Nov 14th, 2015

When it comes to TV ads, Nintendo has stuck with their age-old formula: appeal to the whole family. Which is why every single Wii U TV commercial has had these ingredients:

  1. An upper-middle class family house
  2. Mom, dad, son, and daughter
  3. Over-the-top happy reaction when they see the Wii U
  4. The whole family plays together and are so happy because everything’s perfect

That’s right, you don’t need to shell out $500 for a session with a family therapist, all you need to keep the family together is a Wii U. Especially after grandma died on the cruise ship last Summer.

Anyways, the 2015 Wii U holiday commercial features all of the above. It’s 30 seconds of Nintendo trying to appeal to kids and their parents to buy the Wii U.



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