Jul 12th, 2017

Some Nintendo Switch are reporting insanely fast battery drainage, and they have the videos to prove it. According to several Japanese Switch owners, their battery is falling by 1% per second, or so it seems.

Which means the entire battery is drained in just over a minute and a half. Check out the video below:

Here’s another video that shows the battery draining even faster, all the way to 1%:

It’s still unclear what is causing this: it could be a defective battery that cannot hold a charge, or it could be a software problem where the system isn’t showing the correct battery capacity.

The second one is much easier to fix, while the first would require a recall of the unit to replace the battery.

The Switch has been out for over four months now and so far there haven’t been any widespread issues with the battery or console.

We’re previously heard reports of Switch batteries quickly draining to 1%, then remaining there for several hours where the console is fully usable.

Have you had any issues with battery life on your Switch? Let us know in the comments section!

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