Sep 22nd, 2017

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, the company has “dramatically over-delivered” on Switch stock since the console launched. But he recognizes that even after they increased production and supply, demand is still outpacing supply.

“We actually sold through almost 2.8 million units, so we dramatically over delivered. And yet, demand outpaces supply.” he said in an interview with Mashable.

Fils-Aime added that Nintendo delivered more consoles that analysts predicted would be needed, and even that wasn’t enough. And he also fired back at some of the fans complaining that there aren’t enough consoles.

“So what do some of the consumers on Reddit say? ‘Gosh, Nintendo, if you would’ve made more you would’ve sold more.’ Well, we did make more! And certainly we’re on a pace to supply in the current fiscal year 10 million units.”

Or perhaps they took it easy with the Switch because of the supply and demand miscalculation they made with the Wii U, where the console was overstocked but the demand just wasn’t there.

Either way, it’s a good position for the company to be in: the Switch is flying off the shelves, it has some amazing games, and Nintendo’s stock recently hit a 9-year high.

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