Jul 9th, 2012

Wii U Pro controller Xbox 360
A few days ago, some genius from Microsoft said that the Wii U is effectively an Xbox 360, which stirred a lot of controversy among Nintendo fans. Microsoft’s argument was that the hardware is similar and the only reason developers are supporting the Wii U platform is so they can bring old Xbox 360 games to the new console. That’s not the first time Microsoft made a crazy comment about the Wii U — last month they claimed the new Xbox 360 SmartGlass was better than the Wii U GamePad controller.

But Nintendo isn’t entering into a verbal fight with Microsoft, opting for a more diplomatic route. Nintendo commented on Microsoft’s statement to ThatShortGuy, simply saying “We do not compare ourselves to the other consoles.” Nintendo added that the new Wii U Pro Controller is an “enhanced version” of the Wii Classic controller, and has been specifically designed for the Wii U. The Pro controller offers developers more options to work with, should they not find the tablet controller suitable for their games. Recent photos of early Wii U dev kits showed that developers initially only had access to the Wii Classic controller when creating games for the new console.

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  • Steventelation

    yaaaaaaay First.

    • King of Red Lions


    • Your mom

      I felt the same way till I realized I posted my comment too late and then felt like some stupid guy

    • Steventelation

      I actually feel successful to be able to get the most disliked comment on WiiUDaily. It shouldn’t be a thing to be proud of, but I am, nevertheless.

  • Me

    Yeah show them who’s the boss.

  • jamaljenkins

    i really hate cocky companies like this, i hope they end up last in the next gen console

    • nintendon’t

      Yeah, they’re just jealous.

    • trainerblk

      I don’t like Microsoft as well but we most remember they didn’t ask the question its the media they allways starting war turning people against others but i was telling my friends that i didn’t think they was going. For it to look like the xbox controller i was thinking a mix of the gamecube & classic controller pro

  • Lexi565

    LOL good old nindeno for you, “our console its just better” says some random company to nindendo there normal response is mostly “and we dont care” in a round about way microsoft need to realise there not all that !

    • Ninty fan

      isnt it just odd how there is about the same amount of thumbs down for you, Nintendo’n’t and jamaljenkins….???

  • Nintendo fan

    First to comment
    Anyway Microsoft is just jealous they did this same with wii and game cube they just copy other companies.

    • Ninty fan

      Haha our names are almost the same

  • JC

    They’re just jealous of Nintendo. If they don’t have a better thing to say they should STFU !!!

  • DerikGotro64

    If nintendo “copied” xbox, then xbox copied nintendo, playstation and sega!

    • nintendon’t

      Then that must mean Microsoft copied HP, the Sun is really a flaming orange, and Shy Guy is actually Princess Zelda in a suit!!!


        1st D-Pad = Nintendo
        1st Portable game system = Nintendo
        1st Console to feature a rumble system on controller = Nintendo
        1st Console to introduce multiplayer with 4 controller ports = Nintendo
        1st Console to introduce motion controls NES’ powerglove 1989 = Nintendo
        1st Console to feature integrated touchscreen with the Wii U present = Nintendo

        Get your f@cking facts straight, learn gaming history, and show respect n00B.

  • Nintendo fan

    Arg ampst to first second

  • Nintendo fan

    I meant almost

  • Terence

    Sloppy Seconds….lol

  • James Bowserman

    Every generation; “hardcore” gamers and companies have to hate on nintendo and try and dis them, but of course Nintendo holds their own every generation.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      hey, not all ‘hardcore’ gamers hate Nintendo, I LOVE NINTENDO. Nintendo is the best because they are only a software/hardware video game compagny, not just like Microsoft with computers and Sony Picture, TV or whatever you want. When I was young, I was saying “Nintendo is the best compagny”. I didn’t know about Sony Playstation and Sega D: but Sonic the hedgehog on the PC? hell sure

  • Frankensavior

    You know this is really great, and it cements my respect for Nintendo even further. I like how they don’t resolve to petty verbal slander without any factual evidence to back up the statement. Nintendo could have took a pot shot at them, but they chose to answer the question bluntly, and honorably. I think that it reflects good on the way they handle business. If we reversed the situation and asked Microsoft or Sony to comment on Nintendo. You wouldn’t get this kind of answer, and there is ample proof of that. As they choose to handle business in a child like “mines bigger than yours” mentality. They never seem to come off as fans of playing games, but fans of presenting them, and indulging in sales profit. While Nintendo still tries to make GAMES that are FUN imagine that.

    I recently sold my 360, and all of its games. I used some of that money to buy a 3DS and I don’t regret it. One of the best buys I’ve made. I’ve bought tons of classics on the Eshop, and I’m planning on buying tons of 3DS games all at once when Kingdom Hearts 3d comes out. At then end of the day. Games are meant to be fun, and I’m glad Nintendo still understands that.

  • Ziul

    Yes, and the classic from the Wii was a copy from ps2/ps3… But wait! x360 have the buttons exactly as the gabecube! So Micro$oft was planing to do this when they build the box? Nice to know it…

    When we gonna star to talk serious?

    • plz son

      dude remember the original xbox was out before the gamecube

      • Alienfish

        The fact still remains that MS saw an opening in the market with Sega gone and simply went in for a money grab. The only thing you can really give MS credit for is pushing online multiplayer for consoles, but even that was happening all on its own. Nintendo is the wise leader of the console race and will outlive and outdo the competition now and probably long after I’ve found my grave.

      • Alienfish

        Oh, and I just had to check up on that release date. Gamecube was out in Japan a month before Xbox came to the US and last time I checked, Japan belongs to this world. It only beat the GC in the US by three days. Foreign still counts, sorry.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Nintendo began A,B,Y,X with his SNES (1991) so…NINTENDO POWNS MICROSHIT

  • Wii Uoops!

    Way to kick it to the curb, Nintendo! ;D

  • plz son

    you cant tell me that they dont have similarities, like shape the home button im a neutral fan and actully just bought a 3ds, but its oviously a 360 controller nok off

    • Alienfish

      In shape alone. The PS3 controller is configured the same way too it just has the buttons moved around the same way this new Pro controller does. I would actually prefer the way Gamecube controller buttons are set up though. Plus, Nintendo doesn’t want their new controller to look like a toy, thus it must resemble the current controller models already on the market.

    • SanPharaoh

      The Wii U Pro Controller is merely the Wii U GamePad without the screen. They didn’t copy. AT ALL.

      I find a common theme resides in those with low IQ’s: they only see what they want to see. Closed-minded.

    • Nintendo Defender #1

      Please continue on your failed attempt sway us from being Nintendo fanboys

    • theMONSTERaddict

      If you ever used a GameCube controller you can see the button layout is similar to this one. Except without the middle buttons and they moved the two analog sticks from the classic controller to the top. And Microsoft is so “original” copying the Sega Dreamcast controller. And i admit they look similar but how else can controllers look like nowadays? If Microsoft makes an “original” tablet for the new Xbox then we’ll see who’s the “knockoff”

  • Parker

    That kind of comments just show us how scared Microsoft and Sony are of Wii U success.

  • Man

    Thats what Mic. Gets while they throw poop (like monkeys) Nintendo throws brain power and intelegents (humans) but if they wanted to say it more explicit they would haves said this: Listen up lame a** microsoft we aint copyin Sh*t from your system You’ve beed copyin US sence you’ve been in this game when i see your controller i think Gamecube N***a so take your Xbox Live Sh*t and shove it!
    That is all (bow)

    • theMONSTERaddict

      Bravo man

  • Rasta

    Tekken needs to read this and see you dont have to use the Gamepad u can use the pro controller instead if u wish pluse most of use will get pro controller in no time! (to play fifa,Madden ect.)

    • The_Lump

      The Tekken producer has already said he’s not using the screen for anything too complex. The game is still coming so dont worry – the quote was just taken out of context. He said its “destracting “or fighting games”, but news sites are running with “it’s distracting!” as a headline so get some clicks.

    • Ben

      Yeah, you know what i hope they are bringing back? These crazy limited edition controllers that you can see through or just much more collours. These days its all Black and white. Why dont they make a red or purple controller/console? Or even limited edition gamecubelayout, Crazy painted controllers. Or in February some “Couples controllers” So a bundle of 2 controllers with Nintendo couples on it (1 with mario 1 with peach/ 1 with Link 1 with zelda/ 1 with toad 1 with Toadette) Stuff like that would increase the sales of the Pro controller and wil save the Wiiu for super crappy ports.

  • Slipsevenfold

    Microsoft and Sony should really stop stating that there products are better than Nintendo’s! There statements make them look stupid every time they try to insult the Wii U!

    • Ninfan

      I’m tryin to tell you, PS went as far to comparing their handheld vita to a controller. Fanboys on youtube call it a mix between Ipad and vita, if you do the math trust me you will be happy how much your controller is lol

    • King of Red Lions

      Seriously, they should just mind their

  • Alienfish

    Love that good ol’ Nintendo.

  • yykkkkk

    I own an xbox & a wii, since I have the wii i barely use my xbox. To be honest, microsoft & sony are showing they’re jealous because nintendo is getting close with graphics also. They’re are just scared to fail in the next gen.

  • Jesus Encinas

    This is one of the many reasons why I love Nintendo, their are not cocky. Unlike some…

  • The_Lump

    Well, unless you’re too young, you will remember that the Xbox controller was in fact a complete rip of Nintendo’s GC controller (albeit with less flamboyant button shapes and an extra shoulder button). So in fact nintendo is returning to their own controller layout, just with ergonomics closer to the 360 contoller and symmetrical analog stick layout. Obviously thats a fairly well optimised shape, ergonomically speaking, as Nintendo has come up with almost the same design.

    Dont kid youself into thinking that nintendo just looked at the 360 shape and said “yeah lets do that”. Thats not how they work. They will have put ALOT R&D time into coming up with the perfect shape and layout, and thats how it came out.

    • Nintendo Defender #1

      thats very true

  • sanjay

    Sorry but its gonna fail not enough fans left since its last 3 consoles failed

    • Britton

      I know you probably wont see this comment but I just had to say you are a moron. How do you call a console that sold millions more a failure? Also, some of the best and most classic games in the history of gaming come from the last three Nintendo consoles.

  • rafael

    Theres isnt a single think, as far as i know in the xbox controler that wasnt originaly created by nintendo…the d-pad, analogue sticks, shoulder buttons, four face buttons like the one in the snes, rumble feature…

  • rafael


  • AndyC

    Even with the leaked specs of a tri-core processor it could easily hold up to 4 threads/core if it were POWER 7 based. The GPU by the looks of it supports Shader Model 5 and Open GL 4.1, AND has a fully working tessellation unit, AND anti-aliasing (seen in Arkham City: Armoured edition) – something not capable on either the Playstation 3 or 360. Even someone without much technical knowledge knows that the Wii U is capable of keeping up with next gen, and providing a better visual and gameplay experience for the current.

    Microsoft don’t deserve to have their childish statement even responded to.

  • The Beeshnu

    How many designs for a controller can there be?
    Not many, that’s why they look similar
    And who really gives a Donkey Kong’s Ass!
    Stop hating and play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NameUcan’thate

    Nintendo, has, and always will outdo other companies. It outlived Sega and was being a boss before Clony and Microshit even came into the gaming industry. Nintendo all teh way!

    • Britton

      Well said.

  • Marcel

    The U Wii will not have 3 red lights 😉

  • Marcel

    Sorry, Wii U not U Wii.

  • ck1x

    I gotta say that WiiU pro controller looks leaps and bounds above the 360 in quality…

  • victor

    “We do not compare ourselves to the other consoles.”


  • Daemonrunner

    Take the high road, Nintendo. Nice job.

    Nintendo said itself a while ago that they aren’t trying to directly compete with Sony and Microsoft. They are creating a unique experience for people to enjoy, period. They want the same games to be available, but they aren’t going blow-to-blow with expensive gaming hardware.

    Personally, I feel it’s a very pro-gamer way of thinking. I know money is the key to having a business, but that doesn’t mean a business can’t be supportive of the customer-base by trying to dish out the best bang for the buck and not just going super-powered and expensive. Even in the faces of slumping stocks and negative press, Nintendo still holds on to its philosophies, and that shows integrity.

  • joe

    Just like HE-MAN said at the end of one his episodes. “It often takes more courage not to fight.” Glad Nintendo didn’t fire back with something stupid.

  • bigha6900

    first of all if you look at the gamecube controller the xbox360 copy off of theme the gamecube came out in 2001 the xbox came out 2005 & xbox evan
    put the same color buttons as the super nintendo so who copyed who i think you know the answer to that. so fu%k off

  • Garzard

    Update from Nintendo:
    “Also, Microsoft ain’t got swag like us.”

  • DerikGotro64

    The ONLY thing microsoft did great for the industry was perfect online console gaming. Everything else has been copy after copy.

    • Nintendo Defender #1

      but you have to pay, no one likes that

  • Jonas

    I really like the way nintendo works. They concentrate on the game and what the people want, not to argue with people. They come over more like real professionals this way.

    • joe

      The only thing I ever disliked Nintendo for is the licence stranglehold they had back in the 80’s. That meant that the more powerful and (and better sound system), Sega Master System had to literally create all their own games. I really hated Nintendo for that. As a Sega fanboy, I started rooting for Nintendo when Sony and Microsoft got involved. I was mad they encroaching where they didn’t belong. Hek if Sega heads in Japan said yes to Sony back in the 90’s it would have been the Sega Playstation. Not many people know that one! BUT, on this topic, I hope Nintendo repeats, and cleans house once again.

  • bigha6900

    if nintendo wanted to say some thing back about copying. everybody copy our D-PAD even xbox & the P.S

  • Marmor

    Beside all that controller stuff Nintendo invented in the past decades

    (1983 d-pad; 1990 shoulder buttons, button names A,B,X,Y; 1996 analog stick; 1997 rumble, 4 controller per console; 2002 wireless controller)

    it isn’t that much they could copy from M$.

    Clickable sticks were demanded by developers for easier ports and the general form/look of the xbox controller is really great. I use it on my PC and it’s a far better controller than the ps2/3 one.

    • DerikGotro64

      Technically, wireless controllers been out since the atari 2600 days, but I get your point. Lol

      • Marmor

        Really? What was the range back then? Wii/PS3/Xbox all use Bluetooth, aye?

        Man, those were the days. None cared about graphics on the 2600 =)

        • OldschoolNintendo

          The Wii is infrared not bluetooth.

          • EvanescentHero

            Just the pointer is infrared. The rest of the wireless (anything that doesn’t involve pointing at the screen) is Bluetooth.

  • Nintendofreak

    Well d snes had a,b,x,y buttons which the xbox has now, the n64 had a weird analog stick, so when u think about it basically all the controls came from nintendo…….plus they r just scared cuz come on they cant copy the wiiu controller without copying…with the way they made kinect which is a expensive copy n yeah.ps made the move which i think it is just a wiimote with a ball.on its tip…………smart glass i.guess its ok if u have a tab but wat if the tab is not.compatible or if u need to pay for.the service….xbl….the ps3 cross over is.kinda ok but the.ps vita is.probaly just a few bucks of the.price of.the wiiu so y buy a controller when.u can.buy a console

  • Nintendofreak

    the n64 had a weird analog stick, so when u think about it basically all the controls came from nintendo…….plus they r just scared cuz come on they cant copy the wiiu controller without copying…with the way they made kinect which is a expensive copy n yeah.ps made the move which i think it is just a wiimote with a ball.on its tip…………smart glass i.guess its ok if u have a tab but wat if the tab is not.compatible or if u need to pay for.the service….xbl….the ps3 cross over is.kinda ok but the.ps vita is.probaly just a few bucks of the.price of.the wiiu so y buy a controller when.u can.buy a console

  • Nintendofreak

    Sorry about the duplicate my internet is being stupid n refreshing itself.like every 3 minutes…..dam i hate 3g

  • Alex

    i wish the right analog stick and the buttons were fliped but i guess thats probobly a bit too far in lawsuit town

  • Firebro

    Your better than nintendo eh? Tell me about all those first party titles and your sales compared to us, and your so called inovation. PFFT micrsofty is a joke

  • 3dsguy

    all my friends have x box but do they own or eva owned a xbox exclusive eh no and do i like any xbox exclusives eh no wen i and when ask most of my friends to name a xbox exclusive they r stumped odd few say halo.never liked it or gears of war. truth is sony and microsoft are getting very worried cos nintendo getting 3rd party support and has the best first party games. so why would mii wii and u need a xbox l

  • Shadriczo

    Microsoft is in it for the money, not the gaming comparison that gamers want.

  • brandon

    Microsoft where u get Windows from? Apple maybe! and ur pissed cuz the new controller resembles ur controller…and gamecubes and ps3 and snes…come on if it wasn’t for u stealing the Windows concept from ur college roommate where would u b. right next to me playing the games ur not creative enough to make self

  • brandon

    One more note I’m getting the Wii u cuz my Xbox red ringed 5 times and has been in mail over a year because of it. My ps3 is my 3d player and current fav but they got my credit card stolen. The only thing nintendo done to me is make my work more for the games I want to buy lol

  • Thepokemonmaster

    Microsoft, have 5 price losses

  • Joyous Killer

    They just wont quit XD

  • Death

    Microsoft makes me LOL

  • WreckitRalph

    *sigh* When will Micro ever learn that Nintendo will be at its best. Gaming, style, art, and not to mention, best control design.

    (This may be out a subject but I’m just glad that the US Judge will [hopefully] ban 360 current models. True, google it up)

  • AwayToHit

    Microsoft is failing -_-

  • xxNin-twin-doxx

    Thats right Nintendo, explain to Microsoft that they wouldn’t have said that if the handles didn’t look the way they are

  • SanPharaoh

    Shade gets thrown, But the Sun keeps shining.

  • Jude

    No, the rivaly ends now!
    This message goes 2 any employee of Nin,Mic,Son. Look plp if the three made up and formed a new company just think of the futre technology of future system Sony with its graphics Nintendo with its gyro-aruo something with the gamepad and Microsoft with its Kinect think about all the possibilities with these. plese plp The Rivalry Ends NOW!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Oh please the shape was first taken from the gamecube I would know because, gamecube was my favorite remote layout but I’m quickly falling for this new nintendo remote.

  • Wii u crazer

    The smartglass is a stupid piece of shit, it’s nothing compared to the wii u gamepad, and I can’t even believe that Microsoft had the nerve to say ” The new Xbox360 Smartglass is better than the wii u gamepad controller”.

  • ajfel

    1. Copy???? Jesus… pathetic…
    2. And who made motion controllers like Wii – the first company who did that, when they saw that sales are low ofc microsoft and sony – pathetic also and that was true COPY…

  • Dere

    I know I’ll probably get downrated for this, but looking at that pic comparing the 360 controller and the Wii U Pro controller, I like the former’s button placement much better, as well as the labeling of the face buttons (the 360 controller’s position of A is just far more natural and comfortable than the Pro controller’s… I wish Nintendo stopped using the SNES’s obsolete button layout).

  • KMaziuk

    Wait! The GameCube came out first in Japan on September 14, 2001. Now look at the controller for the GameCube! The Xbox came out first in North America on November 15, 2001. Now look at that controller! EVERYTHING is in the same placement, but the Gamecube still came out first!

  • Elite

    Just hope this isn’t a manditory purchase. Just dont want to have to put down another 50. Though i would totally pay for this if i could play Zelda wind waker again in hd.

  • Dabe

    Xbox 360’s controller is a exact copy od SEGA’s Dreamcast