Dec 19th, 2016


Like it or not, Nintendo’s first mobile effort featuring everyone’s favorite plumber is now available on iOS. Super Mario Run is available as a free-to-play game, but it also comes with a $9.99 premium price if you want to continue running past the first three levels. That steep price is also what some analysts are attributing to the 16% decline of Nintendo’s stock over the past few days after release.

The company’s share price dropped 7.1% just today, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, which makes it the fifth day in a row that Nintendo’s stock has fallen after release. Analysts in the article believe that pre-release hype for the game spiked the share price and with negative reviews about the price point, investors are selling off due to bad press.

This is in direct contrast to what happened with Pokemon Go, which saw Nintendo’s stock spike and rise after the free-to-play game was released earlier this year. While Pokemon Go has continued to receive updates in the months after release, with the most recent update containing Gen 2 Pokemon.

Despite the lukewarm reception from investors, Super Mario run has been downloaded enough to hit the top spot on the charts in the App Store in the United States, but it did not hit the top of the charts in Japan. Pokemon Go stayed in the top spot for weeks after it was released in both regions.

Keep in mind that the game is only available to those with iOS devices as well. Those with Android devices won’t get their hands on the game until next year and perhaps we’ll see more support for the game once the OS with the biggest market share has access to the game. Unfortunately, there’s no official release date to share just yet.