Aug 28th, 2012

Over the past year, Nintendo has been securing a lot of partnerships with middleware providers of software for game physics, rendering, multiplayer netcode, and more. Today Nintendo reached an agreement with Umbra to bring their rendering middleware to Wii U and its developers. Umbra is now an official middleware provider for the Wii U, and the company focuses on rendering optimization — its software is already found in some games, including Mass Effect 3 which will be coming to the Wii U. Many developers have used their software, including Halo devs Bungie, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, and Square Enix. Mass Effect 3 will be the first Wii U game to feature Umbra software when it ships this Fall.

Umbra Wii UEarlier this year Nintendo revealed that it had entered a partnership with GameWare, and will offer the software free of charge to developers. The company has also teamed up with Green Hills Software for more free tools for Wii U developers. In addition, game physics software maker Havok will bring their tools to the Wii U, as will major game engine makers from CryTek, Epic Games, and Id Software. Nintendo are of course also offering their own Wii U dev kit, which includes huge software libraries and tools for developers to use in their games.


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  • nintenfan

    never heard of umbra, but it sounds like good news so i guess thats fantastic!

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah idk who they r either but more support the better! 😀 🙂

    • NintendoGamer

      Not to sound mean, but I am not surprised that you never of Umbra?

      • AKA-Link77

        Not to sound mean, but I am not surprised that you forgot to put “heard” after “never” in your sentence.

        • Aidan 745

          Why is there always a fight over very small things on this website? Who cares if he didn’t put heard after never, you got the point either way, right?

          And NintendoGamer, what point are you making by saying that?

          Cant we just leave a comment without things starting?

          • AKA-Link77

            its not a fight. -__- and
            oh . . . i sounded mean? i put “not to sound like” it at first. : /

        • Catley

          Umbra is a rendering engine. Something that powers the core visuals for a game.

  • Watch_Dog

    Hey Wii U Daily, any news on (i forget the name) “middle” or “medium”. you announced it a awhile before E3 2012. i can’t find the site.

  • Galaxy

    And Nintendo scores another one!

    They’re on a roll maan.




    hey guy how do i put a pic on the avatar?

    • ninjabake

      Go to and Set up a gravatar account.

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      • SteampunkJedi

        Yup 2. ^^

  • LazerK

    Sounds awesome.Keep up the good work Nintendo

  • Josh

    Another win for Nintendo.

  • Nintendude

    More support, the better.

    • Nintendoodle

      More Nintendude, the cuter :*

      • Macarony64

        This is not a daiting site

  • TheUNation

    This is awesome news. Umbra is officially a partner of Wii U. I was impressed that the rendering engine in games like Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and the Dragon Age series of games. I’ll look forward to Umbra’s engine in Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U and hope that Umbra Software will do their very best in making the most amazingly epic and unique games for Nintendo’s next-generation console… the Wii U.

    I’m TheUNation… and I approve this comment.

  • Rob

    Great for developers! Nintendo has really shown their fans that they’re taking partnerships, hardware, and software seriously with the Wii U. I really hope the Wii U does well, I’ll get one during the holiday season for sure. Above and beyond Nintendo, I just hope companies will see what Nintendo has to offer and jump train now before it’s too late.

  • Nintendonoob

    yay! more support for Wii U. Its a good thing it will have a wide variety of games. unlike sex box 360’s and gaystation 3’s fps and their “hardcore” games

    • IKNOW


      • Gamer

        this is wrong and funny at the same time hahahahaha.

    • PridgMSS

      Sex Box? Are you referring to Mass Effect 3? What are you? Fox News?

    • Kyron

      lol. This is frickin’ hilarious!!! sex box…homostation……….lol

  • Sham

    Good start So far Nintendo

  • Charmander

    Great news! Correct? I’m not the smartest person here.

  • asfd


  • theorangefish

    very nice it is good to read that!

  • Macarony64

    no scuses now developers wii u games will be has easy to develope has pc

  • N-Unit

    Two thumbs up for Nintendo!

  • PiionU

    A little crap company partners up with another crap company to support a crap console. Only because of such news all of you immediately jizz in their pants? I can’t believe how pikas and nintendrones are. By the way because YOU hate me for dissing Nintenbla with names which fit better to them I’ll do it again! SHITENDO CRAPTENDO, FUCKTENDO, FARTENDO, FATENDO JIZZTENDO, TRASHTENDO, COPYCATENDO, WORSETHANSONYANDMICROSOFTENDO, GIMMICKTENDO, OUTDATENDO, FAILTENDO, KIDTENDO, DUSTENDO, MILKTENDO, DESERVETODIETENDO, NINDIAPER, GAYTENDO, WEAKTENDO! I am so cool!

    • JC

      Troll harder son!!!

      • Draco Breach

        Oh no, he is making an absolutely valid point. Nintendo has made some lousy connections over the past couple of years. The Wii U has absolutely abysmal support.

        I mean. Who’s ever heard of companies like Epic, Crytek, or Havok? Those are some lousy associations if you ask me.

        I bet you can name any number of suburb titles, and those names would never come up.

        Really. Nintendo just needs to get over themselves. No gamer is going to take them seriously as long as they don’t go after some really big names.

        Ha! Epic? Crytek? Havok? Who are these jokers anyway. Now they’re bragging about some no-name company called Umbra? What is this “Mass Effect” they shout so loudly from the rooftops. Come on! Who has heard of that game?!

        • Kyron

          Your sarcasm is even more evident than PiionU’s sense of trollmanship.

          Well…….maybe I exaggerated a bit.

          • Draco Breach


            I aim to please.

        • DURPAdurpa

          Your comment is the stupidest thing i have eva seen.
          Epic – developer of the Unreal Engine and used in the gears if war series
          Crytek – Developed crysis, far cry and will be used to develop homefront 2
          Havok – a physics engine used in lots and lots of games such as Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Super Smash Bros Brawl.
          Therefore your comment is invalid, and we shall never speak of it again

          • Grodus

            Your comment is the stupidest thing i have have eva seen.
            His comment- quite obviously sarcastic
            Your comment- quite obviously retatred
            This coment- qute obviously stating the obvious
            Therefore your comment is invalid, and we shall never speak of it again.

          • Draco Breach

            Not everybody appreciates a witty use of irony D:

            Dude. It’s sarcasm. As in I wish to feed trolls a heavy dose of arsenic. I strongly recommend reading my post in the haughty droll of Sherlock Holmes as voiced by Robert Downy Junior.

            I admit. Yes. Sarcasm is hard to ‘read’ in an online format. Maybe I should have used a sarcasm “tag” (such as [/sarcasm]), but I feel it would have reduced the impact of the irony.

            The irony being Umbra is actually a moderately big player in the realm of video game development where the troll dismissed them as a nonentity. We’ve been enjoying their physics engine for a while now – as pointed out in the article.

        • Mass Effect fan

          HAHAHAHAHA that was cool comment

          • Draco Breach

            My name is John Shepard, and I approve this message.

        • roedburn

          Your sarcasm is refreshing 🙂

          • Draco Breach


            I sat back and anticipated a virtual wall of angry posts positing that I was a troll. I’m glad to see I amused most instead.

        • SteampunkJedi

          Yes, sarcasm can be hard to read online. Brave of you to take a chance. I thought you were trolling too at first, but trolls just about never spell right. 😉

          • Draco Breach

            A witty use of irony is its own reward 😉

    • rafael

      ”WORSETHENSONYANDMICROSOFTENDO” hehe hey, thats slightly cleverer then i would expect from you… havent u been playing a little mario recently? Come on, u cant fool me! You love that fat mustachoed bastard, dont you!?

    • AKA-Link77

      well at least “Nintendo” is such a unique name that anyone can make a spinoff title for it. . . even trolls. Unlike:
      Phony & Microco*k.

      • u mad bro

        such a MicroPenis Xbot fanboy sheesh…

    • Grodus

      /sarcasm/ OK, I totally agreee. /sarcasm/ Also, please explain copycatendo. Name 1 example. (AND DONT YOU DARE SAY ” The pro controller ripped off the xbox controller!” BY THAT LOGIC, EVER SINCE THE FIRST VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER, EVERYONE HAS BEEN COPYING THAT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGIAN!!!!!)

    • Solboogie

      Haha, This guys comments are really funny! Even if I disagree with him he is entertaining and makes you all respond (including me)! Haha

    • Macarony64

      That up there is a very scared drone,go back to sony and tell then
      how to properly copy smash brothers

  • alex

    Dont say yhe,gaystation cuse the PS and the xbox are grate console of curse I like more nintendo and I will buy a WI u but,the ps3 is a food console with good games on it I own a Wii but for the first time I own a PS cuse ghe games that I cant play on Wii am a nintendo fan but,that,those it mean s we can enjoy other consoles too

    • Death

      This post made me go blind. I am now an illiterate fool.

      • Shane

        Just because your blind doesn’t mean you’re illiterate.

    • mrgrimrjs

      I’m not sure but this might be the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

    • luke

      are you trolling?
      its poorly spelled as if you were trolling.
      but i cant read it so i cant tell if your bashing the wii u or not.
      its just gibberish.

      • Mechadestroyah

        They are trying to say “Don’t make fun of other systems. I am a Nintendo fan first and foremost, but I also own a Playstation for the games the Wii didn’t provide. I just as much as the next person want a Wii U, but there is no shame in enjoying other consoles.” Roughly translated.

      • Macarony64

        Do people still think that just english speaking persons watch this
        site is oviuos that his language and mine is not english has main language

    • Iceman404
  • swic11

    Well this is great. I am excited to actually hear more and more consistent good news surrounding Nintendo and the U.
    Can you imagine a Metroid Prime game or a Zelda game with all of these features making it look absolutely amazing?

    I hope retro is working on a Metroid or Zelda… We need either or soon lol

  • Zhenya

    Man, this sounds awesome! Seems like everything is getting better and better for Nintendo.

    • Zhenya

      BTW, Wii U Daily can you make a full list of partnerships Nintendo has made with?

  • AwayToHit

    This is a good thing 🙂

  • KKiONI

    Now all they need is Valve’s Source Engine and we’re set for the best home console.

    • Macarony64

      while the Source engine is good is a bit dated few developers use it cause of that but the more the better



    • Zhenya

      we could also get shooting games from them, but then again Retro Studios is was amazing with Metoird Prime series

      • gearchin

        now we just need metroid to have MP.

        • Draco Breach

          Several little Easter Eggs hidden throughout the Metroid Prime Trilogy hinted at Retro’s desire to create more Metroid games. While the Prime Trilogy is over and done with, I want to see “Project Dread” development news.

          Nintendo may have different plans for Retro, and anything the studio does is sure to be superb. However, I want the reigns of Metroid handed over to them. If it means Retro has to be expanded to handle multiple projects, I certainly won’t object!

  • PolarsPass

    More support, the better.

  • Chris

    Another engine in the Wii U bag for Nintendo, they are on a roll here.

    Nintendo is actually doing a better job at bringing in the hardcore market than Shitbox 360 and PS3 (I’ll admit it… I like the playstations, but not as much as Nintendo’s consoles).

    • luke

      sounds unreliable.

      • Christopher

        It is, the good thing about it is that you can destroy games by shaking the system while you have a disc in side it… it also makes a crap smell

        • Grodus

          Oh, you just reminded me of an X-box hate joke I made ( cant stand ’em, cus I think the suck and everyone one around me loves it cus they’re and fps addict) .Here:

          5 easy steps to have fun with COD:

          1. Put any COD game on the table/floor

          2. Smash it with a large hammer

          3.Smash Your X-box (360) console with the hammer

          4. Buy a wii

          5. Go play Mario or someting

  • GirlGamer

    Best news

  • SlashBull99

    Wii arent joking, lol

  • MamaVagina

    Meh,Lets go to vaginaHeda

    • Shane

      Finally, a non game related comment that makes sense. haha. Just kidding, but seriously, we need to think about the future. haha…

  • The Detonator

    i don’t really know what this means but i know it is something great! go Nintendo!

  • SteampunkJedi

    Yay! More support! I hope Nintendo can keep all the support they’re getting. I’ll be a happy camper if so. 😀

  • Captain Potato

    Close your eyes…
    Imagine Pilot Wings with “Crysis” like graphics!
    Imagine F-Zero with “Grid” like graphics!
    Imagine Zelda with “Elder Scrolls” like graphics!
    Imagine Metroid with “Mass Effect” like graphics!
    Now imagine playing all of those games seemlessly with your friends online or in your home!
    Now open your eyes!
    Say hello to Wii U! 🙂

    • Shane

      Haha. I’ve been imagining that since Wii came out. Besides, they’re not gonna do it until they know they can make it perfect with no glitches and player friendly to everyone with the maximum support from us, which is why they’re still around by the way…