Mar 19th, 2013


For those of you headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East, Nintendo has a great lineup of games for you to try on both the Wii U and the 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity will also be available for purchase a day earlier than their street release date. Wii U games scheduled to be shown at the booth include:

  • Pikmin 3 from Nintendo
  • The Wonderful 101 from Nintendo
  • LEGO City Undercover from Nintendo
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from Capcom
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted U from Electronic Arts
  • Wii Street U powered by Google from Nintendo
  • New Super Mario Bros. U from Nintendo
  • Nintendo Land from Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS games scheduled to be shown include:

  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon from Nintendo
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf from Nintendo (guided demonstration)
  • LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins from Nintendo
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity from Nintendo
  • HarmoKnight from Nintendo
  • Kersploosh! from Nintendo
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from Capcom
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening from Nintendo

PAX East is an event held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from March 22 to March 24. Nintendo will be booth No. 448, so be sure to stop by and play some of Nintendo’s latest games and even get your hands on those 3DS games a day early!


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  • Nintenjoe82

    That list of games certainly PAX a punch

    • Nintedward

      Now THAT is a comment! ^ lol

    • Laud

      LOL, that’s a good one.

  • If I could go to PAX East, I would play the crud out of Pikmin 3 and TW101. Hopefully we get a release date soon…

    • Fred

      I’m with you, alas I live in Utah and won’t be there. It would be awesome though if they used the venue to announce release dates for those 2 games!!!

  • WiiUltra

    Pikmin and Luigi!

    • Fred

      Agree, but don’t forget Wonderful 101!

  • Nintedward

    Holy crap , I want EVERYTHING on that list except for NSMBU and Nintendo land which I already have!

  • mchelski

    in my humble opinion nintendo should only brought new games, avoiding both mario, street u and nintendo land, I would like to try something from zelda game and yoshi

    • Fred

      That would be cool if they took yoshi, but I disagree they should have Nintendo Land. You know there will be people there that have never played a Wii U before and what better way to introduce them than Animal Crossing, Mario Chase, Metroid, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, and Zelda?

  • Michael

    I just feel like they’re coasting WAY to long on the same line up of games. Do they think we’re all slow old people? We’ve known of Pikmin 3, 101, Luigi’s Mansion 2, etc. for a LONG time now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan, bought the Wii U day 1. I just hate seeing them going nowhere at the moment. I know they probably have big plans for E3, but that’s no excuse. Why arbitrarily wait until that expo to get serious with their currently low selling flagship console?

    • I feel exactly the same. All I have to say is that E3 better blow us out of the water.

      • thedeciderU

        yes. pleeeease. the wait is killing me and i’m turning to other consoles due to lack of games and release dates. system sellers, get there!

    • Fred

      We’ve known about Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, but isn’t this the first time anyone will get to play them? That IS a big deal in my book. I wish I could go and play them, but alas I’m going to have to hit up youtube and some podcasts to gather game play info on them. Plus if they give a release date for those 2 games I’ll be extatic!

      • Michael

        I played BOTH of those games back in August at a “Wii U Experience” event….Not saying it’s not cool that the people at PAX now get the chance, but they need to refresh and update once and awhile

        • Fred

          You did? Why has nobody told us more about the gameplay of them. Tell me about them. Did Pikmin seem very similar to the first one or is it significantly different? What exactly is Wonderful 101 like? I’ve seen the trailer at least a dozen times, but how’s the gameplay? Please clue us in!

          • Michael

            Honestly, I only got about 4 minutes with 101 and that’s not enough to get a good feel for the game. The graphics look good and it controlled well, but I know I couldn’t get a true feel for the game standing there with people hovering over me. Same with Pikmin, these games are meant to be played alone in my man cave, lol.

            And those 2 games have been at many playable expos between then and now

  • Mark Thom


    • dylanbob121

      what do you mean?

  • brian murphy

    that shows gonna suck nothing new everything wii aready seen

  • I’m underwhelmed. Must be saving it for E3.

  • Michael Jurado

    I dont even want to comment at how impatient everyone is being that’s how sick yall make me

  • Nothing new here…

  • Nathan

    I really hoped that this Nintendo console would have plenty of hardcore games, as found on the PS3 and Xbox 360. If Nintendo keeps up their current pace, they will once again be getting watered down versions of the “awesome” games on the other two systems.