Apr 3rd, 2012

Wii U softwareNintendo will offer new Wii U software to developers through a partnership with software firm Green Hills. Nintendo and Green Hills will work on a software suite for the new console, where developers will be offered an “integrated development environment”, and other Wii U software.

Nintendo’s Genyo Takeda said of the new deal to Gamasutra, “We selected the Green Hills Software solution because it generates highly optimized code, and Green Hills provides excellent global support”. This is the second major announcement from Nintendo regarding third party software tools. Last month, the company revealed that it would offer Wii U software and tools in cooperation with GameWare.

Other developers will be offering engine tools to the Wii U, including Epic Games with its Unreal Engine, and id Software with its brand new Tech 5 engine. As we get closer to launch, we’re likely to see more Wii U software announcements, as more and more developers and third party tools are ported and made available.

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  • random WII U LOVER

    nintendo learn your lesson never think you can just leave being a first party company i meen youve survived 27 years with VERY loyal costemers now those costmers are geting smaller get some 3rd party games but no person will ever buy this for HARDCORE gaming my friends think im crazy because im ganna buy this consle i would agree with them but i am very loyal just doent rely one 3rd party ea is good youve been with them for years but doent get really desperet and stop making super mario bros games because you think nobody likes these any more and its the 21rst centry well the peaple still like super mario bros we still like zelda and we still like all of your first party game and i hope you know tat every single person in my class thinks im crazy because i play nintendo like ive said befor if you want hard core gamers doent make a family consle because youll scare familys and no hard core gamers will want it you need good sells good 3rd and first part games games and mostly LOTS OF SUPPORT in the first year (2013) all i know i will buy this consle nomatter what peaple say about it and peaple say it will be RELLY bad but they havnt played the dang thing and i will suport and post on youtube telling peaple to buy a wiiu

    • alienfish

      Dude, I’m not usually a grammar nazi, but holy F****** S***!

      Anyway, don’t worry about Nintendo quitting their first party business. The sales numbers won’t let them stop and even if Mario stopped selling, they would make some other IP or drastically change the Mario formula. I’m not really sure what gave you this idea in the first place. The Green Hills Software Inc. deal is for developers to have more tools to make games with on the WiiU. Nintendo is just now moving into the HD world and needs help since creating games with greater visuals requires a significant amount more resources and development time for them to look good and work properly. Oh, and I have a feeling that your friends are going to be eating their words when they see how cool the WiiU can be. Even in theory it beats the pants off of any other interface on the market, even PC.

    • I pity the Wii U lover

      I’m assuming that the OP is a young kid growing up in a world where all of his friends have grown up thinking that nintendo is terrible and graphics mean everything. I feel bad for you and commend your love for Nintendo. That being said your friends are going to be blown away by what Nintendo presents at E3. This next generation of gaming is going to be the most even gen we’ve seen in a long time in regards to graphics. This means that gameplay will once again become the deciding factor for who wins and loses and that is why Nintendo already has the other systems beat.

  • Fuzunga

    Sounds like it ought to be a Sega company.

  • random WII U LOVER

    how did you know i pitty the wiiu lover thats exactly how my life is im a kid who loves nintendo