Aug 1st, 2014


The Super Smash Bros. tournament that was held at E3 was the first ever Nintendo-sponsored Super Smash Bros. tournament and Nintendo did the same thing again at the San Diego Comic-Con for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. Now it looks like Nintendo will be repeating that success in marketing by offering a Super Smash Bros. tournament for Gamescom attendees.

Currently Nintendo is looking for a German host for the tournament, so if you’re interested you should check out this page for more information. According to the post, Nintendo will be offering those chosen for commentator positions a copy of the game on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, as well as their choice of three Amiibo figurines once they’re available for launch. For those who will be attending Gamescom to check out everything the company has to offer, you’ll be able to participate in the tournament!

Gamescom is an annual event that is held in Cologne, Germany. This year the show takes place from August 14 to August 17.

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  • CEObrainz

    Nintendo are on the ball with these tournaments, I hope this continues up until the release of the Wii U version….

    • nintendope

      Then go Big for EVO 2015… Fans will be hard to move on from Melee or project M (if it ever comes out) Nintendo really needs to fight back to their own creations.

    • Theamazingdude

      I hope they hurry up and cancel it, but you’re a marketer for Nintendo so I know you won’t tell the truth about how awful Nintendo is. We all know once Nintendo brings its games to the PS4 it will be much better. 60fps 1080p and actual HD plus better graphics.

      • CEObrainz

        Yea of course, I can’t wait until Sony get’s off their ass and buys Nintendo. It’s gonna happen eventually…

        • Donte Belardino

          Smash is in 1080p 60 FPS, LOL Sony Fanboys

        • LilBen

          Sony will be bankrupt before Nintendo is bought by another company…

        • Joemr8

          you do know nintendo is currently worth more than sony right?

      • MagcargoMan

        Get back under your bridge and play your Vita, son.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Hopefully there’s also a Tournament at FIRSTLOOK

  • Rugmouse

    I didn’t catch the 3DS tourney, but the Wii U E3 tournament was great, and it really got me excited to hone my Smash skills for this winter.

    I wonder if they’ll have an expanded roster this time around. I’d love to see some of the other newcomers in action!

  • nintendope

    Nintendo knows fans aren’t embracing SSB for Wii U as much as Melee for the competitive scene, they need to sponsor these tournaments, and do kinda like Blizzard did with Starcraft 2, there needs to be a huge effort to bring the big personalities to the new game if it is meant to be the future of SSB.

    • Donte Belardino

      Funny how the only people who aren’t are Melee fags, actual Competitive players like D1x, Mewtwo King, and other plays are so stop trying to stereotype competitive people acting like all they like is Melee.

      • nintendope

        Well Mango, Armada and even Hbox are dominating the Melee scene (even if that’s the only thing they play), and unfortunately many people follow them, they are charismatic so they can actually dictate the “general conception” of how people should feel, if they say the new SSB for Wii U is garbage, people will follow along.. But, if Nintendo can bring them over to tournaments for the Wii U and actually capitalize their names in it it can all be good, the key here is… Is SSB for Wii U really good? we’ll have to see.

        • nintendope

          And don’t get me wrong, D1x and M2K are awesome players and I respect them for their great amount of skills… Their voice will also weight on what’s to come.

  • Sdudyoy

    Well, I wish I could enter, but I’d lose in the first match.

  • Korv13

    Way to go Nintendo!

    2 free Smash games and 3 free Amiibo figures? They won’t miss any commentators, that’s for sure!

  • bistricky

    Das ist gut


  • Logan Wayman

    I have two questions about this: 1) Will they reveal Marshal or Shulk or any other kind of newcomer? And 2) Will there be more playable characters unlike at E3 and SDCC?

    • Theamazingdude

      1) No they might show barny or mr.peewee. You know something for the toddlers to play with. 2) No because Nintendo can’t develop HD games they’re stuck in the gamecube era FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Logan Wayman

        Haw, haw, very funny, bub.

      • Donte Belardino

        Nice troll, too bad the Game is in 1080p 60 FPS

        • Theamazingdude

          The pii poo is just three gamecubees taped together it can’t do past 30fps and barely reaches 575p

  • Star and Moon

    I think it’s great that they’re doing tournaments, but personally I think it’s very boring. Keep up the good work Nintendo. 🙂

  • CMB

    hope there is a character reveal

  • Arkamarky

    Wait, does the comentater get the two games before or at the release date?

    • Richard

      Obviously after release.

  • Theamazingdude

    Wow. Who want’s to play a baby game really? I’d be surprised if even one person bought this baby game. But knowing you toddlers you will buy hundreds of them to make it appear like this game sold good. These comments are filled with so many Nintendo hired marketers it’s not even funny.

    • dekuei

      Why come on here to talk carp on someone’s game? Go play your annualized cod like the rest of your cannon fodder friends

      • Theamazingdude

        Such a marketer you are. You won’t be able to sell this game. You might as well tell your boss you’re quiting and kill your self while you’re at it.

        • Gust

          Seeing as how this game sells quite well every time I doubt fans really need to promote it. Also, interesting how this game is childish when it take a huge amount of skill to play. I realize that I am talking to a troll so I doubt you will be able to comprehend this.

          • Theamazingdude

            It only sells well because nintenyearolds beg their parents for thousands of copies of the game.

          • Gust

            Not really a valid point. Also, explain the high level of skill required to play the game or you can just admit to trolling. The ball is in your court.

        • Staz Blood

          Everyone watch and see the Annoying Sony/Xbox Fanboy in their natural habitat, clearly being jealous of the exclusive Wii U games. Here, we can see the Annoying Sony/Xbox Fanboy desperately trying to insult the much more intelligent species by calling them toddlers and demanding suicide. This low-iq species receives my pity.

    • TheSneakyLizard

      Your a stupid jerkass who needs to rot in the Netherrealm at the mercy of Scorpion and Lord Shinnok.

    • Theamazingdog

      How can you be surprised over what you are expecting, ya numbskull?

      • SmashBros4Lyfe


        • TheSneakyLizard


    • Kalloran Castalia

      Waaaahhh!!! You hurt my widdle feewings!!

      …ironic username you got there, huh?

  • Gust

    I would love to participate to see where I stand in terms of skills.

  • James Brunton

    I currently own a PS4, Wii u, and an Xbox One. I can say with ease that the wii U gets most of my time. I am a COD fan but at the moment, Mario Kart 8 is the family game of chice. Super Smash will be our next game and whenever pre-orders are available, it will be. Sony is an alright system but nothing will compare to my gaming PC. I see no reason to buy some super graphics oriented console when my PC outdoes the PS4 all day and is a year and a half old. Anyway, Keep up the good work nintendo, you will always have my family as fans. Thanks for the 3ds BTW, Great little handheld system. Myself and my twin boys love it.

  • Mason742

    They have a super dedicated SSBM group with great commentators although they are kind of weird. Why not just employ them.

  • luc gagnon

    well to me I don’t like ps4 or x-box and wii. the game is good but for wii games sucks .?
    wy they trying to make consoll just to play games on. it’s dome .
    wy the copany don’t get to get there to make one hell of a consoll and bring back the old games back even old pc game even if its 3d or 2d gra fix .?
    if the company could make knew games that will be asome and the company get there monny worth if thay get together..?
    get read of nume chuk wii crap .? i’m just saying . look all the game that’s out there and we cant play it any more because its to old.? its like Microsoft no more dos . its like if you have an old car. you cant get parts. ? i’m just saying , if a consol can work for all the games and could set for the grafix just for games that can run and play the game. if thay can put old games on a cd and play it.if you now what i’m saying like a nother word put a xbox ps4 or aps3 and nintendo and Microsoft game all in to one console and put joy stick not a wifi numchok crap .i’m just saying .that wood make cent ses.