Nov 14th, 2015

Nintendo sells 800,000 Amiibos in October in the US

Nintendo has announced some good news on the business front: the company has sold an impressive 800,000 Amiibos in October in the US alone. Even better, Wii U sales for the month were up 40%.

According to Nintendo, Wii U sales have increased 20% so far in 2015 compared to 2014.

As for Amiibo, lifetime sales in the US are now at 9 million. That’s a lot of figurines for just one territory. Nintendo usually sells Amiibos at $13 a piece, which means in October alone, Amiibo generated over $10 million in revenue.

As of October 28th 2015, Nintendo has sold 21 million Amiibos worldwide.

And the list of Amiibos is growing all the time. Recently, Nintendo announced that the upcoming Zelda Twilight Princes HD remake will be getting an Amiibo as well. The game will ship with the Wolf Link Amiibo. The game + Amiibo package will be priced at $60.

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