a 3DS just focus on the WiiU only from now on and throw in some well placed adverts for 3DS games like Zelda and Pokemon next to Playstation commercials.

    The most game related commercials are for 3DS and PS3/4 plus their games for every 2 playstation commercials we see one 3DS commercial, so that part is well covered Wii U on the other hand is not. Again since launch 8th of December last year in Europe I have well counted seen 7 WiiU commercials 5 in December and 2 in January, after that WiiU was dead in the water for Europe (promotional wise) We all know what happened after that up until now. Also thanks to the UK court for television stating WiiU was false advertising (gamepad part)

  • Jon Neale

    Tesco entertainment needs a good shake up! they know less about the wii u than anyone, you can tell this from the way they mix titles for wii and wii u. Leaving customers to buy wii u titles for their wii’s that won’t work. Their online price for a basic 8gb is £318 twice the RRP. And they have chosen not to stock most of the top wii u titles. Like w101. Mh3. Injustice. NFS most wanted. Luigi bros. just to name a few. The photo above shows just 1 wii u title in a Nintendo chart fixture. My Tesco has the largest range available and this only stocks 5 Wii u titles. Tesco will blame poor sales but with only stock of Cod, zombi u, family sports, mickey 2 , what would you expect 1 year old launch titles with extremely high pricing and no new releases for the full year, I’d expect my sales to be stagnant.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Glad to hear it. It’s about damn time. But FFS Nintendo, I could have told you what was wrong with your campaign months ago and I’m sure I did, hell we all did! why are you only now fixing it, you had a massive head-start on the competition and ample time to get software out but you managed to squander it, all of it!.
    How about some TV ads now showing of multi-plats & exclusives. We all know DK and Mario Kart will do well so how about show off Splinter Cell & AC on Wii U so people will buy Wii U knowing they can get 1st party games and 3rd party grown up stuff.

  • Wayne Beck

    In the words of Shang Tsung,


  • Brandon Gardner

    They need to discontinue and stop selling the Wii Console and focus on just the Wii U itself

  • Keith D. Witherspoon

    I mean there is a medium that most people follow, its called Commercials. You know you put them on televisions and youtube videos and lets people know you have a product. Ya know like you did with all your other consoles. Lol

  • goldmrmber

    bull shit wiiu daily bull shit trying to go back on previous articled and not look like DERP SHITS THAT U ARE

    Fact tescos downgrade on nintendo shelf space was CLEARLY TO MAKE ROOM FOR THD NEW HUGE PROMOTION AND NEW BUNDLES AND NEW GAMES

    That was blindingly obvious was it not



    No nono you just brain dead reported a FUCKING BLATENT LIE that tesco had given up
    On nintendo

    Try thinking instead if running thru life like a headless chicken IT WAS BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS THIS WAS A MOVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR NINTENDOS MASSIVE CHRISTMAS PUSH

    Jesus grow a fucking brain will u

    • Mark

      It seems you lack a brain since there is not punctuation; on top of that, you’re yelling (as if that is needed). Tell me, what proof do you have that this article is a lie, because that other article you’re talking about isn’t sufficient proof; Wii U Daily could have easily made up the whole “making room for new consoles” article, just like you claim they did with this article, so I don’t know what you’re trying to prove.


      It’s a shame your point is drowned out by ranting!

    • Superstick98

      Learn how to spell before talking trash.

    • sd

      Wow….You just come across as a real douche. If you have an issue state it without Caps lock to shout and without insulting. I find it far more effective.

  • goldmrmber

    Lol at every web site only days after reporting blatant lies about tesco and nintendo NOW HAVE TO BACK TRACK

    I seen this coming a mile away YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING RETARDED

    • Gotallofthem

      Yeah, I found that funny also, the original post here on WiiUDaily, was a “look nintendo is doomed” article and showing the picture of only a few games, meanwhile Nintendo was in the background already working a deal on how to promote more games through this company.

      Tisk tisk, WiiU Daily, thats what you get for trying to get some clicks with the WiiU Doomed articles.

  • Mark

    Nintendo, getting the advertising together should have been a priority at launch, but that’s the past and I’ve moved on. On to the current events, this is excellent news, and I hope Nintendo continues with these efforts. With partners such as Deutsch LA, I think advertising should ramp up once we get into the holiday season and early 2014.

  • they can send message to the old wiis to promote the new one, and a new channel to promote new games on wii about wii U

    • readypembroke

      They actually did that earlier this year in April or May. May I think

  • Tom Greene

    About time Nintendo fixes some of WiiUs many problems….now lets get a sytem with more that 32gb internal memory

  • Truthteller

    It is too late to fix any problems. It is over.

    • david jarman

      What are you talking about?…there’s still time for you to change

      • readypembroke

        don’t feed the troll

    • crocodileman94

      I guess you said the same about the PS3.

      • Adrian Byrne

        and 3ds

    • Gotallofthem

      Hey Truth, are you some fat 40 year old still living with your mom? With no job or future? Cause damn its almost like you have no life since you dont seem to have anything better to do then to come here and talk trash, lol. Dude leave your moms side!

    • Marcus Navarro

      The same was said about brick-and-mortar specialty shops with the advent of online shopping. Can you still walk to a store?
      The same was said about handheld gaming with the advent of mobile gaming. Can you still find companies selling handheld game consoles?
      The same was said about physical media with the advent of digital distribution. Can you still find cartridges and CD/DVDs?

      It’s true that all good things must come to an end, but there aren’t many things that end before they begin. Get your head out of the sand and wash your eyes out, vagrant. We’re about to see very interesting things start coming to fruition soon.

  • sd

    I still want the TVii feature. Its not available in Australia, neither is the zelda bundle, nor the Zelda ltd edition. I love the WiiU but you cant ignore a whole country just because it has a smaller market. In todays digital world information is spread. For the Wii U to succeed it needs to be successful everywhere.

    Nintendo Australia should be sacked because at present they are not doing a thing.

  • tom

    Finally some advertising!

  • springer85

    LMFAO!!!!They are starting a new campaign that tells people the Wii U is a new console?WTF!!
    The Wii U is a YEAR OLD in November!!!It has took Nintendo nearly a year of epic fails to realise that the Wii U has been one MASSIVE failure?LMFAO
    The name Wii U is what doomed the console from day one!!Wii2 would have been perfect.
    Wii U was way to similar to Wii Fit which was an add on so kinda OBVIOUS gamers would think the same about the Wii U!!
    Sorry but once the next gen arrive the Wii U will be dead this time next year!!

    • Gotallofthem

      Why are you even on this site if you are not a Nintendo fan? Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? What a tool, lol.

    • Jon

      And the name Xbox One is any better?

      Oh wait, you only care about the PS4…








  • Razo_E

    The problem was not the name, it was the LOGO. PS2 wasn’t confusing because the logo changed, same with the XBOX 360. The 3DS was a bit confusing because the logo only had a 3 added, same was the Wii U only has a small blue U added. If they had changed the logo, everyone would have known they meant business.

  • dforce79

    Good to see Nintendo doing something more than word of mouth. While that is a great tool, it will not get you the sucess rate the Wii did with out full public knowledge. The fans can only do so much. We love you Nintendo but help us out!

  • beerkin

    What’s so hard to figure out?!?!?!? It’s a new gosh dern the hell console!!!! Come on people……

  • How hard is it to create a big sign saying “A NEW CONSOLE – WII U!” and then put some demo machine under the sign for the crowd to try it out? It has been done before. It’s not like rocket science (to do some efficient marketing). Sheesh!

  • Jacob T. Plante

    … wow