Sep 12th, 2012

Nintendo has announced that it will live stream the Wii U preview event tomorrow on YouTube, Facebook, and the official Nintendo site. The news was unveiled with a quick video from Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. The event will start at 10 AM EST (7 AM PST). You can watch it several places as mentioned before: YouTube, their Facebook page, and the official Nintendo site. Nintendo also confirmed that the Wii U price and launch date will be announced at tomorrow’s event — something we suspected for a long time. We also expect Nintendo to unveil the complete launch lineup, including more details on its own first party title. What do you wish/expect from the event tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Q

    awesome sauce

    • Nintedward

      *source* I hope you said sauce for humerous reason’s.

      • Death

        Gawd… idiot.

        • Nintedward


          • Lord Carlisle

            You are in no position to correct spelling or grammar.

          • goginho

            Actually Lord Carlisle, Nintendward is right. God should not be misspelled, unless you’re an atheist ..then keep it to youself.

          • Lord Carlisle

            …My point is that he’s guilty of constant incorrect grammar and spelling, so it’s really not his place to correct that. It doesn’t matter what the word is. And I’m actually not atheist.

      • Britton

        “Awesome sauce” makes sense. I dont think a correction was necessary.

        • Nintedward

          ”Awesome sauce” is what you say after eating a subway with some southwest sauce on it . ”Awesome source” is what you say when discovering the source of information………

          • Grodus

            “eating a subway” Don’t make stupid typos while trying to carrect stupid typos that aren’t real. I eat SUBS *at* subway, I don’t know about you though.

          • Britton

            Lol are you kidding man?? Thats funny. I have heard sooooo many people say “awesome sauce” indicating they liked what they heard. I have said it many times myself. It’s kinda like saying “cool beans.” When I say that… I dont actually mean cold kidney beans on my plate. I mean that is awesome. Perhaps you’ve just never heard it, in which case you have a free pass. If someone read this article and all they said was “awesome source” THAT would not make sense AT ALL. Sorry buddy.

      • rafael

        hahaha you get dislikes for anything you say…”Hi everyone!” 57 dislikes! 🙂

        • Nintedward

          It’s the new fashion , everybody has a buttplug .

          • Kirbymon123

            Yeah, before your comments made sense, (as in they made sense before) they were your own opinion. Also, awesome sauce is an expression

      • Q

        Well excuuuuuse me princess!

        • Rasta

          Did Any one see mario get cought in the act os slaping reggie at 0:01 and press 7 rapidly if u dare!

      • roedburn


      • AKA-Link77

        Edward u gotta stop ruining yr reputation here. U got like 10 poorly rated comments in a row! and yr not even a troll… or are u?

  • ?

    looks awesome! can’t wait to watch! Oh wait, I’m in SCHOOL.

    • JC

      Same here :S

    • Leeroy

      I know right.

      • Master Awesomeness

        Damn, i’ll be in bed at that time!

    • eli seth

      being homeschooled is awsome

      • Macarony64

        Then how youl get your first kiss under the school stairs?

    • Madmagican

      *sigh* I guess we’ll just have to skip school :\

    • dimoskid

      It’s like the government knew that this amazing day would come, and they made sure that tomorrow would be a school day just so the students could miss it

    • Kirbymon123

      HAHA! IT’S AN LTM DAY AT MY SCHOOL! A.K.A it’s starts at 12:oo 😀

      • Kirbymon123

        Oops, sorry, I didn’t see that this comment went through. 😛

    • Kirbymon123

      HAHA!! It’s an LTM day at my school! A.K.A. It starts at 12:00 😀 I’m not sure if I want it to be two hours long or not.

    • Rasta

      Nintendo always does this to us why no start at 3pm

    • Pure Water


    • SteampunkJedi

      Me too. I just waited till afterwards, and caught up on Wii U Daily. Worked for me.

  • Wils81

    When Mario and Luigi left… shit, that was awkward lol

    • Smitty

      LOL it sooo was :-D!

    • Rasta

      IKR LOL like for 3 sec. they just sat there wen reggie told them to leave!

  • 16der

    FINALLY!! Its time to know when the Wii U will come out..

    • Pure Water

      A release date for a release date…

  • Nintedward

    Glad they are putting this on Youtube 😀 . So excited for this , I am pre ordering my wiiu TOMOROW woooooooooooooh!!!!

    I am looking forward to see what unfolds from the Japanese Nintendo direct , European Ndirect and of course Reggie’s body live on stage !!!!

    Please god , let us have something to do with Metroid 25th anniversary or F-zero !!!! It has to be one of those 2 franchises unveiled in Times square tomorow!!

    • Master Awesomeness

      I’ve already preordered…HA!

    • Kirbymon123

      I swear, the users of this site have no love for Kirby. I know Metroid didn’t have a big 25th birthday game, but Kirby is a major Nintendo franchise too!

      • Crapcake

        kirby turned 20!!

        • Nintendonoob

          GOD!! NO ONE IS SHOWING LOVE FOR KID ICARUS!!! Or donkey kong… At least metroid and Kirby had more than 4 games in the series… Sure donkey kong had more but its been a while since a new donkey kong

  • Leeroy

    How can I watch this at a later time? Will there be a video on YouTube for this later in the day

    • Wils81

      Of course! That’s how live Youtube videos work (depending on the channel). Once the video is done livestreaming, you can view it later.

      • Leeroy

        Okay thanks, I didn’t really know that since I haven’t been on YouTube in months so I forgot.

    • cBagel

      Im sure this video will be all over the internet after a few hours

      • Grodus

        Correction: after mere seconds.

    • elbossmx

      Nintendo’s E3 conferences where online on the Nintendo page for like a month or so. I suppose it will be the same for this.

  • The incredible sandwich

    i want to take a picture with mario and luigi

    • SteampunkJedi

      Me too!

  • dawnofmorning

    I’m quite content already with what they are announcing tomorrow. Thursday come sooner!

    • Nintedward

      It’s like waiting for Christmas , it takes forever to come :/

      • eli seth

        i do agree :/

    • Grodus

      ONE. MORE. DAAAAY!!!!

  • Garzard

    I love you Reggie


    I think you have the time wrong. If it’s 10 on the East coast, it’s 7 on the west.

    • 007 1/2

      6 its 4 hours

    • Master Awesomeness

      So your saying, IT WILL BE 11 O’CLOCK PM MY TIME!?

      • Kirbymon123

        No. If you live on East coast, it will be 10 a.m. If you live in Central, then it’s 9 a.m. If you live in whatever’s inbetween West and Central, then it’s 8 a.m. If you live on the West coast, it’ll be 6 a.m. So unless you’re in Europe, which as I’m typing this I’m assuming you are, it won’t be 11 O’CLOCK PM YOUR TIME

        • Crapcake

          whats in between west and central is MST (mountain standard time)

  • LP

    Go for it, go for it, go for it… ready to preorder on Amazon the minute this guys post the option, no matter what… I am telling my little 4 year old son that Santa is gonna bring a Wii U for him as long as he’s nice and good… we all know who’s tryin’ to be a good kid to get on of this for Christmas, who’s with me?

    • LP

      “get one” not “get on” sorry…

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Hope they announce 25th anniversary of metroid will be avaliable on the wii u and it includes all the metroid games to date including super metroid and metroid

    • eli seth

      that would be awsome

      • Pure Water

        that would not be awesome
        that would me perfectly awesome

  • Anon

    You need to subtract time from 10am. It will be 7am pacific

  • Joeyperez

    i hope for previews or cut scenes from the games everyone wants to see… which should have been part of the launch
    mario galaxy
    i hope we get something! or a reveal of more powerful game previews that shut u naysayers woot woot..

    • Kirbymon123

      FINALLY! Some love for the pink Marshmallow!

      • Nintendonoob

        We need more love for Kid Icarus and I just want Nintendo to release Zelda faster… you know… 2013 so I can play it all day long… I hope Wii U has cross play so you can play 3ds games on it… If you can play Wii U games on Wii U my first would be Zelda Wii U then Blops2.
        NOOB OUT!!!

        • Nintendonoob

          lol Wii U games on Wii U… I meant Wii U games on 3ds XD

  • NintendoGamer

    *insert My Body It’s Ready comment here*

    • Kyron

      My bodii is ready, for U!

  • Britton

    I seriously cannot wait. I just hope Nintendo delivers better this time around than on E3. I see this as being what E3 should have been. 🙂 Man I want this system. Since we know Zelda is out of the picture for an announcement and most likely another Mario game (due to NSMB-U), I would be completely satisfied with a Metroid game or collection.

  • Leeroy

    Thumbs up if you want F-zero

    • Nintedward

      who ever gave you a thumbs down will pay for this!

      • Kirbymon123

        who ever gave YOU a thumbs down will pay for THAT

  • Hugh Quinn


    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      to Du-du-du-du-du-duel! lol Joke

  • Case

    I think Nintendo should have made the event Saturday or Sunday because a lot of Nintendo’s fans are younger people and they can’t watch it if they are in school, including me.

  • Chris

    My body is ready.

  • Happy Mask Man

    Reggie is such a cheese ball, but you gotta love him. Slightly gutted that last week I agreed to go to the movies with a friend on the 13th 🙁

  • rafael

    You gotta love Reggie. What a likable guy. I wanted to know how was he hired by nintendo.

  • Kamon

    All aboard the HYPE TRAAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!

  • Nintendo Power

    I want to sit where Reggie is.Beside Mario and Luigi!!!!!

  • eli seth

    im pulling my hair out how much will it be!!!!!!doesnt really matter ill get it anyways but please be cheap!!!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Happy that the price and release date will come tomorrow we all knew it happen and I bet this is Nintendo’s damage control since I bet Nintendo understands that E3 left a bad taste in many peoples mouths. Can’t wait to get home from school tomorrow hopefully this event will tell the haters to shut their effin traps up!

  • Macarony64

    darn my 3ds and cellphone dont show live stream well i guess thats what public libraries are 4

    • Kirbymon123

      Or, y’know, you could get your own computer 😛

      • Macarony64

        I have, power supply burn up a common pc problem

  • Metroidvania

    I think ill look at the news/broadcast then take a break, because of the storm the follows this day.

    No matter how great this news is. The press/short sighted analyst’s will call “Doomsday” upon Nintendo. Expect to see words twisted, and lies told. Expect to see Pachter respond negatively no matter what, and expect pessimistic blather.

    I figure this broadcast will pop up on the 3DS eshop pretty soon after. All I have to say is im getting a Wii U, and I cant wait.

    Remember get ready to slay the trolls. No mercy!

    • Britton

      That is sad but true. Damn pessimistic people.

  • Christian

    😀 It’s been confirmed?!?!?!?!? Cannot wait till tomorrow!

  • Metroidvania

    One more thing though. If you expect Nintendo to reveal more major first party games. Im sorry, but your an idiot. Some people dont know this, but it takes time to develop a game, and do it right. If you want high quality. You have to be patient. I wouldn’t expect any of that till E3 next year.

    Expect to see more third party though.

    • Collected

      I just hoping to see something from Retro Studies or Monolith soft; they’re both 1st/2nd party developers and some support would be nice from those two

      • Collected



    Boo Ya

  • Ness

    I hope the ending music will be put in a game.

  • somebody

    why not at 5:00 im in high school :p

  • PachanoP

    i told ya, wait ’till September 13, we did and Nintendo surprised me 😀

    • PachanoP

      I wish a New Mario Kart game and i expect that wii u’s release games will be AC III, Mass Effect 3 and ZombiU

  • Grodus

    My Reggie is body!
    Wait, did I just say I have a Reggie? And that it’s body!?

  • Waffles

    why does it have to be that early? im in school!

  • Kirbymon123

    Yes let’s send the trolls under there bridges so that the only time we’ll see them is to solve there riddles.
    That was a Dora the Explora reference.

  • Joeyperez

    i want this two be like 3 hours of awesomeness and lots of good news and new features revealed i want this to make my year and life better ha ha

  • metroidfusion2

    I can’t wait and the wii u will shit on this gen and next gen

  • Walt

    When I get home from school, there will be so many articles… Gosh I won’t be able to read them all even though I’ma watch it via…. WII U FTW BISH!

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I just gotta wait after school to see this awesome event on Wii U 😀

  • Pokemon Master#1

    I hope that Need for Speed is announced tomorrow.

  • DVE

    In the words of Byron Scott, I CANT WAIT! lol

  • pikapower0000


  • Nintentionally

    I bet the biggest surprise tomorrow is the lack of new information

  • Kyron

    Good ol’ Nintendo with their surprises. lol. That’s where they’re at their best. I can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow.

    “Now you’re playing with power. Super power.”

    Wii U will be the SNES of this generation.

    • TheUNation

      You can say THAT again, Kryon!

  • Ninjafish

    I wish they’d make a sequel for Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Wii U. They could do it since the gamepad has a touch screen ^_^ that would be most enjoyable.

  • Nintendo freak

    We Nintendo wii u is awesome but the should have phone service