Apr 12th, 2013


It looks like Nintendo is preparing to do a bit of cleaning with the original Wii, as CVG is reporting that several Wii channels that grace the console now will be shut down come June. Those channels include:

  • Nintendo Channel
  • News Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Mii Contest Channel
  • Data exchange with Wii Friends

It’s inevitable that as a new console replaces the old, services will be taken offline. We saw it happen with the old Xbox and now it’s happening with Nintendo’s Wii as well. The statement Nintendo gave about the shutdowns was rather apologetic, but inevitable:

“We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We apologise to those of you currently using these services.”

Do any of these channel shutdowns affect you or have you moved on? Let us know in the comments below.

[via CVG]

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  • val berger

    Well then, good bye. Some of those channels where quite nicely done yet still totally useless in times of smartphones πŸ˜‰

  • Captinn2

    At least they didn’t shut down the Wii Shop Channel!

    • Levi Johansen

      I don’t think they will do that untill all WiiWare games and VC games are on the eShop.

      EDIT: and that could take a while.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Do not care to much myself, altough it might be a bad move towards those who bought the Wii-mini. Nintendo clearly shows they dont think that Wii is capable to continue into next gens lifecycle (as Playstation did with PS2). And that is good as Nintendo didnt really publish any more games to the Wii after Skyward Sword (and appearently not for the Wii U either…).

    • Fred

      Wii-mini? The Wii mini can’t use those services it has NO online capabilities. This might be the main reason they started selling the Wii mini

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Didnt know that… Hmmm… it sounds really crappy to be honest. No Virtual Console, no Gamecube and no new games…

        • sonicfan1373

          If you think not having internet on the Wii Mini is the worst thing about it…well it kinda is, but it has even more problems.

          The Wii Mini also cannot connect to component cables (something that all other Wii’s and even Gamecubes could do) thus it cannot even display games at 480P.

          Also, Nintendo did not include the Skyward Sword Save Fix Channel on the Mini, so if you run into the Skyward Sword bug on your mini you have to send the entire console to Nintendo to fix the bug (you cannot send your save file on an SD card because the mini does not have SD Card support)

          Nintendo did not even bother redesigning the Wii Menu (which would have made sense because right now you cannot do anything with the empty Wii Channel slots and the options menu simply has options removed, all this makes the Wii Mini menu look lazy).

          I really like Nintendo, I think they make the best video game hardware that focuses on making games fun, and right now I am really enjoying my Wii U. But the Wii Mini is a horrible redesign and it has no value because you can get a proper second-hand Wii (many still with Gamecube support) for cheaper.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ah, I see. Well I’ll keep my old one for gamecubing anyways. At least until Nintendo hopefully will release some GC games on VC (hopefully). I really like the thing with the Wii U, but honestly to few good games. I use mostly the Wii part and play Virtual Console games on it. That I could do with the Wii too, so not much have changed here this gen. Well, I have a 720p Mario, Nintendoland, ZombiU and AC3, but start to loose interest in them and there really is little new…

      • ilovegoogleglass

        Why did they even make a wii mini?

        • Fred

          They haven’t said, but my guess is that it’s to grab anyone else that was waiting for one more price drop before they bought a wii.
          I haven’t actually seen one cause they don’t sell them here in the US.
          My parents wanted a Wii, but I just gave them mine when I bought my Wii U

    • Ben Ifits

      Well pandoras tower is coming out for wii on the 16th and xenoblade came out after skyward sword too. Both are pretty epic games. Just saying the wii isn’t totally irrelevant.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Thats true.

      • Edward Dudley

        Which you could also play on your WiiU

    • tronic307

      The Wii mini is ABYSMAL!

  • bizzy gie

    I used ALL of those services on my Wii until I got my Wii U. Before, I would have been devastated, but now I’m good. Sorry to see them go, but glad Nintendo is moving forward.

  • It was bound to happen, since Nintendo is focusing on the Wii U. The channels were a nice novelty at first, but advancements in technology have made most of these channels obsolete. It’s just faster, not to mention simpler, to check your smartphone for the news and weather than using the Wii channels.

    • thedeciderU

      they should focus on advertising and create hype. i’m almost done with LCU and it didn’t blow me away like i thought it might.it’s fun, but i’m just playing it until something really exciting to me comes out.

  • Henry Hotspur

    Shut down the entire Wii channel, just make the Wii games accessible through the Wii U’s menu.

    That’s my sanctuary.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yes, wonder why they didnt do that? Wii-off-TV-play would have been a strong argument in itself, together with the Virtual Console off-TV-play it would sell systems in itself. I would have loved to play my Wii games on the pad alone.

      I know that there will be a new Virtual Console for the Wii U. But to be honest it does not sound as good as it could be. Nintendo should have continued the work to fill up the libraries instead of starting at scratch again. N64 have like 20 games here in Europe and NES 80 or so.

      • but imagine trying to waggle the wii remote at a tiny gamepad screen… wii sports, for example, sounds awkward on the gamepad

        • Magnus Eriksson

          No thats true for the motion based games. But many games like DKC, SMG 1&2, Zelda TP etc wouldnt have these kind of problems or could be slightly altered to work with the pad.

          • Jake

            I think Nintendo should like update them. And if they do have a price cut, everyone who bought it b4 should get them for free (if they arenot.)

          • I suppose

        • Captain Falcon

          lol, I played Wii Sports in my car. Not as awkward as it seems, really.

      • Wayne Beck

        It’s a hardware constraint There is probably a work around somewhere, but essentially the problem is:

        Wii Games are coded to run on a different type of processor. That processor is built in to the Wii U, but it currently is unable to run at the same time as the Wii U’s processor. Think of it like Switchable Graphics. When you switch, your whole screen goes black for a moment. The current hardware in use has to be turned off while the new hardware is turned on. All of the processes on the main chip must be shutdown to run the processes on the secondary chip. The risk of running both at once could be catastrophic for the Wii U in terms of Over Heating or Conflicting Software that leads to crashing or bricking.

        They could have gone the Xbox/Playstation route of, essentially, porting the games to the new hardware, but that would cost a lot of money. Also, like Xbox and Playstation, we would never get every game ported and most likely only a few of them would ever work.

        I would not expect a solution to this for quite a while if they do ever find a way.

        • ajamokha

          I really enjoyed your post. It makes complete sense in the way you have described how it all works and why the screen goes black (blue for my TV) before turning on to the wii mode.

          I never comment here, but I do view this site pretty frequently. I cannot recall any other posts from you here, but I do hope to see some more.

        • tronic307

          It works like a dual-boot PC, while Nintendo backwards compatibility has worked like a virtual machine in the past. Weird.

          • Wayne Beck

            To the best of my Knowledge, the Wii’s backward compatibility was possible because the Processor was just an updated Gamecube Processor. The Wii U’s Processor is a totally new custom architecture.

            Of course, I’m not an expert, this is just some info I’ve pickup about while talking with friends who are perficient in Computer Hardware and read up on the break down of the chip online.

          • tronic307

            It’s the same Wii architecture, with 3 cores, more cache, and a 70% clock speed boost. It’s the first and only multi-core IBM CPU to follow the PowerPC 1.10 spec, like Broadway and Gekko before it, not the newer Power architecture. It doesn’t have Altivec/VMX/VSX and 64-bit floating point is still accomplished by pairing, or stacking 32-bit instructions. Wii mode runs on the third core, which is 100% binary compatible with Wii code.

            My theory is that the Wii U OS has to shut down because the Wii memory pool is separate from main RAM, while the processor has only one 64-bit memory bus and cannot access both pools simultaneously. I believe the Wii OS is installed on its own separate 512MB NAND chip, as well.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Thanks for the good explanation. However, there are Dolphin Emulators, running Wii games on PCs and Homebrew channels on the Wii. Ibelieve Nintendo could have done something along those lines and then make it unessecary to reboot the system in Wii mode (this is pure speculations from my part, not strong statements). Anyway, I really hope they will launch Virtual Console different this time altough I do not see it happen. I have some 40 or 50 VC-games or so on the Wii part. Some people think its too expensive in VC, this I do not think.

          One of my biggest reasons to by the WiiU was off TV-play with those games. Now I have to pay a small transfer fee for the NES and SNES games, which is somewhat OK I guess. But I Would like to transfer all my games at once and this is appearantly not happening. It feels like Nintendo is reinventing the wheel here. But I might be wrong and then we would se all the 80 NES titles and all the full library from SNES at launch (and keeping it filling up with more new games). Many of their best titles are not there like Donkey Kong Country, DK64 and Banjo Tooie/Kazoiie etc. They should come to agreements with the publishers behind these games to get them rererelaunched again, at least make it a priority to try whenn they are offering this service.

        • Arthur Jarret

          How about doing the process switch (that is now done by starting wii mode) when you are starting a wii / wiiware / unupdated vc game?

          Keep the wii menu when you press home, exit to wii menu option will exit the game and switch back.

          Gamecube games were easy to start from the wii menu directly and also had a process switch, it was just a bit odd to close them (needed to power off the wii for that)

    • Captain Falcon

      A possible theory on why there is a separate Wii Channel along with the Wii U’s discs being smooth:


    • Guest

      And how would this terrible business move contribute to increasing Nintendo’s reputation/userbase? Its one thing to shut down old services on an old console in favor of putting money/support towards new services for a new console but not to completely render people who only have a Wii and only want a Wii to have to buy a new system just to play the games they enjoy. That is like Apple saying “you must buy the new Iphone if you wish to be able to recieve/load all of your pictures, music, video’s etc.

      It’s always bad business in any market to force people to buy something just to continue what they should already be able to do.

    • Arthur Jarret

      It would also be better for wiiware developers, they would still be able to generate some income from wiiware games being readily available & advertised from the eshop like DSi games are still advertised (and being made) on the 3DS eshop

  • D.M.T

    I never bought a Wii so I don’t care at all. People who still own a Wii and still use the Wii need to upgrade. Wii U is the present and future.

    Nintendo wants to move on and no one should get mad. It’s time for Wii U to become a success.

    • sonicfan1373

      I really do not think there is anyone who still uses these services even if they still own a Wii. The Wii has an Internet Browser which can be used to check news, weather, and other things much more easily then constantly having to switch between apps. These channels were created before capable browsers started appearing on consoles and portable devices. I think most people have moved on now.

    • catsby

      Stop talking shit please. People will upgrade when they feel like upgrading.

      • ilovegoogleglass

        Probably doesn’t even have a wii u.

  • sonicfan1373

    These channels were nice before web browsers became common on portable devices and consoles. Now many people will simply check the news on their tablet or smartphone and if they really want to do it on the Wii they can use the Wii’s Internet Channel (which still works quite well). Non of these service closures should effect people who have a Wii U as the Wii U’s Wii Mode did not come with these channels and services anyways.

    I really like the fact that on the Wii U they made a very capable browser that has tabs and is a multitasking applications. The Wii U’s browser combined with the Wii U Gamepad (specifically the touch portion) makes checking news and weather (along with other browsing tasks) a lot easier on the TV.

  • fireheartis1

    Although those channels were cool it’s time Nintendo focus on the Wii U more. Each channel was neat and all, but I have to say I don’t use them anyways since I have a Wii U now. Maybe this will get people to move on and get the Wii U who knows.

  • Aidan

    I love the fact this person has homebrew.

    • eli

      he he he πŸ™‚

  • The only channel that I would miss is Everybody Votes Channel. It never got old for me, and to have that in Miiverse would be AWESOME! πŸ˜›

  • tronic307

    They’ll never shut down the Homebrew Channel! NEVER!! Mwahahahahaha!!! >:)

  • Dave_Val

    LOL, the Homebrew Channel in the picture =P

    • Ultranist

      I can’t wait till wiiu gets it too πŸ˜›

  • Ducked

    I honestly never cared for any of these channels. Who really looked at the weather on there Wii? Wii U is just so much better.

  • I hope they move these channels to the wii u, I enjoyed loads of them. The wii u also needs a photo channel!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Shame, but I suppose it was bound to happen. I hope they do similar channels for Wii U soon.

  • JVAN63

    I’m guessing that in order to make these channels available on the Wii U, and to take advantage of the Wii U platform, it made sense to not have to maintain two versions of these channels. So shut down the Wii versions, and roll out the improved (or potential to improve) channels to the Wii U. I don’t care. I use the Wii channel to play Wii games only, and I use my old Wii only to play Gamecube titles.

    • dubYA

      Same here! lol

  • GuardiansFan

    it was expected…what i want to see though is virtual console titles i purchased to get moved into the main wii u menu somehow…its a pain to have to go in to the wii emulation menu first.

  • Zuxs13

    This is great news, they are making room for new WiiU services and content.

  • Cerus98

    Sad but it had to happen eventually I suppose. Those channels aren’t really used much anyway though the messaging service shutdown will put a damper on those who still play AC, Mario Kart etc.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I will really miss the nintendo channel, and forcast channel. I even hook up my wii everyday to send my vote on everyone votes channel. πŸ™

  • Popis

    But hey guys, what about the Netflix??? Or Youtube??? I completely NEED my Wii to access them…

    They will remain active?

    • Cerus98

      They’re only shutting down their own old services.

  • X3Charlie

    I wish they implemented these into Miiverse. Everybody Votes Channel’s Polls. I guess I could do without the weather and news channels, but I think Nintendo should set up some fort of feed system, that way you get little banners notifying you of update in news and games.

    • X3Charlie

      I also think they should add the Nintendo Channel to the Wii U.

  • Ben English

    As long as they don’t shut down the Homebrew Channel I’ll be golden. (Seriously who actually browses news and weather on their game consoles to begin with?)

  • Cubester_64

    What about online mode in SSBB?

    • Cerus98

      Only the channels and data sharing are shutting down. Multiplayer should work fine.

  • Linskarmo

    This makes me feel bad for never using some of those channels. πŸ™

  • RoadyMike

    First Flipnote Hatena,now this?

  • Lucario Deluxe Edition

    Expected? yes.

  • YES!!!

    Kid: Thanks for the Wii, Daddy!
    *30 minutes later*
    Kid: It’s not working!!!! *cries*
    *10 minutes later*
    Father: Apparently there’s a new console called the “Wii U”. Well, I guess I have trade this in at the store.
    Finally the Wii U will sell. πŸ™‚