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Whelp, an update from hiphoptherobot has gone into further detail. Essentially, they got the early unit from a “person” after some Switchs had “mysteriously disappeared.” Hiphoptherobot says that once they realized it was probably stolen, they “didn’t feel comfortable keeping it.”

Original story:

Earlier this week, one lucky NeoGAF user (hiphoptherobot) managed to receive an early Nintendo Switch unit and wasted no time posting videos of the user interface and set-up process. Keep in mind that despite being less than two weeks away from the console’s launch, we still haven’t seen an official walkthrough of the Switch’s interface, so this was a pretty big deal.

Nintendo obviously didn’t approve of this, so they took it back. Through some sort of deal with the Big N, hiphoptherobot sent back their early Switch. While they won’t go into full details, at this time, it looks like Nintendo won’t be refunding the purchase. So, not only is hiphoptherobot out of a Nintendo Switch, but they’re also out of however much they paid for the unit. Harsh.

On the plus side, hiphoptherobot says they’re not in any trouble with Nintendo over the leak.

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