Dec 19th, 2012

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has apologized for some of the technical issues that accompanied Wii U at the system’s launch, and has promised to address them.

Speaking during a mini Dragon Quest X-focused Nintendo Direct broadcast, Iwata said the company will address the much-maligned day-one update as well as Wii U’s crazy long load times between system applications.

Since launch, Wii U users have complained about load screens that can last (in rare cases) up to a minute, even when just switching back and forth between Wii U menu and a system app like Miiverse. Many hoped the problem would be lessened by a recent update that sought to improve OS stability, but it seems Nintendo is still working hard internally to isolate the cause of the issue and possible solutions.

MiiverseIwata has previously apologized for the huge day-one update that’s required to access Wii U’s features. He also took the opportunity to apologize for the apparent shortage of Wii U Deluxe units on Japan store shelves, although I expect he made this second apology with a little more relish than he did the first.

I don’t have an exact translation at hand, but it may have gone something like “sorry our new console is extremely popular. Everyone wants one and it’s totally worth your money. We’ll get more in to stores as soon as we can”.

Of course the bulk of the Nintendo Direct was devoted to discussing Square Enix’s MMORPG Dragon Quest X. Among the announcements were the addition of a randomized Magic Labyrinth level as well as Superstar and Magician classes in the game’s 1.2 update.

It was also revealed that a beta of the game’s Wii U version will be available to Japanese gamers in February ahead of its March release, and that owners of the Wii version will be able to download the Wii U version for half price. There was also a pretty sweet new trailer showcasing the game on Wii U:

There have currently been no plans announced to release Dragon Quest X outside of Japan. However if there eventually is an international release, we all will hopefully be able to alternate between dominating slimes and boasting about it on Miiverse without having to wait in between. Be sure to check out the recent Dragon Quest X Wii U screenshots.

So are you pleased to hear the days of 30-second hanging load screens may be over? Or would you prefer Nintendo drops the optimization stuff and puts all hands on deck to help Square Enix localize an English-language version of Dragon Quest X? Let us know in the comments below.

Translation via Cheesemeister

  • This is great news, actually! I cannot wait until they actually make this console equal or better in the current standards we live in. Not only loading times, but they need to work on their notification system. ie. when a friend gets online or is playing a certain game. Sure, they don’t want to be like other consoles but these things are trivial!

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    As much as I absolutely love Dragon Quest, I’d like to see Nintendo patch up the little kinks
    (like load times)  before they take too big of a step looking to find new stuff to put on the Wii U

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’d rather they worked on the load times, I’ve never played Dragon Quest and don’t plan to any time soon.

  • Chris C

    I want both.  

  • The load times aren’t a HUGE deal for me, but an overall stability update would be nice…

    • Guest

      They are to me. I don’t like to wait one minute every time i switch between menu, so i’m glad they are going to fix this.

      • it’s never been a full minute for me…

        • Guest

          Hey, that’s good for you! But it’s not the same for me: sometimes, while i wait, the console also freezes.

          • I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 Hopefully this patch rolls out soon! 🙂

  • uPadWatcher

    At least we most definitely support the CEO of Nintendo of Japan and Global President Mr. Iwata.

  • Clem

    People have 30-60 second load times??? My Wii U loads everything in under 10 seconds! I wouldn’t think there’d be that much of a difference between consoles!

    • Clem

      PS. the load-screen music for Scribblenauts is REALLY loud! Probably twice as loud as the average volume level for everything else.

    • Same here, my Wii U actually loads up stuff pretty fast.

    • IneffableCause

      It’s painful.  Turn the system on and sit and wait for it to get to the Wii U menu.  Then go to the Wii menu and sit and wait all over again.  Only to have to do it all over again when you switch back to the Wii U menu, which can be rather annoying if you decided to only be on the Wii side for a short time.

  • Leeroy


  • Johny

    well loading times arent catastrophic, but it would make  the overall system just SOO much more conveniant, less frustrating and better with improved loading times 😀 thanks nintendo for doing something about it 

  • $39063977

    fix the loading times. that should be No 1 priority cause it affects ALL users. Fix it, there are no excuses for such loading times in a 2013 operating system. it is ridiculous. Love the console, regardless, but don’t give an excuse for other people not to in such a lame way! Get a couple of expensive engineers and get them to organise a work group on fixing the issues!

  • Improving  loading times is LESS IMPORTANT than stability issue. ….Please Nintendo give us a Anti-Freeze patch!!!!!

  • NkoSekirei

    lets hope we get the load issues fixed so we can play games alot faster

  • Squid king

    I want the new Dragon quest, However I do like pokemon more

  • ObiBoing

    I thought that was what the second update they released recently was for ? Instead we have to do a third update to speed up the OS ?

  • Robert Papageorge

    Do something for everyone (Load times), or do something for some (DQX)? Help us all nintendo, improve the load times.

  • First world problems.

    • AZJ

       Like anything on a video game site.  You sound like a First Rate Moron.

  • Wizard_Dude

    I’m confused. My Wii U loads apps as fast, and often faster, than my 360 and PS3 do. Maybe it’s a connection issue for some people? :/

    • Sidney Majurie

       Same here. I actually timed my PS3 and my Wii U and they were virtually the same switching apps and loading Playstation store and eShop. I’m glad I don’t have these issues. Perhaps it is the net connection for some…

  • i’m not bothered about the load times really, but it will be nice to have it faster

  • If you don’t have an exact translation, how do you know he promised anything?

  • Fistbiscuit2000

    If a japanese dude said sorry that many times 70 years ago or more he would have to stab himself to death

  • the long download was not the issue, for setting up the WiFi was impossible and had to resort to using old Wii network adapter. the adapter did not work as it did on the Wii, so I looked on YouTube to find out how to setup network. 

    • IneffableCause

      I just got my system last week.  Wifi worked just fine for me but the download was really unexpected, and probably took longer since I was on wifi.  I sit down all excited to get up and running on a game and I think it was 2 hours before I even got to get in one between patching an all the other setup.

  • devmiles

    the loading times of this console in comparison to x360 or ps3 is truely horrible. i mean i’m ok with waiting a while but switching to miiverse etc, eshop.. common this is 2012 (3) nintendo.. wtf?!