Apr 24th, 2013

Wii U


As you know, today Nintendo released its full fiscal year sales report, stating the company shipped 3.45 million Wii U units as of March 31st. This figure is well below the predicted 4 million the company expected to sell by that time in January. That 4 million number is another adjusted forecast, down from the initial 5.5 million at the end of 2012. To put that in perspective, the Wii U has managed to move around 390,000 units over the past three months, despite several high profile releases such as Lego City: Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

In the financial statement, Nintendo admits that the console failed to maintain initial sales momentum due to delays for several first-party titles. The company states that it plans to remedy this problem by “releasing key Nintendo titles” over the next half of the year through next year. With those releases, Nintendo believes the Wii U can attain 9 million shipped Wii U units for the next fiscal year, which started April 1,2013 and will end March 31, 2014.

Because of lower than expected profit margins and sales on the Wii U console, Nintendo has restructured its management, giving Satoru Iwata the additional position of Nintendo of America CEO. With just over 7 billion yen in profit this year, Nintendo expects to see 55 billion yen in profit before the end of its next fiscal year.

[via Nintendo]

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  • eh. they’ll make it. It’s just taking a little longer. Word’ll start getting out once buzz from e3 gets out, then friends tell friends, etc etc. and before you know it Nintendo is gonna be having the success they had with the Wii. Especially if Microsoft goes online only

  • jjmesa14

    I think that Nintendo might be underestimating their sales of the Wii U for the next fiscal year. With great games coming out this fall Nintendo will either match or more likely exceed the projected 9 million Wii U sales. Until then though, the amount of Wii Us sold should be fairly consistent from month to month.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Who cares about this old news!

    • dodge2461

      Thank you, thank you *kisses feet*

    • jjmesa14

      I think that we figured out that this Mario Kart Wii U coming this year, fall of 2013, last week. You are a little behind in the news.


      • Nintenjoe82

        I already saw the “Super secret” document but this adds weight to it. I need a better job if all of the document is true.

        Please don’t be delayed!

        • jjmesa14

          We will see if this document is legit in time. I hope so because it should be a good fall for Wii U. It sounds legit. After all it is “Super Secret”.

  • KrustyCrust

    Virtual console appeals the same crowd that bought the console on launch day, which in turn is the same crowd that likes the more traditional nintendo ips that are called to key to its success.

    I’ve always been a big fan of nintendo but i’m afraid next years will be all about downsizing and reducing the possible customers range, as of right now it only appeals to the nintendo fans and it’s stuck with that playerbase….wiiu doesnt have a bright future ahead as the marketing department keeps saying…

  • Nintendo still made a profit increase thanks to the 3DS, so I’m not surprised at all and I’m not worried one bit because the 3DS started the same way as the Wii U, struggling.. but eventually once the titles are out it’s a no brainer it will pick up on sales.

  • This shows a few things. 1. Nintendo repeated the mistakes of the 3DS launch (connectivity being a huge one). 2. I think the increasing strength of the yen was one of the bigger factors in them posting a profit. 3. All of the new and/or compelling software gamers want are not available on the Wii U yet.

    MH3U isn’t MH4, and LCU wasn’t a breakout title, despite being an enjoyable game. The Wii U needs more than 2 games to get in the space of 3 months. It needed a Rayman Legends, TW101, or Pikmin 3 in the last 3 months to really move. Still enjoying the Wii U though, and I know it will be fine down the line. But something was amiss during the last 3 months.

    • jjmesa14

      Technically the yen is weakening but the rest of your statements are true.

      • Not according to Bloomberg, NASDAQ, and others.

        • jjmesa14

          This is from the Bloomberg article:

          “Sliding Yen
          While Nintendo struggles with its main business, a weakening of the yen may give some relief. The Japanese currency has depreciated about 12 percent against the U.S. dollar this year and touched a four-year low of 99.95 on April 11.”

          • Yen was strong at the beginning of 2013, right? Must of been recently then that it begun to slide drastically.

          • jjmesa14

            It was doing ok at the beginning of the year but ever since November 2012 it’s been on a steady decline.


  • Mickey Mouse

    Nintendo is just going through a transitionary period the same as all generations of systems. I have confidence in their profit and sales expectations from now until April 2014, because things will be better when some of the big nintendo titles are available.

  • JJ

    Dear Nintendo,

    Release games people want to play, and you will sell more consoles.

    • Steve

      Dear JJ

      You should have sent that letter way earlier. Nintendo would probably not be in this situation 🙂

  • Moshugaani

    Poor Nintendo and their poor timing. The situation still can turn around, but not until after the summer.

  • Zombie Boy

    This happened with the 3DS too, and look at that now! Its frustrating at the moment, but I believe that when the Wii U exclusive games start coming in (Mario Kart, Mario 3D, X, Zelda, etc.) then sales will rise dramatically.

    • Jay

      It most definitely did, almost the exact same numbers too.. they wanted to move 4 million 3DS units and only did something like 3.6 million, which lead to the doom and gloom speeches and posts… same with the Wii U. Once large caliber games hit the Wii U, like you said, it’ll be the same kind of turnaround.

      • JG711

        there was also a 40% price drop…

    • Steve

      Yes, but it isn’t really a good business strategy to start with few games and then dramatically increase the library once the competition has announced their products.

      Do you not remember what Nintendo had to sacrifice in order to improve 3DS sales… Like the top executives taking a pay cut? Is that how a business should operate?

      It’s better to “hook” the consumer on day. That will give you the competitive edge.

      • Zombie Boy

        Oh, don’t get me wrong, Nintendo have f**ked up their strategy. They even admitted themselves that they didn’t predict the drought of games during the first part of 2013. And as a Wii U owner, of course I’d like more games to play! I’m just saying that, while everybody is casting doom and gloom upon the Wii U and saying that it is already doomed, there is still a chance that Nintendo could turn it around.

        • Steve

          Okey. Thanks for clearing that up. At first it looked like you had the “oh, it will be alright even if we wait” attitude towards this, lol.

          • Zombie Boy

            I’m a firm believer that Nintendo should have capitalised on this period of time before the other next gen consoles are released (and attempt to lure some of the more impatient gamers away from the competition). As to the fate of the console, I think E3 could be make or break… But time will tell, as always.

  • Nintendo wants 9 million wiius sold by march 2014… lets see the line up for the year till then is… game &wario, pikmin 3, splinter cell blacklist, rayman, ac 4 black flag, batman arkham orgins, mario kart , the wonderful 101 , watch dogs, call of duty ghost, wwe 2k14, nba2k14, disney infinty, skylanders 3, wii fit u, sonic the hedgehog2013,wind waker hd , mario 3d, xenoblade 2 , smash bros u, bayonetta 2 and what ever the F else they announce. … yeah the WiiU is doomed…….Not !!! I think it will move 13 million by march next year

  • ReckoningReckoner

    I hope to god that Nintendo doesn’t drop the ball at E3. It’s really their last chance.

  • Jeovany

    Nintendo either has a lot balls or something big plan to have such a high exception for wii u sales

  • Wiiluigi

    First off Nintendo should have named the Wii U something else. They should have named it completely different so there is no confusion as to what the system is. Most people think that the Gamepad is an add on.
    Next the system should have had a blockbuster release games people love like Zelda or Mario latest flagship game not new super Mario bros.
    I understand quality over quantity but development should’ve started way before their initial timeframe.

  • WarioForever

    One of ther biggest mistakes is the name of the new console: Wii U.

    Cause people think it’s just an upgrade for Wii U

    • Someone from Sega

      And somehow no one thought the Xbox 360 was an upgrade to the Xbox? Actually no, that shit doesn’t deserved to be capitalized. xbox…

  • Someone from Sega

    When Super Smash Bros. U comes out, Nintendo will be printing money yet again.