Oct 4th, 2013

pokemon xy

Pokemon Bank is a Nintendo 3DS app that will allow players to transfer and store Pokemon online. The app will be available on December 27th in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It allows Pokemon X & Y owners to store up to 3,000 Pokemon and comes with the Poke Transporter app, which allows players to permanently import Pokemon from Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black/White 2 into Pokemon X & Y.

The interesting thing here is that Nintendo will charge an annual fee of $4.99 to use Pokemon Bank, stating that the subscription cost will go toward maintenance of the servers for the service. For those who download and open Pokemon Bank by Januarry 31st, 2014, you’ll get 30 days free.

Pokemon X & Y will be released worldwide on October 12th.

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  • Marcus Navarro

    A $5 subscription fee to hold what’s basically less than 1/2GB of data and a one-way cloud transfer system. Well…it’s extremely cheap and is great for people who wanna keep their Pokemon from BW/B2W2, so I guess the fee gets a pass. 3k Pokemon though? I’ve never known anyone to go over the limit of the PC capacity besides those doing the Nuzlocke and Wedlocke challenges, and even they are few in number.

    To each his own, I guess.

    • Zackary Bruley

      Im guessing that this bank will work with all future titles. Set your limit to 3k now, and they do not have to upgrade the servers later.

      • Marcus Navarro

        Hmm…you know what? That makes absolutely perfect sense. But how long’s it gonna be ’til Z or remake or the next generation’s released? GameFreak definitely spent A LOT of time working on each generation.

    • Michael Jurado

      isn’t this game going to have gen 1 ~ 6??? that’s a sh*t ton of pokemon right there lol

      • Akatosh

        Over 700 if you have all stages of each evolution probably.

    • leo

      HM slaves man..

    • The Mystical One

      1 of each pokemon + all event pokes comes pretty close to filling up the PCs. If you also want to have all the formes, then you’ll run out of room in BW/BW2

  • The True Gamer

    I don’t really like it. I don’t feel safe storing my pokemon online. The price isn’t too much, but personally don’t think there should be a price for a feature that has existed every generation. Can you pay for it with Nintendo points?

    • Sdudyoy

      The price is perfectly fair, free for the first month and then 5$ annually, they can’t keep up the server’s for long amounts of time without payment and considering they don’t plan on shutting them down any time soon and they actually said that your grandchildren should be able to use your same account.

      • The True Gamer

        Yeah, guess you’re right

      • classicgamer20

        It’s 5 dollars for the whole year

        • Sdudyoy

          Yes that’s why I said annually.

          • classicgamer20

            When you said annually i thought you meant monthly

    • Chris Jones

      How has these been available in other generations?????

      • The True Gamer

        Trading between systems. Like pal park in diamond and pearl, and other dedicated areas for one way trade. Its free

  • Sami Rautio

    Still going to get this epic game happy to be 3ds Xl owner 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KwykZExNo0&feature=share&list=UU619WEhO58jFeABXnLchBmw

    • Nintendosrulesx

      ??!?!?!??! whaaaa I didn’t know you can actually add movies on 3ds thanxs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AAAkabob

        Netflix also

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Wait, I can still trade with my friends online and have my own Pokemon PC right?

  • Ducked

    This is going to be my first Pokemon game ever

    • Akatosh

      Welcome to the world of pokémon!

      You’ll never truly leave…

      • Ducked

        Thanks! People told me that with Animal Crossing, so far I’m no where near from leaving

  • Sparky Kitsune

    Everyone will be done with the game by then. Is there a transfer app they’ll be releasing soon? Other than Bank?

    • QuizmasterBos

      Not right now that I know of, but I am pretty sure a transfer app will eventually be created.

      You see, I think this feature is set up for use later. Having to catch every single Pokemon becomes increasingly more difficult with every generation. It becomes rather tedious and I think GameFreak and Nintendo want to avoid this by allowing this app to keep all Pokemon in one spot and eventually transfering it over to whatever Pokemon comes after X and Y.

      That’s my theory, at least.

      • Akatosh

        Also prevents people like me who were planning on picking a starter, transferring it to the bank, restarting, rinse and repeat until all three starters are obtained.

    • CyanideInsanity

      There is a transfer app, but its a free extension of pokemon bank. http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/strategy/

  • Elitepwnsface

    The question is will i loose my pokemon if i stop paying till the next game comes out?

  • classicgamer20

    That is really good deal

  • I really hope we can import Pokemon from b/w b2/w2 to X and Y also without this app like we could have always done before, I would be really dissapointed if I can’t transfer my Pokemon without the online service like this, it has always been possible to transfer poke from previous games without to much trouble. It’s cheap I agree but still I really would like to he able to transfer my 611/649 Pokemon to Pokemon X without needing to buy the bank app…

    I have not looked up anything on the official site because I want no spoilers at all but reading this article the bank app helps to bring Pokemon to X/Y permanently? I honestly don’t like the sound of that I did not spent 350+ hours to collect as many Pokemon as possible in B/W to only learn I can’t transfer them to my next Pokemon game without a paid app…

    • Doctors Tardis

      You can’t. If you get the app early, it’s free for one month. So you can take that month, transfer over, and then not continue the subscription if you wish. But there is NO other way to transfer up to Generation 6.

      • I see 🙁 Thanks for the heads up I really do NOT like it, but I guess it’s innevitible, so I’ll just have to transfer them all over in the 30 days indeed.

        Bad choice from N though, very bad choice. (yes, I’m not fond on online storage at all as my reaction does suggest. I had to much trouble with things like that in the past, so definitely prefer to avoid online storage/digital downloads/cloud services at all costs, but no choice now it seems)

        • Doctors Tardis

          The nice thing is you can transfer WHOLE BOXES at a time.

    • Guest

      You can transfer pokemon from B/W/2 to XY. Quoting from the XY website “When you download Pokémon Bank, you can also download the linked application Poké Transporter!”

  • leo
  • Jon

    you misspelled ” January” you put “Januarry”.

    But yeah, I may use this… I am unsure though.

  • Caitlin♂

    If I were to make a Pokebank account before the 31st of January but not actually use it would I still be eligible for the 30 days free? As a poor teenager $5 is just out of my reach.