Feb 12th, 2015

Curious what kind of custom avatar you can make for your character in Xenoblade Chronicles X? Well look no further, as Nintendo of Japan has released a short video that showcases several hair and facial styles while set to some pretty rad music. The music is part of the game’s soundtrack and something we’ve not heard before in the presentations Nintendo has done for the game until now.

Character customization options include the ability to select your character’s height, as well as bust size for a female avatar. The hair and facial options seem to be set with limited customization options, though since the video is in Japanese it’s very hard to tell. Some of the faces that pop up have scars and moles, but it’s hard to tell if those are specific to that face or if they’re features you can add and remove from any face.

What do you think of the music and the avatar creator?

Thanks, uPadWatcher!

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