Sep 6th, 2015

Wii U ad

Nintendo has often been criticized for not spending enough on advertising and promoting its products, especially the Wii U. And when they did, they put way too much money into lame TV ads like this one.

But Nintendo has steadily been increasing its marketing budget and spending more to promote its systems and games.

According to Japanese business outfit Tokyo Keizai, Nintendo spend an impressive 10 percent of its revenue last quarter on marketing alone. That’s way above the average Japanese company, which spends just 3.5 percent of revenue on marketing.

Tokyo Keizai Online released a top 50 list of the companies in Japan that spend the most money on marketing, and Nintendo was the only game company on there.

Sony topped the list, but their ad budget also goes towards many of their other products. Of the 50 companies, Nintendo was just one of two that spent 10 percent of revenue on marketing.

While Nintendo has released its fair share of lame TV ads, the company did create some impressive marketing stunts as well. For example, they made a real-life race track to promote Mario Kart 8, and they took over a mall fountain to promote Splatoon.

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