Jul 24th, 2012

According to video game industry veteran Bing Gordon, who spent 10 years as Chief Creative Officer at EA, Nintendo is on its way to become a software-only company. Gordon compares Nintendo to SEGA in late 1990s, with the failure of the Dreamcast. However, he says that Nintendo is much better managed than SEGA was at the time, and that the company has better talent. But according to Gordon, who sits on the boards of several gaming companies, Nintendo could eventually become a software-only company that just makes games for other systems. Speaking to GamesIndustry, he said,

“I think Nintendo’s already on track to become primarily a software company. We saw that with Sega back in the day; Sega made some missteps and became primarily a software company. Nintendo hasn’t really made missteps, Nintendo probably has better creative talent and better leadership now than Sega did.”

Bing Gordon NintendoDespite claiming that Nintendo will be come a software-only company, Gordon doesn’t provide any real reasoning for this. He mentions that Nintendo has a robust business model and the “best creative talent”. He also praises Shigeru Miyamoto as the “best in the business”. On the mobile front, he thinks that competition from Apple will eventually make Nintendo consider to release their games as apps on Apple’s devices. Something that Nintendo is unlikely to do in the near future. Finally, Godron said of Miyamoto:

“I think if you’re Nintendo, as long as Miyamoto’s coming to work, you can sustain a proprietary platform. He’s that good.”

Honestly, Gordon just appears as part of the group of folks who urge Nintendo to stop making hardware every time they announce a new console. The same happened with the Wii in 2006, it happened with the 3DS, and it’s happening with the Wii U. This isn’t the first time the Wii U has faced criticism of this sort — a few months ago analyst Michael Pacther said the Wii U could become the next Dreamcast.

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  • Dytonics

    I totally disagree!!! I could see Sony getting out of the game market do to bankruptcy!

    • Ryu

      I know right?

      • ajfel

        nob ps3 jealous, u will loose again

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah! 😀 and Gordon will die of a heart attack then come back as a zombie….”WHY?”…because i said so…. -__-

    • Gene

      Bankruptcy? Nintendo make only consoles and games they struggled in two generations and they didn’t get out of the industry…yet.

      The Wii (aka Gamecube ver1.2) sold well to moms and grandpas. The DS was a great babysitting device. Thats why it sold well.

      • rafael

        Well, its not so important the reason why it sells, but the fact that sells…and it sold like hell, so its weird to say they were strugling while they were leader :/

        Videogame market nowadays is complex and unpredictable.

      • PK Thunder

        u sir, have the worst rated comments on Wiiu daily. And who da hell gave u those thumbs up?

        • Kirsti

          A PS3 Fanboy

      • joe

        Gene, Nintendo only sold to Gradma’s and Grandpa’s? So there are 95 million of these crownies just sitting around playing Wii? I know more people that have a Wii than any other system. For kicks at work, I would be talking to a group of co-workers and say, “What games do you have for your Wii.” And they would reply with a title, and say, “How did you know I had a Wii?” I would say, “Because everyone has one.”

        Nintendo outsells everybody pretty much every generation, except maybe GCube. But I know for an absolute fact that the GCube was bulit like a tank and has probably outlasted the PS and Xbox Systems bought at the same time. And the DS as a baby sitter?? Dude, you can’t be that off your rocker.
        The DS is Nintendo’s crown system. That system sold well because it is just incredible, and the GAMES rock.

        • Draco Breach

          Sorry, but the PSx outsold the N64 nearly 3-to-1. Other than that, the N64 outsold every other console nearly 6-to-1.

          I preferred the N64 and, sadly, was such an anti-Sony fanboy at the time that I missed out on a lot of great titles until the phase passed. I still prefer the N64, if only for Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, Aidyn Chronicles, Rareware in general, Smash Bros., Mario 64, et cetera.

          • joe

            I cant agree with you more. I was like “Why can’t Nintendo/Sega get these fantastic titles that the PS has…..I missed out as well, I am kind of angry at myself for that, BUT I wouldn’t and won’t give Sony or Microsoft a penny in the video game market….(nor do I buy Sony anything). They totally “helped” kill my beloved Sega..(As well as Sega’s stupid internal differences between SOA and SOJ)….So I say go Nintendo, mop the competition again….starting right….now.

          • EvanescentHero

            I felt the same until recently…I still have no plans to buy a PS3 until there are games that interest me (Kingdom Hearts III, The Last Guardian, maybe Sly 4…), but I bought a PS2 a coupla weeks ago and I’ve found it to be a good console and a good investment.

          • Ninty1


            How did Microsoft help with the death of Sega?
            all they did was put out the Xbox (Dreamcast 1.5) Witch came after the Dreamcast’s death

            Sony were basically dicks for putting out the PS1 on the Saturn (but it was sorta Sega’s fault too) witch made the Saturn fail

            Then Sega released the Dreamcast, It was a hit for a while, then Sony trolled Sega by releasing the PS2 in 2000 with it’s DVD playing gimmick. Witch caused Sega to drop out of the Market. Then the Xbox and Gamecube came out around November 2001.

            So it’s primarly Sony’s fault for making Sega drop out of the console market.

      • SanPharaoh

        @ gene…you sound like a hater. This is a site for Nintendo fans to come together and share ideas and thoughts in a positive and constructive way.

        I don’t wish any ill will to any company (NIN, SONY, or MS) as I am a young entrepreneur and know firsthand that keeping a business afloat is hard enough. Turning a decent profit consistently is next to impossible. The latter of which is something that Nintendo has done for 20+ years, if we were smart we could all take a page from their book and learn from it. Besides, what would any of us be without competition, companies and people alike? Don’t try to imagine as the thought might scare you in the realms of another dimension.

        Nintendo only recently struggled as a company partly because of the economy still being in the toilet, consumers not knowing the 3DS was an all new handheld console which was due mostly to poor marketing at the fault of Nintendo, not to mention the launch gaming line-up for the system was abysmal (but it’s not any more); and the Wii wasn’t able to keep up graphics wise with Sony and MS and thus got old fast as a result, not to me, but you know, in general.

        All these things rolled-up into one big cluster f**k has made it tough for Nintendo to really be able make the kind of money they could have these past couple of years, but the Wii U, and 3DS XL is going to change all that.

        And when the 3DS XL drops I’m getting it, and then when the Wii U drops I’ll be getting that too as I truly enjoy playing games for the sake of playing games not siding with consoles (though I will choose Nintendo’s side every time over the comp).

        Also, it doesn’t make sense to say Nintendo should become a software only, apps only company. Seriously? I seriously think he got paid (big big money) to say that. I mean, that statement is filled with more bull sh*t than an Italian beef farm that got hit with an overdose of corn-filled laxatives during Thanksgiving dinner.

        Nintendo beat the pants off of every single one of it’s competitors since the late 1980’s. They will not be bowing out now. This dude has a PS360 cock shoved in his mouth with his head up his arse. I’m sorry, but that remark got me pissed. Don’t be offended. Just think about the big picture and how everyone can benefit from owning a Wii U in the years to come, not just at launch.

      • Death

        You, sir, are on the wrong forum to be saying these lies.

        • Death

          Also that was in response to Gene just to be clear^

      • Mr.device

        *as you currently own a wii and ds*

    • Acid

      Lol I Agree

    • Grodus


    • brandon

      Unfortuately nintendo reported net loss for fiscal year

      • colin c

        Obviously because they currently have 2 outdated systems. Wii and DSi. Once they drop them both and start focusing on the Wii U they will be just fine. The Wii U will bring them out of their loss for this year. Just think. If a single COD could give hundreds of millions on launch date, think what a console and a handful of games would do for the Holiday season!

      • Kris

        yea but im pretty sure every company, (nintendo, sony, and microsoft), had some sort of huge loss…. we’re STILL in a recession unfortunately…

        • Arctangent

          we are?

          • SanPharaoh

            @Arctangent …technically no, but yes!

    • yorgen the viking from Norway.

      i belive that the fans of nitendo are loyal followers and suports nintendo, what ever the rumors say. 😀

      ps: all their home consoles are a massive success, i believe nintendo will always stay vigilant.

      • yorgen the viking from Norway.

        i’m going to bed, i can’t spell nintendo right :b

    • Owen

      i dont think people realize the extent that Wii boosted sales of ps3’s and 360’s. Anyone that was somewhat serious about gaming bought a ps3 or 360 to supplement their gaming needs where the Wii couldnt do it. With the release of WiiU all those supplemental sony and microsoft wont be bought because WiiU will have the capabilities to make the same if not better games than current and next gen systems.

      • N_S

        I don’t think you understand how games work. Or buying things. The reason the term “hardcore gamer” emerged is because of what a niche gaming has become. Back in 1985, everyone thought that gaming would become the new main media much like motion picture forced books to take a step back, but around the N64 era, devs decided to only make games for adolescent boys. The reason the Wii sold so well was because it fulfilled the gaming needs to *everyone else on the planet* who did not have their needs fulfilled by one of the HD twins. The Wii was the first system to do this since the release of the first Playstation. If anything, the HD twins boosted Wii sales, because if another arcade console, a modern SEGA Genesis if you will, came out, Nintendo would actually have to compete for that huge chunk of humanity.

        The only instance where the Wii boosted the sales of the HD twins was around 2009 when Nintendo began to slow down and started making the kind of titles you saw the last two generations from then. People still had the taste of gaming in their mouths and were still hungry, so only then did they go for the HD twins and even then only got a select few games.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, 95 Million is such a niche. (eye roll). The term hardcore gamer is a stupid one also. To me a hardcore gamer is someone that buys a lot of different games and invests into the industry. Someone that plays COD 365 days a year is not a hardcore gamer. They are a hardcore COD player. A hardcore gamer is someone like me that spends thousands of dollars on games a year and supports all the consoles.

          • Can’tWaitforWiiU

            People always bash the Wiis graphics but really… What are good graphics? If you look closely at some of the Wiis games with supposed bad graphics like Wii Sports, The Miis are not pixelated, they are streamlined, they are expressive. And thats the technical definition of “good” graphics. It’s really the graphics style that xbox fanboys hate. The wii could have the graphics style that modern warfare did and it could be done well. Why didn’t nintendo do it like that? They didn’t want to, the family was the target audience. Specifically families with young children. People who say the wii has terrible graphics have not looked hard, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Budokai Tenchaiichi 3, I thought Super Mario Galaxy was exellent as well, as I said before these games were not pixelated, they were streamlined, they were expressive, they had a realistic graphic style. (Mario not so much but gravity was done well and was pretty realistic in my opinion.) Anyone else play Avatar:The Burning Earth? The Wii is capable of having graphics just like the Xbox360’s but the developers didn’t want to make the games like that. Personnaly I like the cartoony graphics. Realistic graphics just seem to dark and deppressing to me.

  • Frankensavior

    Didn’t Nintendo state if they ever stopped making hardware. They would also dissolve their IPs as well? Basically stating that if a Nintendo system doesn’t exist. Then neither will Nintendo games. I’m getting so sick of these dumb asses. If anyone is going to drop out of the race it would be Sony. Nintendo had some of the best selling IPs in the industry. Id bet that the larger percentile of these people buy it because they like the title. Not because they know its a “Shigeru Miyamoto” made title. Sure he is a very special person in gaming, but he’s already created the framework for his games. So someone carying those titles on won’t be too hard. Like I said more people know it because of the title itself. Not the creator. I’m starting to think this is some kind of conspiracy. Basically because they want Nintendo games on their platforms for a higher sales figures for them.

    • Mii

      I believe they did say that once they’re done, they’re done. I don’t think I could stand to see Mario on a different company’s platform.

  • Iknow

    i dont get this someone explain!

    • SilentBates

      just ignorant people making ignorant suggestions. *sigh*

  • Iknow

    oh i get now Sony should be dropping out.

  • mac

    lol if anything microsoft will become primarily a software company and will just throw out the xbox. thats where they have most experience at creating software and same with sony they only know how to make tvs and dvd players. nintendo is the real gaming company here that is the veteran and knows how to beat out the competition. everyone talks bad about all of nintendos creations and innovations after the snes and everyone has been proven wrong so whos to say this guy isnt wrong either

    • icanseeu

      Uh Microsoft is already primarily a software company!

      • mac

        thats what i said

      • mac

        i was saying that is all they really know how to do thus i said they are primarily a software company i just didn’t say the words up there because i thought it was self explanatory when it said they have the most experience making software that first sentence was a mess up on my part

    • Jonas

      microsoft primarily is a software company (windows,microsoftoffice etc)

      • Arctangent

        thats right, microsoft needs to stick to making shitty software

    • fedster

      i think sony and microsoft should combine, micro for the software, sony for the hardware…. now that would b an epic duo…it might even top nintendo…. nah who am i kidding XD

    • SanPharaoh

      You must have been attacked by the PS360 fan boys.

      • N_S

        Guys, this is why we have the buddy system. Who knows when a fanboy will be waiting when you turn a corner?

  • FennexFox

    Don’t these people understand that if they stop making hardware, then they will just stop making games completely!?

    • shadowfan2z

      What would they do then? Go back to making playing cards?? I think NOT. Nintendo is WAY too awesome for that.

      • FennexFox

        Yes they are indeed way too awesome, but these people doesn’t realize that they would drop out if they do stop making hardware.

      • N_S

        You have a really good point. If Nintendo was down to it’s last dime, that dime would be spent on the paper needed to sketch out a console to pitch to investors.

        • SanPharaoh

          This comment just gave me goosebumps.

    • fedster

      i lov ur name, that is the cuttestanimal ever… i did a project on it in the 5th grade

      • FennexFox

        Indeed they are cute and that’s quite awesome 😀

  • SilentBates

    this kind of stuff just makes me laugh.To see buisness PROFFESIONALS acting like a bunch of children pointing fingers at one another and looking idiotic in the end. Patcher is one of the greatest idiots in the gameing buisness I have ever seen, and now we have a ceo saying that nintendo will only become a software company? These people realy need to stop questioning every little thing and get a hands on approach with these new devices before jumping to conclusions…People are getting more ignorant each and every day and the sad part about it is that its impossible to change it. I thank god for being blessed with the life I have of knowing all the ignorance and avoiding it! and I have to thank Nintendo for most of it 🙂

    • N_S

      At this point, you can’t really call them professionals.

  • NameUcan’thate

    Fuck, its patcher reincarnated!

  • Wii Uoops!

    You know what? Just… no. Just no.

  • Paul

    i disagree as isnt the nintendo wii u console hardware and not software lol

    wiiudaily check simplygames.com as they have a november release date

  • Raul

    This is all just show’s how great Nintendo really is.
    For the first time ever, they posted an annual loss and look at everyone,
    they lost their shit. They couldn’t believe it. However, Sony posts a loss and it’s okay. It’s normal for them.
    Nintendo though, NO. Now everyone is spelling Doomsday for Nintendo when really, it was a hiccup. With the Wii U and the 3DS, expect Nintendo to be making some big bucks.

  • Ben

    What a stupid comparing with sega. Sega made mistakes, Nintendo’s latest failure was what? The Virtual boy? Look at the freaking wii that was a big misstep for nintendo, look at the 3DS, its not like the playstation shita sells ten times worse than that. If there is one company that should stop making console’s its Sony. How many years are they making loss with their game devision? Yeah, meybe this entire generation and nobody says something of thet but nintendo makes 1 year some loss BOOM all those dumbass analyst people say they should quit making consoles entirely and should go to shit iOS. What kind of stupid people are they??

    • jat

      lol playstaton shita. I’ll call it that from now on

      • theaquacharger

        Honestly. I’m upset I didn’t think of it first.

    • yorgen the viking from Norway.

      I want to make it clear about segas home consoles. Their first console sg-1000 only released in japan. The sega master system was okay, but…. a lot (i cant stretch that word enuff) of people prefered the nintendo entertainment system.

      then the genesis came, IT WAS 16-BIT ASS POWER!!! :O and the nes was only 8-bit. then the snes came and the snes and genesis was in a steady competition between the two, at one time sega was leading actually.
      then sega kinda dropped the ball by releasing addons for the genesis, the sega-cd and the 32x. both addons cost the same as as a stand alone consol… almost. the sega cd was not that bad, but then 32x came and it was rather bad. it was a addon to support 32-bit games, and there was such few games for it, they were not that good and not worth it. actually, 32x was going to be a stand alone consol, the neptune.

      on may 11, 1995 the sega saturn came out, what else came out in 1995? psx or ps1 if you prefer, and the people that liked to have the prettiest graphics, jumped from sega boat to the sony boat. not to mention that the sega saturn was a glorified 32x and that was going to compete with the n64 and ps1.

      now, sega have scared away everyone from the the sega brand.

      the dreamcast was a great consol, salute to sega! 😀 but now, people didn’t want it, because people have gotten so burned on the sega front over the years, so people did not support it. to this day, there is a rumor of a warehouse filled with unboxed sega dreamcast`s.

      to sum it all up, why did sega crash?

      only truly successful sega console was the genesis.
      sega did not know what they were doing.
      lost big support from the consumer.
      spent the rest of the company’s money on dreamcasts (which did not get selled)

      people should know why sega failed. i hope that you who read my post is a little bit more informed on why sega don’t make consols today 🙂

      ps: the gamecube was more powerful than the playstation 2. i just had to get that off my chest. 😉

      • yorgen the viking from Norway.

        thanks for reading my comment 😀

      • Kyle

        I completely agree with you. The fact these guys call themselves professionals and then say this kind of crap is just idiotic. I loved the Sega Dreamcast, such a great system with such cool ideas. But like you said, it was too late for Sega. They had made way too many mistakes in a row. The only success for them was the Genesis. Nintendo has been steady for years. For them to not make any consoles anymore they would have to fail at the Wii U and probably 2 more systems after that. Nintendo has pretty good management and they generally operate in the black unlike Sony and Microsoft half the time. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  • Ferbie

    They said the same things about the Wii…and how motion control would not take on…then Sony comes out with it, and Microsoft comes out with Kinect…oh, by the way, the Wii has out sold both systems combined, without HD. And now Nintendo has taken motion and added a controller that is so advanced that Microssoft has to rip that off too. If it wasn’t for Nintendo hardware none of these advancements would have happened. Nintendo is the leader…Sony and Microsoft just follow.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Wii was sold like 98 million, Xbox 360 like 65 and PS3s old 63 million

    • Schizza

      Ever hear of buyers remorse? I bought a wii, Nintendo got my money than after a few months it went back in the box. Have you even tried playing wii on a 55″ 3d tv? It looks like ass! Face it the wii was the tickle me Elmo of this last generation. Every had to have it, they sold millions but just like tickle me Elmo no one plays with then anymore.

      • SanPharaoh

        Xenoblade Chronicles, “Last Story” (I pre-ordered, but don’t own this one yet)…Fire Emblem, Okami…Mario Kart…Skyward Sword, Mad World, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Galaxy 1+2, Paper Mario, Mario Party 9, SSBBrawl, No More Heroes, to name a few…what do these titles all have in common? Why! These are games that people still play on the Wii. All save Okami (which didn’t come into its own until it was featured on the Wii) are Nintendo exclusives. Exclusives that people like us, who like gaming still enjoying playing to this day, and we will continue to play them on the Wii U as the Wii U is backward compatible with all Wii titles and hopefully they up-convert to HD. Stop hating, please.

        No dust on my Wii…just a little blood from defending from people like you.

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    You can’t help but wonder if Sony and Microsoft bribes critics and CEOs to bash Nintendo for a fatter paycheck, and in return they are always wrong. I mean come on critics, analysts, Sony, and Microsoft, at least give Nintendo a chance without all the bashing, they are trying to redeem themselves from the mistakes the original Wii had.

    • theaquacharger

      but that’s why the do it. They don’t want you to give them a chance. They want you to be like,”Well a bunch of analysts are saying this thing is going to fail, so it must be true!”.

  • Sham

    Let me put it this way……if Nintendo stops making hardware then Microsoft and Sony won’t have anything to “copy” off of therefore they will also crumble

    • Grodus

      yeah, nintendo is so awesome, they have themselves, a medium-badversion (sony), and a bad version (microsoft). If nintendo did fall, (wich they wont) then they’d take gaming as an entity down with them. Then20 years later, some console will comeout, 2 worse versions will, and it’ll start all over.

  • Hi8us

    I never understand why so many people doubt the wii u. The wii u is looking to be nintendo’s next king console right alongside their legendary nes and snes. nintendo’s been on shaky ground since n64 and still held it together. Imagine a console that has all nintendo’s greatest games plus all the other third party games everyone wants to play. That’s exactly what wii u is.

    • DerikGotro64

      (Sorry for the thumb down. Ment to hit thumb up lol)

  • Dytonics

    Reasons why the Wii U will not fail!

    1: the gaming audience isn’t just hardcore.
    2: Most tablet devises are used for casual gaming more then hardcore.
    3: Nintendo is more of a casual gaming company.
    4: They do some of the best business I’ve ever seen with gaming.
    5: Just because the Wii U isn’t to much more powerful doesn’t mean it will fail.
    6: Nintendo has made some of the best sales in gaming in both portables and consoles
    7: dreamcast wasn’t successful do to its gaming library and exclusive games failed not the console. (Almost reminds me of the PSVita)
    8: The more likely company to end up like Sega is Sony. Why do you think it would be them? They make some of the worse decisions in video game consoles and they are very greedy. They really have not exclusive PS3 games they think 3rd party support can get them to sell there console when the X box and the Wii U will have most of the same games they PS3 has. Playstation isn’t like Nintendo, they are a HARDWARE company NOT SOFTWARE the reason why a X box is more popular because they have exclusives and a better online platform. Microsoft could careless about Sony because they see Nintendo more has a threat because of the differences in both consoles and the different exclusives. Its very unlikely for Nintendo to become software when Nintendo has a back up plan if the console fails Nintendo has only sold on console for a loss which was the 3DS so really dude you are the most stupidest person who has a opinion on Nintendo… Go to marketing school and business school so maybe you know why Nintendo is great of sailing things.

    They’re my reason’s why this guy is an idiot.

  • johnny

    fuck that gut i loved dream cast and nintendo will never serender they will not destroy there name by making dollar games for apple

  • Eric

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the only people doing hardware were the monopolizing tycoons that crowd up the hardware environment and leave no room for anyone else to compete. pfff…. I’m glad nintendo is sticking! you can bet on day one im getting a Wii U

  • Jonas

    well this has some arguments, but I would not stop making hardware if the last console is coming to 100mio sold products. and if he sais nintendo is a creative company why would they stop making consoles then? There is no point for nintendo in stopping it.

    The sad thing is Microsoft and Sony are much more powerful companies because they sell other products as well so they got enough money to make consoles. even if sony got a big loss in the last time.
    As much as i love nintendo: Who never had a windows pc, or something manufactured by sony, even if its only a part of the device.

    Apart from that you need to praise nintendo, because they are the only company only producing videogames and consoles! (If you dont count the small amount of playing cards they make.)

    Dont stop making consoles nintendo, they are great!

  • Dereq

    I heard this same shit back in 2001. These clowns have no clue how business works. Companies lose money all the time, and Nintendo just had their first loss year EVER.

  • Bill

    Guys listen to yourselves, this guy has a point. Nintendo are in danger of falling out of the game industry, it would be tragic I know, but I sincerely hope they do carry on making software. The day zelda stops will be a bad day. Please please please listen to yourselves though, the guy makes some good points and you guys just rage? grow up please.

    • Dytonics

      How would they be in danger when they’re marketing for gaming is at the best of Cell phones??? Explain that? Cell phones and tablets are mostly played by non gamers and the Wii U is part of that industry? Nintendo isn’t in danger Sony is the one who will be next Gen when no one buys there system.

    • fedster

      thank u… its so hard to find a fan of anything that isnt drowned in their own narrow-minded bias…

    • drunkninja18

      why would Nintendo help their competitors make more money with their products? His points are towards Nintendo getting out of the hardware business but wants their games on different consoles. Sega made some mistakes which force them into a software but Nintendo is not going down the same road that Sega did.

    • Ben

      Good points? Dude think of it, he said nintendo wil be a software only company. Why would you say that and why would you think that makes sense if they had the best selling Home And Handheld console of the previous generation? Tell me how they are falling out of the industry while they make some of the best first party games of this generation. Tell me how they are failing while Sony hasn’t made any profit from this generation.

    • FennexFox

      The problem with your statement is that they won’t make software, if they have to stop making hardware, then they would quit the gaming industry forever.

    • brian winn jr


    • Juan

      All you people are so fanboyish…. relax already… and look at the facts…

      Lets just hope for the good of nintendo and all its awesome property that….

      When the PS4 and the new xbox come out… .we dont start getting awfull ports on the WiiU….

      Lets hope that we are not obligated to use the tablet to play all games…

      Ill can bet my right nut that if this happens…. we will have more years of lack of games for nintendo like we have had for the last 2 and a half years.

      • Draco Breach


        Nintendo has already said developers are not obligated to use any single control scheme. As developers are free to use whatever control scheme they want, we are far more likely to see developers use what they think fits best.

        A lot of people who have actually used the Wii U GamePad have stated how comfortable the controller is. They have also stated how easy it is to use. There will be companies who only use it as a sort of off-screen menu system – which I have no real problem with. Then there are companies who will actually think of interesting ways of using it.

        I can agree to the bad port part. However, I would like to reiterate how unlikely it will be that the next PlayStation and Xbox will be significantly more powerful. As much as fanboys fawn over wet dreams of raw horsepower, such a significant leap would cost more to manufacture than the current economy would really support.

        Yes, things can change. However, I’d rather put $600+ to upgrading my computer’s hardware than buying a new console. However, the point is very simple. If somebody says something like…

        1) the Wii U is the next Dreamcast,
        2) Nintendo will drop out of the hardware business,
        3) the GamePad doesn’t work, or
        4) nobody knows how to use the GamePad…

        …they need to back it up with hard evidence. If those statements could be defended, somebody would have pointed out every fact necessary. Somebody would have outlined and detailed exactly how and why. Instead, you have ‘analysts’ disagreeing with reputable developers. Like Gearbox (just to name one).

      • SilentBates

        oh great another morron with *LOGIC* and *FACTS* please tell me how much knoweldge you know about the new xbox and playstation. I am incredibly interested in the specs of it since you know how much its gonna blow the wiiu out of the water, and please for the love of marry please keep your ball sack in your pants sir! No one wants to see those things!

      • rafael

        This is a concern certainly, but its not a certainty yet (not that u are saying otherwise), because the graphics race is really coming to an end and very soon the diferences of graphical quality between generations will become irrelevant…

        thats one of the reasons some people wanted this generation to last 10 years. Because its going to be hard to make the next x-box and ps seem atractive and affordable. We all know how hard the begining of this generation was to sony and microsoft, they only started to make money.

      • NameUcan’thate

        A lot of the games will also be for the pro controller, a lot more than the Wii used the pro controller. you seriously need to stop listening to these bought and paid analysts.

    • Draco Breach

      I shall now define what a “point” is when making an argument.

      *clears throat*

      A point is a defensible position wherein you must explain yourself.

      As the idiot quoted by WiiUDaily did not explain himself, one has to assume his position is indefensible. As such, he made no points. If you can name even one actual point, I shan’t hazard that you are a troll.

      • AcesHigh

        Deep dude!

    • LazerK

      How could a company who sold 98 million units on their previous console be in danger?Or how about the handheld sales?Yeah,they’re nowhere near “in danger”
      This guy isn’t making ANY point at all.Go back up and read.He’s just
      giving his thought,contradicting himself in the process
      Besides,I think I remember Nintendo saying that if they drop out of the hardware market,they’d drop out completely,so we can all forget about seeing Nintendo making games for other companies

    • SilentBates

      this guy is not making ANY good points. you need to pull your head out of your rump (sorry not a big fan of swearing when it comes to comments/blogs) and look at the BIIIIIIIG picture. every game that you touch has been drasticly influenced by nintendo and all of microsofts games are nintendo rip offs (if you have not seen it look in their video game library you will see a ton of rip offs). Nintendo is in NO WAY in danger of falling out of the console race and yes sony is not doing so well the vita is kind of (Notice how I put *kind of*) pulling a dreamcast. The sales arent doing to well. If you have any doubt of nintendo not doing it then there is something wrong with you granted it didnt get many 3rd party titles its 1st party kicked the crap out of every other exclusives out there, and one last thing telling a whole community full of awsome fans to grow up is incredibly childish… ya dig? 😉

    • Enigmatic

      Bill has a point, guys. Take off the Nintendo nostalgia glasses and stop being fanboys. If you can.

      • Draco Breach

        Where is his “point”? Shall I define what a “point” is in an argument?

      • AcesHigh

        These arguments have nothing to do with nostalgia or fandom. It’s a pretty simple observation that anyone can make of the market and Nintendo’s contribution to it currently, historically, etc. If anything, the objectivity is coming from this side of the fence.

        If you are truly trying making an objective point that Nintendo is not a leader in hardware design then you’re not looking at the Wii, DS, 3DS, N64. If you argue that they had a fiscal loss then you’re not looking at why – a too-old Wii, slow 3DS start which has gotten more than back on track – just not in time to save last year and you’re not looking at the fact that Sony and many, many others have been in the red for much longer. Including near and dear 3rd parties like SquareEnix and Capcom – but no one is predicting that they’re going to start making board games.

        You’re also not looking at the future in that Nintendo has told the “Market” ie., Investors, that they will be selling their WiiUs for a profit from day one. 1. NO ONE does that on intial console launch – that’s a huge win for them fiscally and 2. As a publicly traded company, you don’t tell the market one thing (from a strategy perspective) and then do another – unless you don’t like your job that much.

        There is actually some intelligent conversation going on in this thread for once. Don’t kill it. Or take to where the kiddies play in the XBOX or PS3 forums.

        BTW, I just realized… I think I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with more mature and adult individuals in the Nintendo forums vs. MS/Sony. Not bad for a kiddie platform, eh?

    • SanPharaoh

      He’s not making points. You’re trolling. Nintendo will win. Again.

      • Bill

        Sorry, Didn’t see all the comments. Just to reply to everyone here you go. In the current economic climate commodities such as gaming consoles have to market and price their consoles perfectly otherwise they will loose money.
        I admit I didn’t make much of a point in my original comment, so here it is.
        Next gen consoles will succeed or fail depending on how they are marketed to the audience. Nintendo’s marketing is traditionally shit! (Not that I don’t love Nintendo, but they are not perfect.) The gamecube was a fantastic console but flopped hard because it wasn’t marketed as well as the PS2.

        Anyway, Now that they are aiming for the hardcore audience, who the fuck would call it a WII U? a name that is affiliated with a casual gaming console.
        Plus they have even said that the console will not be as powerful as PS4 or Xbox, (Just to note, I don’t base it on power but targeting a hardcore market, they certainly do.) What kind of a company comes out and says that for hardcore gamers the console that they are about to release will not be as good as others? are the marketing team incredible stupid?

        I would go on, but it will be huge.


        • Draco Breach

          Nintendo’s marketing has been hit or miss, but the biggest key in marketing is actually impact. A good way to look at impact is to look at a small aspect of marketing – advertising. A bad advertisement leaves no impact. You know the advertisement was well made or awful, but you don’t remember the brand. A good advertisement makes you remember. It can be well made or awful, but you will know it was Nintendo.

          Nintendo’s best marketing campaigns have traditionally combined the think tanks in NoA and NoJ. Club Nintendo and Nintendo Treehouse have traditionally created the best impact. They are very good at getting word out on the street and showcasing what Nintendo is all about. They created excellent impact and appeal early in the Wii lifecycle, but Nintendo sadly tapered them off in recent years.

          In either case, Nintendo has hit some good marketing strategies and some bad. In the end, they have been the most profitable of any of the hardware or software developers in the past decade or so.

          As for the Wii U name, they are coming off of a very successful brand. It may not be the best name to attract the self-proclaimed “hardcore” audience, but it already has impact. The fact that the ‘primary’ controllers are called GamePad and Pro Controller helps create impact for the “hardcore” audience.

          You can also look at naming trends. NES and SNES carried impact and recognition. N64 and NGC actually lost some of that impact and recognition. Wii evolving to Wii U makes marketing sense for recognition.

          Think about it this way. Which naming scheme makes more sense for Sony and Microsoft?

          PlayStation -> PlayStation 2 -> PlayStation 3 -> PlayStation 4
          PlayStation -> PlayStation 2 -> PlayStation 3 -> Epoch

          Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xbox 720
          Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xsphere

          • Bill

            yeah brand progression, I understand that.
            The problem with your argument is that the bran progression makes sense with Xbox and PS because they are still targeting the same market as they where in the previous brand model. Nintendo are not, they are changing from a ‘casual’ gaming console to a ‘hardcore’ gaming console, and so a good casual brand, as the Wii was, will not be the same for a hardcore brand.
            Hell, if Xbox where going to target another market other than hardcore maybe they would bring out a console called something else, maybe called something like ‘Kinect’ or ‘Smartglass’? 😉

            The thing about adverts at the moment is irrelevant, because we havent seen any Wii U commercial adverts other than those at E3


          • Draco Breach

            Love it or Hate it, people know Wii.

            Personally, I liked Revolution better than Wii, but I knew that was a code name – like Dolphin.

            I also have never liked the ‘hardcore’ monicker. I’ve been playing games since I was eight. I just happen to like heavily story-driven games that are not considered ‘core’ – like RPGs and such. Even when I like a game with ‘core’ elements – like Metroid Prime – they aren’t typically considered ‘core’ because they lack other ‘core’ elements.

            The best selling game of this generation is Mario Kart for the Wii. It is not considered a ‘core’ game because, though it is racing, it is kart rather than real cars. It tracks well with ‘core’ and ‘casual’ gamers.

            Personally, I do think Nintendo could do better than Wii U on name. I like the console. I like the innovation and immersion. I want the console, but I wonder if name progression is nearly as important for Nintendo as it would be for Microsoft and Sony.

            Nintendo has a great deal of name recognition tied up in IPs.

            Now note, I never really disagreed with you. I just did not agree. I’m a bit neutral on some of your points, but I see where, as a company, Nintendo wants to be.

            The Wii did successfully target a wide range of gamers. You can see it in new IPs – Mad World, No More Heroes, and The Conduit to name a few.

            The Wii U is poised to launch all new IPs as well, and within the launch window to boot – ZombiU and P-100.

            Though, I’d like to get back to another point. I’ll make the point with a series of questions.

            According to ‘hardcore’ gamers, I am not ‘hardcore’ for the genres I play. How am I not as ‘hardcore’ as a ‘core’ gamer? I have a large library of games that I enjoy, and I can name more IPs than most ‘core’ gamers can dream of.

            How am I, and others like me, not the ‘core’ when we care more for games than those who dare carry the monicker?

  • Nick

    This is pretty idiotic. Nintendo is on a completely different playing field than Sega was at any time in Sega’s existence as a console maker, and the differences are even more severe when you compare the end of Sega’s console years with where Nintendo is now.

    Sega spent several years making way too much hardware, including peripherals–the bulk of which was not successful, including the 32X, Sega-CD, Saturn, and Nomad. Nintendo puts out hardware revisions that sell well and a lot of peripherals–most of which actually also sell well.

    Sega was also losing money left and right and their consoles saw fewer and fewer sales over the years (although the Dreamcast was initially very successful selling about as many units in 2 years as the Saturn did in 5). Meanwhile, Nintendo’s consoles sell extremely well these days–better than in their history, really–and they make profits on most hardware sales.

    This idiot, Bing Gordon, would only be on the right track is, somehow, Sega was the most successful hardware and software maker in the industry in the few short years before they threw in the towel. And if that was the case, Sega would still be a hardware maker.

    He has no idea what he’s talking about. “Industry veteran” or not, he clearly knows nothing of either the history of the industry or it’s current state.

    • SanPharaoh

      Whoever thumbed down this comment either did it by accident, didn’t really read it, or is really Bing, himself getting his feelings hurt by the truth.

      Nintendo quitting the gaming hardware market that they pioneered and becoming a software, app only company is like…is like…is like…no, I can’t even make a comparison. Such a thing can’t happen. Ever.

  • fedster

    i believe that the wii U’s success will b similar to the 3DS’. not too bad, but not reaching all expectations…

    • Draco Breach

      It’s the beginning of the 3DS lifecycle, and sales are already picking up. There is excitement over the 3DS XL, and all indicators point to a significant growth in the userbase. It started a little slow because Nintendo misaligned the price. They adjusted relatively quickly, and they are building a dynamic library.

      It will be hard to compare the 3DS to the phenomenal sales the DS experienced simply for the economy. The Wii U is unlikely to see the same level of sales as the Wii did early lifecycle. As word spreads, library builds, and price drops, I believe it will quickly pick up.

      The fact that Nintendo actually wants to target the entire family is certainly a plus. They want the Wii U to appeal to everybody from young to old. Did I mention everybody? Look at that emphasized word. Please.

      The idea of entertaining the family is what will put it in homes. The idea of entertaining the core and casual fans will move software.

      Personally, I hope to see some role-playing games announced soon. I also want to see some classics on the eShop that aren’t currently available – like Secret of Evermore. Yes. I actually liked that game. Don’t hate.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I like your emphasis on everybody. I mean, you don’t see too many young kids (okay, yeah, I’ve heard of little brats being on Call of Duty, but I doubt there’s a huge number of them), and since the main audience of Xbox and even Playstation is teens and young adults, I can see the Wii U outselling them.

  • Nillon

    Umm Nintendo is coming of the top selling console last Gen in Wii, top selling handheld in DS, but he thinks Nintendo is gonna go software only? umm OK

  • Master Daddy Sir

    All right for anyone out there who is completely blind to the workings of any corporation, Money is the key to the truth. To find the truth behind any statement made for or against a new game or console it all comes down to money. If I was a betting man I would say Gordon was hoping for a software only Nintendo crank out game,save on the hardware and F innovation.

    • SilentBates

      and we would advance in the gaming industryyyyyyyyyyyyyy how without inovation????

    • SanPharaoh

      He doesn’t want that, the people who paid him to say that are the ones who want that. And they shall not have it. They are trying to do the same thing with the music industry btw…and they will fail miserably in that realm as well, for the same reason.

      People need variety, choice, change, differences, innovations, something new, more options, more freedom. That’s how things become better…if Nintendo said peace the world of gaming in one form another, then we as mankind would all be fucked. And as cool as Apple and MS, and Sony seem…if they were all that was left as major players, as far as hardware is concerned, in the world of gaming, life would suck. Big time.

      Nintendo becoming an apps only company? No one really wants that. Not even the greedy corporate snakes that are trying to make it happen because if it did, it would mark the beginning of their end along with everybody else’s. And yes, it’s THAT serious. Okay, maybe not THAT serious, but it would not be a good thing.

  • RonaldCoLtd

    This better be a joke.

    • SilentBates

      its not….the joke here is that guys job ZING!!!

  • UGotWongGuy

    Okay, does this guy listen to what he is saying? First, he compares Nintendo to Sega by saying, “I think Nintendo’s already on track to become primarily a software company. We saw that with Sega back in the day; Sega made some missteps and became primarily a software company.”

    Then, he goes and says, “Nintendo hasn’t really made missteps, Nintendo probably has better creative talent and better leadership now than Sega did.”

    So, he says they are the same, but in the same statement says that they are not. Which is it then? Honestly, this guy’s credibility just fell to zero, but hey, at least he got his picture in the paper…

  • Robert

    Dream on.

    • ChaoSHer0


  • goginho

    all these Nintendo haters ..they’re all just jealous punks, and wish they got Mario and Zelda on their systems 😛 Hah!

  • pach

    Just another dumb ass trying to get attention. Nothing to see here.

  • Surf&Snow

    Sorry to put a bit of a downer on this… but since when did “10 years as Chief Creative Officer at EA,” make you a psychic ?

    considering that the last console generation has been around for the last 6 years that really puts into perspective how little this guys opinion counts?

    further more it doesn’t say when he quit his job 10 years from 1980 – 1990 ?

    all in all I wish everyone would stop predicting the future and just judge it when they get their hands on it

    ^_^ *rant over*

  • brian winn jr

    Bing Gordon is a moron and Michael Pacther is a cry baby so im not worried nintendo will be around long after these clowns are dead..NINTENDO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grodus

    Nintendo will become a software company in an equation where the variable nintendo=sony. Eh, its actually possible this way…

  • SpookYLoGiC

    Nintendo won’t become a software only company because they are too innovative! Not only their games are creative but so are their consoles. You can’t beat great innovation, you just can’t.

  • SuperSonic 128

    It’s way to early to say Nintendo is going to be & software only company, because the Wii U is not even out yet, so how would they even know as of right now? To tell you the truth, I just don’t see that happening ever, & I prefer a dedicated gameing handheld over an ipod, iphone or any app device.

    • SanPharaoh

      Same here. I’m getting to the point, where I want my phone to just be a phone…with maybe a few dozen apps, but none of them games…except Tetris.

      I’m just saying, I prefer my DS over my Samsung for gaming purposes 8 days a week.

  • SuperIngvarGalaxy3

    What he says is just as stupid as the picture of him.

  • Nintendude789

    Nintendo failed ONCE! But they made the best selling handhelds of ALL TIME!! They first started with the GameBoy, MAJOR SUSCCES! Then the DS, a much MAJOR SUCCES than GameBoy, more popular than the PSP!! PSVita is failing right now, with only 2 million units in the US wile the 3DS sold 5 million units WORLD WIDE!!!! Sony is more likely to GIVE UP the game buisness and go back making electronics. 360 is a FAIL in Japan, even the first X-Box failed in Japan! Microsoft failed 2 times in its first 5 years of buisness. Nintendo failed only ONCE in more than 27 years! Nintendo has the more popular games, and most recognisable video game characters of ALL TIME. Sony has nothing, MS only has Halo. Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Metroid, and DK. Nintendo won’t become a third party! NINTENDO FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SanPharaoh

      I’m not sure about the Vita since I don’t care for it, but the 3DS is approaching 20M units world wide.

    • fedster

      okay u got to atleast give sony some credit…. theyve got metal gear, god of war, infamous, battlefield, little big planet, jak, ratchet and clank, crash, sly cooper…. microsoft is shyt tho, they only have halo and gears of war, so u can shyt on them as much as u want 🙂

      • Draco Breach

        Metal Gear isn’t Sony’s IP. It has appeared on other consoles, including the GameCube, Wii, and [I believe] 3DS.

        Battlefield isn’t Sony’s IP. It has appeared on other consoles, including the Xbox 360 and Wii.

        Little Big Planet, Jak, Ratchet, Crash, and Sly Cooper are Sony’s IPs.

        I have to look up God of War and Gears of War. I think they are owned by another developer with exclusivity rights purchased for a certain length of time.

        I may be nitpicking, but I prefer credit where credit is due.

        • Dr.Mario133

          actually crash is on other systems now too….including the DS and (i think) the GC and the Wii

          • Draco Breach

            Derp. Activision owns Crash. My bad.

    • icanseeu

      “PSVita is failing right now, with only 2 million units in the US wile the 3DS sold 5 million units WORLD WIDE!!!”

      PSVita has been out since March, they good sales considering! Whilst those figures you give for 3DS you quote don’t look healthy seeing as its been available for nearly 18 months

      • Draco Breach

        Except the numbers @Nintendodude789 gave were wrong.

        The NDS has topped 19 million sales worldwide in a year and a half – meaning about 1.1 million units per month.

        The PS Vita has topped 2 million sales worldwide in about eight months – meaning about 0.3 million units per month.

        Let’s compare apples to apples, however. The 3DS sold around 6.5 million in its first eight months compared to the Vita’s 2 million units.

        Yes. I actually research before I say something.

  • Dustin

    I think that his argument is that the people who run Nintendo these days don’t care much about creating new hardware and may see more money to be made by letting someone else do that (and pay for the online infrastructure).

    Nintendo says they don’t care about hardware– so ultimately the question that comes up is, “Why are you releasing a new console then?”

    • Nintendude789

      They said that they don’t care how powerfull is their competetors, Nintendo does care about their hardwear you smart one.

    • Draco Breach

      They never said they don’t care about hardware. They said they don’t care about raw statistics/horsepower.

      They want enough horsepower to fulfill their vision (immersion) while keeping it within a family budget.

      While I do see your point, I don’t see any comparison to what Bing Gordon said. It seems to me (and others) that he said Nintendo is better off making games for Sony and Microsoft rather than their own hardware. With their vision of immersion and pushing the gaming industry forward rather than sideways, I don’t see them moving towards such a role.

      Nintendo has answered why they are making the Wii U. They are building on a philosophy that has driven them for years. Has really driven the industry from the beginning.

      Will it work? That remains to be seen. I believe it will. I can highlight reasons why I believe as such.

      Still, we have to remember that Nintendo has agreed to work with other companies before to develop hardware. They were Phillips and Sony. That really didn’t work out too well.

    • UGotWongGuy

      You are taking that statement out of context. Nintendo is not out to make the “best” hardware out there, but rather they are going for what is appropriate to the console they set out to create.

      This exact argument came up during the current gen. PS3 and 360 users went at one another about how their system had more power, etc. In the end, the PS3 and 360 got the same games, and you can argue until you are blue in the face about which console was superior. Meanwhile the Wii went and did its own thing. Yeah, it missed out on some games, but it also has games you cannot get on the PS3 or 360.

      Now, here we are again with the huge debate on system specs, blah blah blah. Nintendo is just coming out of the gate saying that they do not care about how uber their hardware is compared to everyone else. Furthermore, if they didn’t design their own hardware, you wouldn’t see the innovations they are bringing.

      I have owned at one point or another, all 3 of the current generation consoles, and I also game on the PC. Frankly, the only system that felt different of the consoles (PC is really its own beast), was the Wii. This isn’t liking one system over another, it is the simple fact that Nintendo decided to bring a gameplay experience you can’t really get elsewhere before the Kinect or Move came about.

      tl;dr Nintendo is about innovative hardware and the gameplay that comes with it, while everyone else is about who has the biggest and baddest.

    • Lord Carlisle

      I don’t think that it’s so much that Nintendo doesn’t CARE about hardware, but they feel the games themselves are more important. I’m sure Nintendo would still like good hardware though. I mean, the Wii was the only time Nintendo hardware was comparably outdated.

    • SanPharaoh

      Please provide the link that contains the quote of a Nintendo Rep stating that Nintendo does not care about their hardware, or at least stop trolling and retract your statement.

  • YoGoUrT

    I have mixed emotions on this one. I’m a loyal fan since 1986 and actually, the NES and Mario Bros 1 was the trigger of my current career (soft dev). I still think Nintendo is the real engine of creativity in this business, the only company really pushing innovations in video games. But on the other hand, we need to do a reality check: video game consoles are more and more mini-computers and computers are now themselves merging in giant ecosystems. I think Nintendo won’t be as good to create a full device we could call “a computer” (despite the fact the first NES was a computer in japan) as they are to create a video game console. Maybe their games could be better suit on another console in 1 or 2 generations … maybe next one. Just imagine a machine done by Microsoft with Nintendo games on it, maybe as exclusive 3rd party company and/or with strong partnership to influence the design of the console … it would be awesome. Maybe Nintendo has a hidden joker and will come with something out of this world (brainwaves reader, a portable virtual glasses “cloud” console (no central console, just a local mesh of portable decentralized consoles, etc) for the next generation, but I think the market is sadly shrinking for Nintendo as time goes by.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Uh… Well you can have your opinion, and I won’t dislike you for it, but I disagree. Nintendo has been going strong for quite a while, and despite the fact that they recently had their first fiscal loss, that doesn’t mean they’re going downhill. To make it this far with no loss seems… great to me. IF the Wii U works the way a lot of us hope it will, Nintendo could easily expand and become even bigger. I simply think Nintendo is far better than Microsoft.

      • YoGoUrT

        Well, like I said, I’m a loyal fan … I would be very glad to see them succeed again and again for decades to come. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo IS video gaming, as far as I’m concerned, they have the “magic touch” the others don’t have. I was just analyzing the situation from a dev / technophile point of view. By the way, I’m sure Wii U will be a success, no doubt about it.

    • rafael

      I think nintendo’s ultimate ideal is to create, not the ”home computer”, wich allready exists, but the ‘living room’ computer, that is used dailly by the whole family together…thats their utopia 😉

      • rafael

        Thats why we hear misterious phrases like “the wii-u is important to the world” (Iwata)

        • YoGoUrT

          You are right. Actually, I believe in a “living room” computer with a central “server” with dumb (by dumb I mean without very powerful CPUs) extention devices: tablets, controllers, virtual glasses, etc … Even in the computer world, it would be better to have that instead of the douzen devices Apple wants to sell you, just in another form factor. You are right, they could be successful with that.

          • Lord Carlisle

            Okay, well I think I took your comment the wrong way. since you say you work in technology, what do you think of the rumored Wii U Specs so far?

          • YoGoUrT

            @Lord Carlisle: Just to be clear, I’m not a video game developper … “only” a software developper in another domain. I don’t know the exact specs of the Wii U but I think it will be well enough (graphics wise). The gap between Wii U and next gen xbox/ps will be way smaller than the one between Wii and Xbox 360/PS3. I hate the specs war because, it tells nothing about the true power of the console. There are good devs who are able to exploit the complete architecture and take advantage of everything the console provides. Per example, in DirectX 11, it’s possible to delegate some arithmetic computing to the GPU (it’s called DirectCompute). Of course there is some good devs able to do that kind of thing … but like everywhere else, there are also lazy or weak devs who want to cut corners and don’t want to optimize the code so they ask for better hardware. I really believe it’s the reason we heard some devs saying the console is powerful, some other the console is not. My main concern with that console was a possible lag time between the controller and the TV, but all the clips I saw (offscreen) were lag free. Despite all of this, don’t worry, you’ll hear Sony pretty soon that the next PS will be soooooo much more powerful than Wii U … but the real question will be: “do we give a damn ?”

  • Lord Carlisle

    I remember my cousin saying that an iPod Touch is better than a 3DS because it “costs more”. I felt like bursting into laughter. But it was then that I first realized that little “app” games could actually be a thorn in the side of real video games. And I started imagining the worst case scenario that Nintendo goes bankrupt over iPod apps. It made me so angry!

    Not that that will happen anytime soon, though. And I doubt it will, I just hate the thought of apps destroying, or worse, TRANSFORMING Nintendo in to something… bad.

    • SanPharaoh

      It would suck if the worse came to be.

    • Sizzly-S

      I think Apple does suck away casual gamers. They are not looking for deep stories and gameplay. They just want to play something simple and fun.

  • CyanideInsanity

    In regards to apple, I think he’s wrong. Yes the mobile device is becoming more and more pronounced in handheld ‘gaming’ but I feel that tablets are going to eventually make the jump from more or less only being able to do simple ‘arcade’ gaming, to becoming full on pocket computers, being near equivalent to a desktop pc. They will probably eventually be equal to the low end of that days hardware. I mean hell, people have gotten skyrim to run on a tablet, although that tablet was specifically designed for gaming i think.

  • sethlaw225

    Why are you people even caring about what he says ..look where he comes from.. EA yea they market great games right Madden…..NBA elite…..need say more. Lmao

  • Timgil

    I think you guys are taking this too harshly, and aren’t really seeing what he is saying. He thinks that Eventually Nintendo might go software only, but I at least didn’t think that necessarily implies a console failure. Especially when he says that Miyamoto makes games that sell Nintendo systems. I think he’s looking beyond the “next gen” and to the future, that might not even feature consoles at all. Regardless, by saying as long as Miyamoto stays with Nintendo, he’ll sell systems, I don’t see him as predicting the Wii U’s downfall at all.



    • Draco Breach


      I seriously doubt any time soon. Microsoft is in a rather strong position. They are taking some risks currently with the Windows 8 environment – combined computer, tablet, and phone environment, but they have the money to back the investment. They are also coming off of a rather successful Xbox 360.

      I don’t play my 360 as much as my other consoles, but it has some games I like – all of which are RPGs that somehow got exclusivity.

      Still… I don’t see Microsoft removing the Xbox from their market next generation without some horrific numbers.

    • Ninty1

      How do they suck? And even if they stopped making consoles, they would keep making Halo on PC.

      P.S Learn to Spell

  • Shankovich

    -_________________________________- Nintendo has enough first party IP’s to sell a console alone buddy. And sega died because of piracy, get your facts straight sheeeehhsss did you share a dorm with Pacther during college or something???

  • SanPharaoh

    That’s your opinion.

    Here’s mine.

    Computers and gaming consoles are both one and the same on a base level (and a not-so-base level). And yet, they couldn’t be more different. It has always been this way, as it will always be.

    Gaming consoles are computers that are simply built with the sole function of running gaming software (games) using compatible gaming hardware (controllers, etc.). The software and hardware are then framed in a certain format that developers (as you are well aware of, seeing as how you are one) are given the parameters to, which they can build games with. Games that we will play on this machine, computer, dedicated gaming console. Slowly developers will stretch the consoles framework and all of its capabilities to the max, finding new ways to work within its limits to achieve better results. The games (software) are compatible with certain hardware as that is the way they are designed, and for a set number of years (this computers, or consoles life cycle) developers can create games, publishers can sell games, and gamers can enjoy games until its time to move on and allow the developers to work with a new set of tools, and new technologies that will allow for more creativity and freedom and offer the gamer newer, more innovative experiences within the realms of the computer (gaming console).

    On the other hand.

    Typical computers are made to work with a variety of different functions, printers, servers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players/writers, numerous interchangeable parts, developer tools, various OS’s and platforms, etc. “Computers” can do so much more than gaming consoles, handheld or otherwise could ever hope to do. Now factor in gaming PC’s, super computers wholly dedicated to playing video games to the max, and yet they still are capable of doing everything a non-gaming computer can do. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but no game is developed on a gaming console, they are only playable on a gaming console, but every video game ever made ever was made on a computer. It is from computers that games and gaming consoles have both come to be. Though they have a great deal of similarities, they couldn’t be more different. I’m really just driving the point home here because making such a sloppy comparison warrants cause for concern if you really are a software developer you should no better than to say something like this, unless you’re trolling in which case, get a life

    Or maybe I read too much into what you were saying. Maybe you were comparing tablets to consoles, or handhelds to smart phones. Whatever the case may be there is a market for everything. And Nintendo’s isn’t shrinking. No gamer plays their games on a smart phone or a tablet unless they’re on the crapper, and their DS is missing. And for console to now take full advantage of the internet in all of it’s glory is win win. A win for the internet, and win for consoles and really it’s a win for any other electronic device to be able to go online and access YouTube, and Tumblr, and almost every other site on the net.

    And for you to say Nintendo should consider shutting down their hardware side and focus on developing software is like telling Apple to shut down shop, stop making Mac Books and whatever else they make, and just focus on developing software for MS. Though I’m no avid fan of Apple, where would we, as mankind, be without them? Imagine for a second what that would do to the open market: Free enterprise would be in shambles. Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave, and hell would freeze over the day Apple ceases to make hardware, and starts developing software only for MS.

    And you had the nerve to say this about Nintendo. If it weren’t for Nintendo, MS wouldn’t even be making consoles.

    Even PC gaming wouldn’t be anywhere near as advanced as it is without Nintendo helping video gaming as a whole to take shape.

    I believe I’ve made my point. There’s my opinion. And from now on, do yourself a favor and be wise and weigh the outcomes of your desires before making them public.

    • Lord Carlisle

      I appreciate people like you who take the time to have a real argument that’s not so grammatically terrible you struggle to decode it.

      Typical Microsoft fan’s response: nintindorcz suc ballz

    • AcesHigh

      Great points. I agree! It blows me away that people think Nintendo will stop making consoles because casuals are crying for Mario on iOS or tablets. The brass at Nintendo would be on glue to think that it would be a good idea to abandon platform development so they could sell Super Mario World on iOS and Android – for what? $5? $10?! And how good will that experience really be on a tablet?! Mario and so many of their IP are ALL ABOUT CONTROL! Has anyone played SMB on iPhone? PASS!!

      I would argue is the ONLY 1st party company out there that is so concerned about “playability” and the total “game play experience” that they actually build their hardware around it.

      It really bothers me that there are people like this who are at the helm of the hobby that I love. Because they are just so out of touch. I will agree with him on one point – It IS a good thing that Iwata is at the helm of Nintendo. But I’ll extend that to all levels of exec management at Nintendo of Japan and America. Without Nintendo’s leadership in the market, gaming would turn into a very dark, I’m too cool for school, angst-ridden “me too” cess pool of stale ideas and poorly made games. With washouts like this guy who couldn’t cut it as Chief Creative Officer running the show, gaming would definitely not be what we would consider enjoyable. Think about it, if you had ONE COMPANY who made new gaming experiences for you (games, hardware, etc.) – and only one – who would it be? EA or Nintendo? OK, now also think about the fact that this guy isn’t even with EA anymore and jumped ship to a totally different market space. And again, I ask why this article was even written? Who cares what this guy says? His views are irrelevant.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    When will people understand the only reason they suffered a loss was because 3ds launched during a tsunami recovery and the wii sales went down because at almost 100million copies sold everyone who’s anyone has a wii.

    I wont be the least shocked when wii u sales topple over the 120million copies especially later in the year when people need two of th to play games.

    • Draco Breach


      I sometimes remind people that the PS2 only sold 120 million because the disc drives kept crashing, and the console needed replaced.


      You won’t believe how many people I know who talk about how they’re on their fourth/fifth PS2.

    • AcesHigh

      I couldn’t agree more. 100% spot on

  • AcesHigh

    He says a lot of things that make sense – for the other 2 manufaturers. Not Nintendo. It’s quite the opposite for Nintendo. I am a Nintendo fan, but if I take my fan boy hat off and put my thinking cap on (which is currently worn in the Gaming space as well), honestly, I still can’t understand where these people are coming up with these crazy bits of hyperbole on Nintendo these days.

    The problem with his opinion is that it is in direct conflict with one of Nintendo’s pillars upon which their entire business model sits – in “creating new experiences”. Iwata even made specific mention of this at this year’s E3. They are the only one of the 3 manufacturers who are actually EVOLVING the gaming experience through the design of their HARDWARE. And they are successful! How many millions of Wiis and how many millions of DSs, 3…DSs and the WiiU that is now starting to get 3rd parties really hot? The current gen xbox360 and PS3 are essentially the same “box” with “controller” that has been in place since the PS1 with very little change to console design except better graphics and online play. The only change to their hardware offerings have come in the way of direct reactions to Nintendo’s core console offerings (Move, Kinect, now Microsoft’s tablet add-on). Why would you throw the towl in when people are walking in your footsteps?

    What people don’t understand is that this kind of decision is made through a very deep analysis of a company’s core competancies and assets (people, IP, etc.) – but typically when they are in trouble – when they fear they are off-track. These decisions are made when an organization sees that their core competancies don’t match up with what they are trying to deliver to the market. But Nintendo is probably the strongest of the three when it comes to understanding their vision and leadership. And the comment of Iwata being the only one to hold things together? At least they HAVE Iwata. Who do Sony and Microsoft have in their ever revolving door of leadership? I don’t even know these days. And when Iwata steps down eventually, who’s behind him? Reggie, Shiggy, and any number of star leaders already taking over the reigns of key franchises like Zelda and Mario. This is called “succession planning” and they are doing VERY well at it. They have a LOT of “depth” in talent and leadership.

    So when your company has basically built their foundation on innovation through game play experience and interface design, there better be significant reasons for them to abandon one of their key pillars of their entire business model. It’s just not likely. Just because Nintendo lost money for a fiscal year, doesn’t mean they are in trouble. How long has Sony been losing money? If it weren’t for the wealth of their other business pillars, they would have been under by now. In fact, Nintendo is aiming to make money on every Wii U sold. They’ve gone to market with that. NO ONE makes money on hardware upon intital delievery of a new console to market. I really don’t know where these people are coming from. Maybe there’s a reason why he’s the “former” Cheif Creative Officer of EA and is now working in distribution?

    • Draco Breach

      Is this guy even working with EA? He seems to be extremely “off message” from the official EA tack.

      In either case, eeyup.

      Nintendo has been growing their business according to their pillars. They have evolved the industry time-and-again. They saved the industry in the ’80s with a more accessible controller. They fought in the ‘button wars’ with Sega and created their own dynamic – including trigger buttons. They invented the rumble feature.

      The GameCube is actually the one-off. It wasn’t really all that innovative. They just competed in raw horsepower against Sony. For some very strange reason, the just abandoned their core pillar. Probably why the NGC is their worst selling console. I liked it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Tales of Symphonia and Skies of Arcadia.

      Still. You mentioned pillars, and by gosh I’m going to talk about pillars!

      The Wii and DS were a return to innovation and their core pillars. It was really a return to the VirtualBoy and immersion.

      I miss the VirtualBoy. Never got to buy one. Pardon me while I weep in the corner.

      Now, where was I?

      It’s simple to get lost in horsepower this, graphics that. It’s hard to take in the minutia of business. Not the least of which, Nintendo is energizing developers.

      Nintendo is energizing developers..

      Let that sink in.

      Nintendo is energizing developers..

      I’m glad you brought up Nintendo’s core pillars. I think Nintendo has seen what they need to do. Innovation means to try new things. Improving graphics and horsepower is not new. I do it every few years on my gaming computer. It’s the very opposite of innovation.

      Nintendo’s taking a risk, and it’s one I’m very interested to follow.

      • AcesHigh

        Yes! Talk about pillars! We all should! LOL! Actually, it’s a good thing. Because they represent an unmovable, stable entity that will support your company. And not something you just swap out because you lost money in one fiscal year of aging product lines – or because people are clamoring for Mario on iOS. If anything, that demand is what will sell more Nintendo hardware. It’s something that Sony and Microsoft should probably perscribe to. The way they follow Nintendo around like puppies with their peripheral offerings as an afterthought is embarrassing.

        No, this guy USED to be the Chief Creative Officer at EA. He’s basically left any strategic creative responsibilities he had to land a cushy board position with a company that sells books, movies, games, potted plants, and now diapers (Amazon). Just because he lost his edge in this arena doesn’t mean that pioneers like Nintendo should.

        (Seriously, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=diapers )

        This guys has no credentials whatsoever to offer any kind of insight or guidance on what a leader in a market that he abandoned should or shouldn’t do.

  • AcesHigh

    BTW, this guy seriously looks like Pachter’s twin, doesn’t he? LOL!

  • Mateus Palamecia

    Overall, this “prediction” sounds like nothing more than gibberish that will soon be dumped from my short term memory. I mean, this guy doesn’t even really seem to know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t give any solid proof or evidence, and he even contradicts himself. WTF?

    Seriously though, I’ve been a huge video game fan for all my life. I try to get all consoles possible so that I can open myself up to and experience as wide of a variety of games as I can. But if Nintendo one day somehow drops out completely, I might retire from buying new video games and keeping up with it (and I’m currently only 20).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the games on the other consoles, but the more my libraries of Xbox360 and PS3 games grow, the more it feels like I’m just playing a lot of the same sh** all over again. Nintendo doesn’t make me feel that way. There’s always something new that adds to the experience. That’s the thing about Nintendo, it’s always about innovation, trying something new, creating a unique experience, and bringing different things to the table instead of just making graphics prettier.

    Now that I think about it, the game companies are like chefs. Nintendo is the chef that tries new seasonings and really focuses on improving the taste, while the others typically give us a slab of meat prettier than the last, and although it may be cooked a bit more thoroughly, it still tastes basically the same as what they gave us last time.

    • EvanescentHero

      That’s a wonderful metaphor.

  • Dawnofmorning

    Nintendo will always be making hardware. I HIGHLY doubt that they would ever release a Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong game on anything but a Nintendo console.

  • Adders

    OK first off I am a nintendo fan but I do like sony as well, so although
    sony have not done as well with their vita I still hope that they stay in the market

    And this is what I think should happen…

    Sony join forces with nintendo and make a hybrid system called THE HYBRID after the WII U

    microsoft under a lot of pressure from this new system copies nintendo as they always do

    and join forces as well but not with a computer company with a hot dog company

    and make the XBOX HOTDOG

    Realising that the boss at microsoft has gone insane he is sectioned and nintendo and sony rule

    the console market.

    To add pain to microsoft sony and nindtendo buy the 360 system and sell it as traffic
    lights to the road industry knowing that the system will get the ring of death and
    people are stuck in a jam a massive mob break in the computer shops and steal the XBOX HOTDOG
    and bash the boss of microsoft to death

    and the world is a happy place. 🙂

    • Lord Carlisle

      …I can’t imagine Sony joining Nintendo. I personally wouldn’t want to see it happen.

    • SanPharaoh

      Wonderfully satirical. But dreadfully unimaginative. Sony is a good company, they are diverse and exist in just about every market.

      Nintendo is a great company who focuses solely on games and truly own this market.

      Can you create an image that is just as funny as the one you did before, but reflects a more realistic perspective?

      • EvanescentHero

        To be honest, I think if anyone were going to join up at any point, it’d be Microsoft and Sony. If Nintendo ever joined forces with someone, it’d probably be a new-ish company like the people behind the Ouya. People who are actually doing new things, the way Nintendo does.

    • Crapcake

      Xbox hotdog what’s next Sony hamburger so funny I wet my pants

  • Mr. Will

    Im as big a nintendo fan as anyone else here, but all these comments about Sony dropping out of the games race is garbage. Sony (and microsoft for that matter) have profits from additional lines of business that allow them to stay in the videogame market for as long as they want. It’s also an explanation as to why Sony and Microsoft can put out products that are, from a purely technological standpoint, superior to nintendo.

    That being said, the fact that nintendo is the innovator out of the big three is why, in my opinion, Nintendo is gonna be on top for the foreseeable future. All the money in the world can’t make up for a lack of original ideas *cough*PS Move*Cough*

    • Lord Carlisle

      Well, if Sony doesn’t bring good profit, and it’s shaping up that they’re going downhill, why would they keep their video game line going?

      • SanPharaoh

        A few years back, after the PS3 was deemed a fail, a Sony rep was asked by a member of the press if they had another console in the works they could introduce that would eclipse the PS3 as the handheld, now known as the Vita, was rumored to do be capable of doing to the PSP?, and his response was: …his response was: “we will not be releasing another home gaming console anytime in the near future if the PS3 does not meet our expectations.”

        Every time Sony gets asked about the “PS4”, they make a similar statement. If you can’t read between the lines, they are saying: “if the PS3 doesn’t appease it’s investors we will discontinue making gaming hardware and focus on software only.

        I don’t wish for this, as it would suck for the free market, but it can’t get much more clear. They invested heavily into Blu-ray and the PS3 and they are just now starting sell high volumes. Sony will not undermine it’s recent success with a newer, slightly more powerful system.

        Microsoft, however, is not in such a peculiar predicament as most 360 owners are well overdue for something new and can’t take their eyes off the Wii U.

  • Myself

    I was laughing really hard when I saw that Zynga posted a 40% loss in profit less than 24-hours from when this headlines broke out. If this guy’s opinion really matters, should not he have said something to save the company he represents? hahaha

    People jus stop harassing Nintendo and putting out all this negative press. Nintendo hardware will stop only when people don’t want it anymore not because some random guy thinks that it will happen. Everybody wants to become famous online by bashing Nintendo and is becoming really annoying to read everyday .. Yes I’m talking about you also Patcher!!

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    To Everyone Else
    If you see someone with my username on Miiverse, thats me
    Thumb up if you hate me!
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  • that special guy uk

    the y have been saying this from 1980s LOL at yet another idiot industry type that hates nintendo

    U WISH THIS DOESNT MAKE IT SO ,pathetic little man nintendo destroyed the competition because there a hardware/software company and combine both perfectly


  • Nintendude789

    Nintendo and Sega made video games popular in America again. With out them, the X-Box wouldn’t exist. Nintendo broght back the anagols when Atari died. Nintendo made the rumble feature, they made motion games, and made up the 4 bottons and trigger bottons. Thanks to Nintendo, they changed the game buissnes. And most of all, Nintendo’s producer, Miyamoto is also known as the Father of Modern Games because he changed the way to play games. With Super Mario Bros, many developers made games that has jumping and running. With Super Mario 64, he discoverd the 3rd dimension of gaming. Since then, other developers also made 3D games. Thanks to Nintendo, we have all this today. If Nintendo leaves the game buissnes, other Sony and Microsoft will struggle because they’ll have nobody to copy. Then that will cause a GLOBAL VIDEO GAME CRASH!



    How did Microsoft help with the death of Sega?
    all they did was put out the Xbox (Dreamcast 1.5) Witch came after the Dreamcast’s death

    Sony were basically dicks for putting out the PS1 on the Saturn (but it was sorta Sega’s fault too) witch made the Saturn fail

    Then Sega released the Dreamcast, It was a hit for a while, then Sony trolled Sega by releasing the PS2 in 2000 with it’s DVD playing gimmick. Witch caused Sega to drop out of the Market. Then the Xbox and Gamecube came out around November 2001.

    So it’s primarly Sony’s fault for making Sega drop out of the console market.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    You can’t make a bold statement like that and give no evidence to support it! The only reason I can think of to support that is Ninty’s 1st loss last year but there’s every chance they’ll bounce back from that. And about that whole Ninty will make games for Android, not anytime soon they won’t, not until phones become advanced enough to run full 3D games on them, a Mario bros app is possible but NEAD won’t halt work on Zelda Wii U to make a game no more advanced & complex than arcade or NES games. (No offense to mobile games, I’m just saying, why play something so simple when you can have the masterclass of gameplay and storytelling that is Skyward Sword, I wouldn’t even substitute CoD for Android games) Also, if Nintendo did pack in consoles, then who the heck would advance the next gen? all Sony & MS will do is improve power, this doesn’t broaden their demographic and makes for more expensive systems which (using Vita as a benchmark) makes for bad business.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Well I HOPE Nintendo goes software-only, their hardware these days is horribly mediocre. I miss playing Nintendo games(even though they milk their franchises worse than anyone else in the industry and come up with even less new IPs than freaking Microsoft), but I refuse to buy the 3DS or Wii U to get my Nintendo fix.

    I’m hoping they either go third-party or replace their awful Wii U and 3DS systems with consoles that don’t suck. Not sure which route I prefer, at this point.