Mar 20th, 2017 publishUpdated   Apr 19th, 2017, 12:07 pm

One of the most handy features of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to turn on your TV and switch (hehe) to the proper HDMI input when you dock the Switch or hit the power button to turn the console on while it’s docked. However, this handy feature seems to be causing some trouble for those with newer Samsung Smart TVs.

A new post on Nintendo of America’s support site details the issue and there are more than nine pages of replies of people expressing a similar issue to what the first post describes. Here’s the issue:

I’m using the Switch with a Samsung KS9800 television, and when docked and in sleep mode, the Switch keeps switching the HDMI input to its port for no reason.

So while watching regular television, the television will randomly switch to a black screen (because the Switch isn’t on). Once it starts doing this, it won’t stop even after I change the input back…eventually I had to disconnect the Switch’s HDMI cable until I’m ready to use it.

It’s the expected behavior of the television to automatically switch HDMI inputs when a device is powered on and that works with thre Switch as well, but not when the Switch is off or sleeping.

Some people have responded to the thread saying it’s a problem with Samsung TVs that have a feature to change input when an HDMI connected device wakes up or is just turned on. However, numerous people in the thread are reporting that the Nintendo Switch is still asleep when the switch happens. Others don’t even have Samsung TVs.

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