May 4th, 2012

Wii U controller dock
Nintendo has filed for a patent covering a possible Wii U controller dock, or docking station, as the patent application image shows. The patent image was spotted at gaming forum NeoGAF, and it could very well be a dock that’s included with the Wii U controller and console.

The Wii U tablet controller has a built in, non-removable battery, and will be charged with a USB cable that connects to the front of the console. The pictured tablet dock above would certainly make charging more hassle-free, and judging by the image, it appears as a simple construction that can be made cheaply enough to be included with the Wii U console and controller. It certainly doesn’t seem like something that Nintendo would sell separately, unless it has some extra features.

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  • swic11

    Even though this is news, I saw it two days ago on another site, I would have expected no less. We knew that the controller was rechargeable, so it would only make sense to either have a plug in, or a stand for it to sit on my my quick charge things for the 360, I am excited about it though. I like to display my things.

  • mkdhdh

    hmm great now i have a place to put my controller to 🙂 (now my sceen wont get scratched when my wiimote or nunchuck cartridge is to close to it in my wwii basket where i put my remotes and accesoires (idk but the thing you actualy plug in to yr wiimote at the end of the cable thats a cartridge right but nevermind)

  • alienfish

    Making the console more accessible… goooooood… goooooooood.

  • SWIC11

    now if they can just have a strong launch lineup. I know what already coming, but I am wanting some more titles…. E3 can’t come soon enough!!!!

  • King Rat

    “built in, non-removable battery”

    Which means after 5 years when the battery is dead and it wont hold a charge you have to go out and buy a new controller. Sounds just great.

    • JimmyKudo

      No, it means the dock will also be a charger.

      • King Rat

        I fully understand that the dock will also be a charger, but you have to bear in mind that rechargeable batteries have a limited life span before they stop holding a charge and built in batteries can often be impossible to replace without destroying the device.