Feb 9th, 2018

Nintendo will soon be making an announcement regarding the Switch Online feature, and according to the company, the wait “will be worth it”.

This comes from Nintendo managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi who said during a recent investor’s Q&A:

“We have some ideas about how to make Nintendo Switch Online appealing when it becomes a for-pay service, so I think our next announcement will be worth the wait.”

Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, also chimed in on the upcoming online service:

“Please give us a bit more time to announce more details about the service. I think that announcement will convey to you how we plan to popularize the service.”

Nintendo hasn’t revealed any concrete details about its Switch Online offering, but we do know that it will be cheap: just $20 per year, much cheaper than competing services from Microsoft and Sony.

And we know that it will launch in September 2018.

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