Mar 12th, 2014


The Game Developers Conference begins March 17 through March 21 in San Francisco and this year, Nintendo will be showcasing several indie games coming to the Wii U. All of these games will be playable by those attending the conference. In addition to showcasing indie games, Nintendo will also be demonstrating how Nintendo Web Framework works by showcasing a new game demo using characters from Mario and Donkey Kong.

The NWF can be used to create games for the Wii U and is a simple development framework, similar to Unity. According to Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s vice president of licensing, Nintendo wants to showcase the framework to developers to show just how easy it is to develop games for the Wii U:

“We want to demonstrate to developers how easy it is for them to bring their creative ideas to Nintendo systems. Nintendo offers wide-ranging support for indie developers, whether they want to use NWF, Unity or their own proprietary code.”

Dan Adelman will have a panel on the process of releasing games for the Nintendo eShop on Thursday March 20. For attendees who want to play the games being showcased, Nintendo will be at Unity Booth No. 1402, where you’ll be able to play the following games:

  • Armillo – Fuzzy Wuzzy Games
  • Ballpoint Universe: Infinite – Arachnid Games
  • Cubemen 2 – Nnooo
  • Ittle Dew – Ludosity AB
  • Monkey Pirates – Henchmen Studio
  • Nihilumbra – BeautiFun Games
  • Stick It to the Man – Zoink & Ripstone
  • Teslagrad – Rain Games
  • Wooden Sen’SeY – Neko Entertainment

We’ve covered each of these games individually here on Wii U Daily, so if you’ll be in San Francisco checking out GDC next week, be sure and pop over to the Nintendo booth to give them a go in person.

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  • The Clockwork Being

    They will probably reveal Zelda U at that event!! And also release a teaser for Star Fox U. can`t wait.

    • Wolfgem

      I highly doubt Zelda U will be at the event. It will be at E3.

    • Ducked

      That’s sarcasm right?

      • The Clockwork Being


    • Mr Ninty

      they could show a small teaser like on VGX with the metriod pin.

      • lonewolf88

        they won’t show anything GDC and VGX are both way to small of events to be shown.

        • Mr Ninty

          i know they wont show a complete walktrough of zelda u or something. but they might hide a hint somewhere like a small icon of link in a blouse or demopad i dont know.

  • Tim Hart

    expect to hear about shenmue 3 🙂

    • LukeMM95

      Fingers crossed.

  • Yeah great. “Heres some generic jump and run game, and here is some generic puzzle game, and when you look at this, you can see ANOTHER jump and run game!”

    • Daniel

      I’d rather play a generic platformer than, the exact same FPS that was released 10+ years ago, and is rereleased with a new name multiple times a year.

      • I dont realy care what genre is repackaged. If its boring as fuck, because its the same gameplay, just with different looks and story, i dont like it. That is something that somehow just works on first party nintendo games. 30 years mario – still a shitload of fun.

  • Ducked

    Nintendo give us another Nintendo Direct!

  • Capt. Smoker

    If it’s not Shantae… I’m just not interested

  • Cyberus

    They’re better than real games because they aren’t corrupted by having good graphics

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      They are real games to begin with.

  • BIG Franky

    its weird…. as a PS3 gamer who has now moved on to the PS4, I initially picked the Wii U up for the kids, but I have to say, I find myself very interested/excited about the indie scene that is started to blossom on the system… many of the titles that are already available are way better than I would’ve ever anticipated and I find myself spending waaaay more time using the Wii U than I ever would’ve guessed or imagined. really pleased with the system and very excited for some of the games that are coming out…


      The indie scene is shaping up nicely Nintendo needs to promote these well deserving games. Can not wait for Shovel Knight!! March 30th can’t come sooner.

      • BIG Franky

        it was delayed into May….

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I went to GDC last year and it was kinda boring.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Sad this isnt real games. We are embarresed of you Nintendo. If we wanted this we would have bought them on mobile phones. Such a shame…

    • Wolfgem

      Explain how these aren’t real games XD

      • Christopher McNair

        Nintendo diehards claimed they weren’t games before Nintendo tried to boost the horrible Wii U sales by supporting Unity and Indies. Now Indies are the most exciting thing on Wii U.

        • Wolfgem

          I don’t know about them….but they were always real games to me XD

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      You’re trolling again.

  • Robert Wagner

    Fast Racing Neo! I bet it’ll be showcased.

  • classicgamer20

    Yay a new chance for Nintendo to reveal some new games. Oh it’s only more indie games sigh well back to tropical freeze.

  • Sometimes I find it weird when my friends ask me what console I have and I take ages to reply, this is mostly because they find Nintendo a joke after the Wii, so I just don’t reply but I know that I have a WiiU. When Nintendo makes a new console they should realise that the Wii was fun and all but the audience it was aimed at has grown up and they need to wake up and make the next console more appealing to ‘non-casual’ gamers and make a hard hitting console with great specs that can hold its own in the next generation of the console wars! They need to improve specs, marketing, target audience, and most of all how appealing it is towards gamers and it needs to be up to scratch with the tech of the coming years. AND MOST OF ALL IF IT HAS THE NAME WII IN IT I WILL PERSONALLY RALLY AN ARMY OF NINTENDO FANS AND MAKE THEM CHANGE IT FOR A BETTER NAME!!!!!!!!!!

    • 8ruc3

      “Sometimes I find it weird when my friends ask me what console I have and
      I take ages to reply, this is mostly because they find Nintendo a joke
      after the Wii, so I just don’t reply but I know that I have a WiiU…”

      Look, I don’t want to be rude with you. I’m sure you’re a good person in life, but man this is SO pathetic! Don’t live your life for others. Live it for yourself. You have the right to own and like your Wii U. If your friends don’t like it, too bad so sad for them. By acting like you do, you show them that you agree with their opinion and you’re lying to yourself. This is ridiculous. I own a Wii U too and I have no friends who own it. Only PS3 and Xbox 360. So what? Who cares? I’m not afraid of telling them that I enjoyed my new Donkey Kong game a lot just because of that. I don’t give a sh*t if they like the Wii U or not. The important thing is that I am very happy to own my Wii U. If others can’t see the potential and the positive sides of the Wii U, I really don’t care…

    • Wolfgem

      My friends laugh at me for only owning Nintendo consoles. Below are my shits that have been given to them

      ^^^ Nothing right? I care less what they thing about the Wii U. I can say that Sony’s gaming division is the only thing selling while in everything else they are a joke right now. Then they shut the hell up. I play for first party (and a few third party) games on my system. If they hate the Wii U, don’t pay any mind to them.

  • Ryan F

    They’re hunting for their ‘Minecraft’ …

  • NatT96™

    Oh man I hope Nintendo better not just showcase DLC for DK: Tropical Freeze. Nintendo I want release dates and 1rst party announcements. I hope they listen to there fans, because every one here wants Zelda U or Metroid Prime Wii U news, but then again I am not keeping my hope too high at all.

  • Brandon

    I was really expecting those high end indie games.

  • MetroidZero
  • buz

    I think I just got an amazing Nintendo game idea….. Nintendo need to make a game with Nintendo Characters where you make your own game :O

  • FIreproof_actual

    Indie games….ZZzzzzz……try harder.

    • Nintendojitsu

      Does anyone have any lighter fluid? I want to test this theory.

      • FIreproof_actual

        Not a theory…fact.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Nintendo need Indie games, because again their third party support as you know is trash and isn’t going to improve over night. I don’t have big expectations ..I know what to expect. If anything big is announced it will be in the form of an exclusive…1st party or 3rd party that Nintendo has invest in that they are keeping close to their chest until they decide to reveal it.

  • Donaald

    Sigh… Most countries in Latin America are missing out because Nintendo doesn’t want to enable eshop everywhere…

  • Mario

    A new game demo? What kind of demo?

  • Carlos Webster

    The Wii U is like an Indie collection now.

  • Matt

    I’m just hoping that all these indie titles come out in Australia.

  • Madmagican

    What, no Shovel Knight?