Sep 9th, 2013


Several Wii U Daily readers emailed us over the weekend to tell us that Nintendo is currently in the process of rebranding its Facebook pages. The Nintendo 3DS page will be renamed to Nintendo Handheld Gaming, likely to coincide with the fact that Nintendo 2DS will shake up that naming convention once it is made available to the public.

The Nintendo Wii and Wii U Facebook pages are also being merged under one umbrella aptly titled Nintendo Consoles. The Wii U page has 981k fans, while the Wii page has nearly 6 million. With this merger, Nintendo will be able to present Wii U news to all those who liked the Wii page, helping with marketing and letting people who have a Wii know that there is an upgraded console instead of being a tablet add-on.

This is a great move for Nintendo marketing both on the console and handheld fronts. This merger will be completed by September 20th.

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  • Jack5221

    Sounds like a really great move. Since the new pages will be named “Nintendo Consoles” and “Nintendo Handhelds then I think it would be pretty fun to make the cover photos a timeline of all the consoles / handhelds. From the NES until Wii U. To Virtual boy until 2/3DS.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Don’t forget the game and watches!
      Ooh, and technically… the Ultra hand and hanafuda cards were their first handhelds…

  • Lusunup

    This is a very bold move for nintendo since most every one connects to facebook every day. Knowing how wii has over 6 million fans they can know see what a Wii U really is under nintendos page!

    • Merrfn

      Hopefully it will raise awareness of the Wii U and generate sales. Because Sales= profit= opportunities= 3rd party support= GAMES= HAPPY GAMER!

  • Shota

    maybe they did that also for the future consoles/handhelds.

  • Sdudyoy

    I don’t use Facebook often if at all but doesn’t it also show who your following to your friends? if so it will not just being updated to the 6 million followers but all of there friends.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Nintenbook, is your body ready?

  • Satoru Iwata

    All apart of your plan for world domination

    • Arthur Jarret

      Yes, Ashley’s plan for world domination is almost complete.

      You better watch out – because she will be the cruelest leader the world has ever known! No man will be safe!

      • You make me sound so evil.

        • Zakariyya Al-Quran

          You really need to update some pages on this site like the system specs and games, last time it was updated was before release

        • NkoSekirei

          dont wry ur not evil ashely the only evil on here are the trolls especially springer85 with all his bad mouthing he does to everyone that disagrees with him

        • Arthur Jarret

          …errr… ehm… Iwata started it!

    • Shota

      is nintendo gonna take over the world?
      ow iwata make a game with Weekly Shonen Jump vs Nintendo!

  • SonicLucario

    Hmmm…I sense that this could be pretty helpful for Nintendo and the WiiU

  • CEObrainz

    Smart move putting all their customers under one page, now an update may reach over 7 million easily.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Good analysis on why they merged. That was the same conclusion I had when I saw this. Very shrewd move – although they really should have done this sooner IMO.

    I hope this also means they’ll actually have announcements and advertisement to show in the near future!

  • Great idea. Hopefully the Wii and Wii U pages merging won’t add to the confusion that the gamepad is just an add on…

    • cs_shane

      It probably will though 🙁

  • Ducked

    Smart move

  • Mario

    Wow! This is actually a very good plan!

  • Johny

    ok this is a good step toward nintendo.. now work more on the other forms of advertising.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    This is actually a very good idea, keep it up nintendo,

  • Energonkid

    Good marketing idea, but Facebook sent me 5 emails about this last week, and it really aggravated me!

    • Arthur Jarret

      Sue facebook!

  • JuleyJules

    When I first heard this I was confused but then more info came out – 6 million Wii fans. It makes sense now as long as Nintendo puts all kinds of info, videos, pics etc up starting on the 20th when the price drop and Zelda bundle come out. Plus posts will be visible from Wii U owners who are playing the new games.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    good move

  • Wiiluigi

    Makes sense now. I was really confused and had a questioning thought. I was asking myself if Nintendo was gonna release a new console. Major move!

  • devmiles

    nintendo needs to step up in marketing anyway so this seems just a very simple and effective move…like they should have done this way earlier

  • Robert Shaw

    Imagine a Facebook-style social network for Nintendo fans called……..Yoshibook!

  • Anthony Brinklow

    People aren’t not buying the Wii U because they don’t know what it is – it’s because everyone already owns a proper tablet, with the desirable features Wii U gamepad lacks and the gamepad has 0 appeal for non-gamers.