Oct 27th, 2014


In what may be one of the strangest marketing team ups I’ve ever seen, Nintendo has partnered with Playboy Magazine to promote Bayonetta 2. While the promotion makes some sense, a big part of Bayonetta has always been her sex appeal, it’s still really weird to see the famously family-friendly Nintendo teaming up with an adult magazine publisher.

In order to promote the game, Nintendo is having Playboy is doing a photo shoot starring October 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Month and known gamer Pamela Horton wearing some sexy Bayonetta cosplay. You can see the full shoot on Playboy’s website. You can also vote on your favorite image from the set on Playboy’s Facebook page by liking it.

Nintendo seems to be really trying to play up Bayonetta’s sex appeal and reach out to a more mature audience with Bayonetta then they usually go for. Along with this promotion, they’ve also aired a commercial on Adult Swim. It’s also been noted that they specifically asked Platinum to make the game’s Nintendo themed costumes sexier than the team’s original proposals.

If this has gotten you interested in the game, both it and the original game are out now, both in stores and on the eShop. There’s also a demo out now if you want to try the game before you buy it. If you’re more interested in looking like Bayonetta, you can also get some Bayonetta themed glasses.

What do you guys think of this promotion though? Do you think it will be effective? Are you more interested in the game now after seeing these photos?

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