May 20th, 2014


If you can’t wait to get your hands on Super Smash Bros. before it releases this winter on the Wii U, you’ll have your chance at E3 as Nintendo is organizing a huge tournament that will take place on the same day as their digital event. Nintendo will host 3,000 fans of the game at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles. Wrist bands will be handed out at 9:30 am on a first come, first served basis.

The doors for the show will open at 2:30pm, with the Super Smash Bros. Invitational beginning at 4pm. If you won’t be attending E3 this year, you’ll still be able to watch the action on Nintendo’s Twitch channel, which will be live streaming the event. Nintendo is also offering tournament spots to those who come dressed as their favorite Smash Bros. characters, so if you’re into cosplaying and want to try and win a spot in the tournament, you better dust off that Samus suit.

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  • Shaggyrastaman

    I’d go as Kirby, but the costume doesn’t compliment my thighs…

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Should be great.

    This is actually quite a big deal. This will be the very first time we’re going to see actual gameplay footage of folk playing Smash 4. I’m sure there will be all kinds of youtube vids up of people playing. Even that alone is pretty cool. I’ll be watching those.

    I’m from England, so I can’t go to any of the stores and play it unfortunately, but it will be nice to finally see footage of people playing it and hearing their impressions and reviews, finally seeing how some of the new characters play, like Little Mac, Greninja etc… Just overall looking forward to seeing how the dynamics of the game play out.

    Super stocked for this game. Favourite games series of all time, always will be, always has been since I first played it on the N64 since I was a kid.

    • Mario

      Me too!

    • Fred

      I loved the N64 one, Hated the Gamecube one, and I’m lukewarm on Brawl. I’m hoping I love this one

        • jjbredesen

          Melee, is with out a question (in my opinion) the best multiplayer game i have played in the last 10years, or actually when i think about it ever.

          Think i have said this before that i have played over 3000hours of it, and i am still not bored.

          Never gets old, and it has fantastic gameplay. I don’t understand how people can hate on it?

          • Fred

            I don’t hate on it. It’s just not for me. I understand that it is really well done and most LOVE it.

          • “Sean” jjbredesen

            Well if that is your opinion i respect it.

        • Fred

          I wish I could explain it. Everyone I knew loved it. I didn’t. I own it, but didn’t play it a lot because I really didn’t like it a lot and my wife hates it even more.
          I guess I’m just odd

          • Well, to be truthful, I’ve never played it, so, who knows, maybe there is some credence. I’ve just heard good things about it.

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Oh, you’ll love it, Fred! Did you see the Smash Direct? It was nuts. I don’t know how it’s possible, but that Direct got me even more hyped. I’m mostly looking forward to just having a solid Online mode that can actually legit function properly.

        Brawl was a good game, but the Online was so dull! They made it so that you couldn’t even play with people Worldwide, it was only region based. Reason I could never really find anyone online past 2am. The net code was crap.

        It looks like they’re making so many improvements in this next game. If they can get the Online right, then this really should be one of the BEST games Nintendo has ever made to date, because everything else about the game looks perfect so far. They’re even adding in different constume skins for characters, which is something I had doubts they would ever do. It’s exceeding my expectations so far!

      • Levi Johansen

        Hating any game is understandable, everybody has their own taste.

        But hating Melee and loving the N64 version…. how does that work, it is basically the same thing, only that Melee is better…

        Melee is the best in my opinion and, I think, in most others too; they still prefer Melee in championships and such.

    • jjbredesen
  • iamserious

    This sounds pretty cool. I live in California so I just might drive my arse to LA just for this!

  • LukeMM95

    I’m just hoping this game will be a huge improvement over Smash Bros Brawl. That game was so slow and boring.

  • Mr Ninty

    they should relocate LA to europa

    • palomino blue

      You really don’t want LA.

    • watchin

      fuck europe

  • Bob Charlie

    I can’t make it to E3, but I WILL be at Best Buy in Denver waiting in line to play many upcoming Wii U titles! Bayonetta 2, please!

  • Gameonfool

    First come first serve. There’s gonna be a fight.

    • Pokémon Fan

      I hope I get in.

  • Rinslowe

    Let the mayhem begin!

  • Zuxs13

    Their own Twitch Channel? Wow maybe they will finally support it on the WiiU? Though the YouTube feature on Mario Kart is pretty awesome and I could care less about Twitch, but it would be nice to see this added.

    The Tournament at E3 is an awesome idea though.

  • anthony optimo

    Just got my invite. (Brushes off shoulder)

  • Dark Link

    I have played 1000’s of games in my life. But the Super Smash Bros franchise has to be the game I spent the most amount of time with. The kind of game where you actually prefer to play with people in person than online. Needless to say, this game will be incredible. I want Wario and Meta Knight back as well as Sylux.

  • Sam

    Even if I didn’t live halfway across the country from it, I wouldn’t go to it; this will be the first time I don’t play a Smash Bros. until I own it.

  • Nobke

    Glad I live close enough to go. Looking forward to this!

  • CEObrainz

    I could just about afford to fly from the UK for this….so tempting….

  • William Cole

    I wish I could go to E3… better than being in stupid Indiana. I’m having a smash competition at my school at a special event anyway. Guess that can fill the gap… no it wont.

    • Malik Frost

      wheres E3 even located?

      • watchin

        isn’t it in L.A?

      • Pokémon Fan

        Uh… LA? It says in the article.

    • watchin

      aww we never did anything like that at my school

  • Malik Frost

    Bowser, Mega man and Diddy Kong all day im so ready. Im really pumped for online mode hope they add it so if your doing local coop both you and your partner can sign in and play as there profile unlike playstation allstars where the second player gets know awards.

  • I hope they do something like that in August aswell on the European version of E3 in Germany, then I’ll wash my Link suit, it’s very hard for a guy like me to come in the Zero Suit 😉

  • Mike


  • Sheldon Williams

    Ahhh if only I had boat loads of money so I could on the fly just decide to go to E3 and get my ass handed to my in smash bros.

    • watchin

      same here and I dominate in smash bros

  • Mark my words, this year Nintendo will dominate the E3.

  • Ivan

    They should make so if you win the competition you get a free copy of the game and signed by masahiro sakurai