May 13th, 2014


For a while now we’ve known that Nintendo has planned to combine its console and handheld departments into one entity for better communication between the two. They even built a massive new building in Kyoto in order to house this new department. Now it looks like Nintendo’s research and development efforts on both fronts will finally be united after E3.

In a recent investor Q&A session, an investor asked Iwata how he plans to change how his company conducts business. Iwata’s answer was pretty broad, encompassing several aspects of Nintendo’s business, but the thing that stuck out most is his discussion of the merged departments.

We know that we need to change how we manage this new division as well as how we create and manage new projects, and we are currently making progress on this. Also, the new R&D Development Center was built earlier this year, and our developers will move to their new offices in mid-June, after E3. After settling in, the developers who are now working at different buildings will be able to work together in the same building. As a result, our development of hardware and software can be done in a more unified fashion with individual developers being able to communicate directly with others more closely, and the different R&D teams that are currently working in separate rooms can work as one team in the same room.

Of course, even now, our hardware development teams and software development teams work closely with each other, but because they belong to different departments under our current organizational structure, they are not necessarily able to visit others’ rooms freely. In the Development Center, we will create a space where developers from the four different R&D divisions can get together with others. This is another concrete example of what we are doing in order to establish an environment where unique and fun hardware-software integrated entertainment can be developed more smoothly.

With Nintendo creating a space for developers to freely communicate with one another, hopefully we’ll see more Wii U/3DS crossover games, similar to what we’re seeing with Super Smash Bros. and what Capcom was able to do with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate when it was released. What games would you like to see available on both console and handheld, in the future?

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  • Our efforts to combine our teams have resulted in our new console: Super Nintendo Cube 64 U 3D I Advance XL Micro Lite Entertainment System.

    • Decker Shado


    • Adrian Byrne

      take my money now

    • Featuring The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Ocarina of Skyward Wind Princess to the past Hourglass Tracks Cap Four Swords Adventure U!

      And Mario Kart 9.

      • Yes and it will use our new Nintendo VR Headset: Nintendo On!

        • Mike

          I’ve really been wanting this lately from nintendo…

          • Mario

            Wait!? They’re actually doing that!? O_o

          • That guy who hates Spike

            Whatever you do, don’t buy it on day 1.

          • Michael Legault

            It can cook a burrito from frozen in 30 seconds!

          • That guy who hates Spike

            I never knew there were any burritos in that movie 😉

        • MewThree28

          They really should have thought of this with MK8 and an option to go into first person mode :/

        • Pokémon Fan

          Is this real?!?!?!

      • Mayoo

        Ready in Q4 2086. Delayed to 2087. “Please understand” in 2087 while announcing more time is needed. Finally gets out in 2090, along with the “Super Nintendo Cube 64 U 3D I Advance XL Micro SP Color Lite Entertainment System –> Luigi edition <–" boosted to a whoping 100Gb storage and NEW FEATURE: account-bound purchases.

        • Includes Dangerous 100, the 100th Anniversary of the album “Dangerous”, includes world tour by Hologram Michael.

      • prettypinkpanacea

        LMAO – gold extended!

        • Gold now allows for free streaming services, and the console no longer includes Cube 64 apparatus, so as to make a cheaper joining in point.

    • Jason

      No color? No SP?

      • Daniel Carvalho

        That’s the next gen system.

      • Michael Ocampo

        It actually does say those unless if he’s… I mean Nintendo’s edited it already. 😉

    • Squid

      Awesome, now the population won’t get confused on if it’s a new console.

    • Michael Ocampo

      I like how it’s an XL but also Micro and lite! XD

    • prettypinkpanacea

      LMAO – Gold.

    • Greg Lanciotti

      wow… that was amazing for some reason

  • Nintenjoe82

    Good news: Nintendo will be making a home console they will have to support as well as a handheld from them
    Bad news: It will be a handheld console that probably won’t exceed PS4 in terms of power.

    • Please understand our next handheld will have the following specs:

      CPU: Codename: Blackhole 10trillion Terahertz

      GPU: Codename: Real Life: 1 Petabyte of Vram

      RAM: Over 9000 Terabyte!

      Powersupply= Chernobyl powerplant.

      It supports real life resolution.

      • Rinslowe

        🙂 Lol Niice!

        Now your playing with… Flower.

      • Nintenjoe82

        you forgot to mention how many clouds it would have! anything less than a gigacloud is not enough!

      • Allvalve

        In all seriousness I posted what I think will be the strategy moving forward in another thread, but in brief:

        3DS2 : Wii U hardware (but with some king of cartridge, or perhaps mini discs like Gamecube)

        QOL : God knows what it is, but Wii U hardware as the main system

        emerging market console : Wii U hardware, but no touchpad and deletion of internal memory, proprietary software, either some kind of SD variant, or perhaps again mini discs as above.

        Wii U successor : 8-10 core CPU based on Espresso clocked at 1.8ghz (or 2ghz if possible)
        1600ALU GPU based on latte clocked 50% higher at 825mhz
        10gb main ram
        2gb OS ram.

        This spec should allow 2Kor even 4K games at 60fps without too much difficulty, and will be familier hardware to internal dev teams.

        Unification means quick porting, re use of existing dev kits, new games using the same engines accross all platforms, and a running start for Wii U 2 as it will natively play Wii U, 3DS 2 and perhaps QOL software out of the box.

        • jjbredesen

          I think that would make a lot of sense, but i would imagine 12 cores will be the future of CPU’s. But apart from that i agree.

          • WiiUPS4

            I have heard that it would have 10 cores and run a new type of disk more powerful than a blu ray

        • Thedude3445

          No way am I putting discs in my next DS. PSP discs were bad enough. As we can see from consumer SD Cards, card media can have gigantic sizes, so Nintendo is making a wise choice by keeping up their use of cards rather than discs on their handhelds.

          If Nintendo waits and releases a Gen 9 console with the other two guys, I’m sure they’ll just go insane and use 32 GB or something. They already want to be able to run as many processes at the same time as possible (even the Wii U really wants to be able to do that so that Miiverse and Internet Browser don’t have two minutes of loading time), so I think over anything else, Gen 9 consoles are going to up the RAM. …Okay, maybe not 32 GB of RAM because that’s a little excessive. But who knows how technology will advance in 5-7 years?

        • FutureFox

          Actually only Iwata knows what QoL is. God shrugs his shoulders like everyone else.

    • D.M.T

      What makes you think Nintendo will release a 9th gen console that is weaker than a PS4? That doesn’t make any sense and it would be a waste of money. Stop acting as if people at Nintendo are dumbasses.

      • Nintenjoe82

        What did I say that would make Nintendo dumbasses? You assumed that me saying it probably wont be more powerful than something that is out now means they are dumbasses? If they were dumbasses they would have made the Wii U comparable to the PS4 and suffered the exact same problems as they are now which are marketing, perception and 1st/3rd party support. The difference being that they were sitting on much more expensive stock they couldn’t sell.

        The next console might be more powerful than a PS4 but not by a generation leap or even as big a margin as Wii U to PS3. I don’t think it will matter too much because no publishers are going to be spending the sorts of money needed to max out the PS4’s power and Nintendo haven’t gone overboard with power since the SNES days. I doubt they’d make a console massively more powerful than the last.

        They are combining their hardware teams for the first time since they divided them. I would assume that means they are making one console that can stream to a TV and be used as a handheld. They wont be making it more than 1080p 60Hz because there will still be no need for a console to exceed that by the time it is released.

    • ETMew2348

      ha nothing can beat the ps4 in term of power except my 6 year old Toshiba laptop =/

  • Cross platform play between 3DS and Wii U with MH3U is so nice… I hope they do more things like that

    • WiiUPS4

      Do you have MH3 for the Wii U?

      • I do

        • WiiUPS4

          Im thinking of getting that game

          • in the words of the emperor…

            Do it

    • Please understand that in Wii foreplay you can use the intuitive input of booth the Wii U gamepad and Nintendo 3DS system. For a greater more immerse experience.

    • WiiUPS4

      Zorpix What is your fav game on the Wii U?

      • Right now? Uhm… probably Skylanders. It’s my go-to game ATM. As far as exclusives, prolly Monster Hunter

        • WiiUPS4

          Ive never got into skylanders but with nintendo going that way i might just like

  • Rinslowe

    Yeah it’s called the after party!

  • Ferd726

    Hope they make the games twice faster now they united but still cannot exceeded they real potential. But still hope wii u can make more games. Before the rumor of the new hardware they will show in E3.

    • D.M.T

      There won’t be a new console revealed at E3. That would be beyond retarded.

    • Zuxs13

      The was debunked by Nintendo already. There will not be any new hardware at E3.

  • Donaald

    This is actually very good news and it’s something they should have done ages ago, they bridged the communication between software and hardware developers, now they need to do something similar for third party developers.

    Everyone who thinks this is news for a new hardware reveal, I’m sorry but you’re and idiot LMAO

  • Jason

    I’d like to see Mario Golf World Tour on the Wii U. Golf feels more natural with a Wiimote.

  • Mr Ninty

    now they have only one building to jump off from :p. just kidding i hope they will combine more game together

  • Sam

    Good, now hopefully the handheld developers can show to home developers how it’s done.

  • WiiUPS4

    I wonder if nintendo would go into the VR part..Mario 3d world in VR would be cool

    • ben

      I doubt it. Once burned forever scorned.

      • WiiUPS4

        Well here is for dreaming atleast

    • J_Joestar

      They should do it and re-launch it with a new Power Glove.

      • WiiUPS4

        Not a bad

  • anthony optimo

    I would really like to see a new Advance Wars HD, Fire Emblem, Vandal Hearts on the Wii U.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    The only flaw that I see in cross-platform play is that consumers will opt for the cheaper 3DS version instead of the Wii U version, which can really hurt sales. Sure, you can argue that not as many people would buy an inferior version of a product (ex. MH3U on 3DS has no camera analog stick without circle pad pro and it has less than stellar graphics compared to the Wii U version), but many would buy an inferior product if it means saving a few bucks.

    • ThisGuy18

      True but keep in mind that you won’t get as much game on the handheld version since the home console can hold a lot more data. Like for instance, in the smash bros direct when they talked about how the 3ds version will only have 2 soundtracks assigned to each level. But on the WiiU version you’ll be able to pick from a library of soundtracks and how often each song plays in a level like in brawl. You probly knew all that, but (IMO) thats a big determining factor for me, cuz i don’t think I’ll get the 3ds smash bros but i am gonna get the WiiU version, cuz there will be a lot more to do in the game

      • smashbrolink

        There’s also the fact that the Wii U version will be capable of more stable online play by virtue of being able to hook up to Wired internet, so that’ll play a big part.

  • Rich Cole

    Combining their all powerful handheld consoles with support and interactivity was a given. I think many of us expected it to be more fully realised with the Wii U and 3DS.

    Monster Hunter with Handheld and Console play, both cross ply and cross save is probably the best example of how you would push the system sales and functionality. Just need this with all games, and all couch co-op games would benefit from it. Like the early mock ups we all saw for the wii u.

    I know N said they weren’t going to release their next gen until gamers were done with the Wii U, but damnit I want it now

  • LisaJDwyer

    Monster Hunter with Handheld and Console play, both cross ply and cross save is probably the best example of how you would push the system sales and functionality. Just need this with all games, and all couch co-op games would benefit from it. Like the early mock ups we all saw for the wii u.

  • X3Charlie

    They should make the same games for both platforms, this will be good for multiplayer aspects because you’ll have a bigger player base, however the games should be somewhat unique as to warrant purchasing of both or maybe some kind of bundle.

  • Bobby P.

    A bigger 4 swords adventure sounds fun

  • Mario

    Nintendo! Unite! 😀

  • kyuubikid213

    Just go x86 so they can get ports of third party games. There. Problem solved.

    • ben

      Noooooo.. It is a terrible system. Consoles should run cold and silent, not be mini overheating pcs.

      • Petri

        Sadly, it just does not help Nintendo to be the only strange duck in the row.
        Though I totally agree with you.

  • DragonSilths

    Seems as though Nintendo is closing themselves in. They all huddle up in 1 building, then sever communications with Indie Devs when they banned their head of Indie communications from Twitter. They are secluding themselves.

    • Cyntheta Luis

      You know, although this is possible, there is not much information that will really prove this. Does Indie dev live close in Sony and Microsoft’s courters? No, they probably live really far away, contact by phone, emails, and whatever communication, occasionally sent on representatives to other companies. So I personally think the “secluding” themselves statement doesn’t work without proper proof of Nintendo became more secluding to third parties BECAUSE of the merging between two departments.
      I do think that is an interesting aspect though, just that it is overly judgmental.

    • Virus6

      Keep on weaving those webs. Why does Western culture love conspiracy theories?

      • DragonSilths

        There is no conspiracy theory’s on Nintendo. Its fact that there is hatred against them and such.

  • sd

    Very interesting. Combine this with their $100million purchase and I wonder what they are up to. Maybe a console that offers remote play like the vita. The other option is more games like Super mario 3D world, where games are made for both systems with similar development tools to make this easier.

    Its certainly interesting anyway.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    Sounds effing awesome!

  • Krzysztof

    Next handheld, Wii U portable

  • Andrew Longo

    i wouldn’t mind being able to play 3ds games on the tv with the gamepad as a touchscreen. i dont know why this wasnt a plan in the first place

    • FutureFox

      3DS and Wii U development teams were separated and did essentially their own thing. something Iwata wants to correct. The article explains the need for unison with these teams to avoid what you mentioned.

    • Virus6

      That will likely not be a likely thing to do. What point would there be to owning a 3DS if you could just play it all on Wii U? They more than likely just want a unified experience like having similar online structures and accounts across all of their systems

      • The point is to play in your living room with big screen when home -versus- playing on the road / on a trip. Not a bad idea at all (IMHO).

    • Am sure few firmware updates to both consoles could make this crossover thing quite possible. It’s only about making the hardware to speech with each other.

  • Pokémon Fan

    Will it be released soon?

  • PachterStation

    Looks like Nintendo are going to release an all in one console. A handheld (tablet style)that can be linked up to a TV. If this happens, games will probably come on cards or download them. No hard drive, it’ll be Cloud. Or a console and a handheld under the same tech. Have both consoles or just one console.