Jul 18th, 2014


Nintendo opened a new community in Miiverse today called Camp Miiverse. This new community allows players to participate in events that occur across the entire Miiverse, similar to how Steam has community events during its Steam summer sale. Anyone is welcome to join the festivities provided they have the games that will be featuring in each of the challenges as they’re announced. Here’s the official announcement:

“Starting today for the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting gaming events that will span across Miiverse! Anyone can join as long as you have the games we’ll be playing. How it works: CHECK OUT our post where we’ll announce each day’s activity. We’ll post it right here in Camp Miiverse. PLAY the game! Try to beat our challenge! POST your screenshot proving you beat our challenge in THAT GAME’S COMMUNITY. Over there! Not here! RESULTS will be posted the next day. Events will generally be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For Mondays and Wednesdays you’ll have all day to play, and events held on Fridays will run all weekend long.”

It’s nice to see Nintendo actively engage the Miiverse community, as it’s a great way to keep players interested in their console, especially considering neither the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 have global communities dedicated to their games on the system.

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  • CydeFxt

    Miiverse is pretty awesome

  • bistricky

    The evolution of the Miiverse …. each day it gets better. 😀

    • bistricky


  • RecheDiazrivarola

    the miiverse is a success.

  • Hikingguy

    Slowly but surely Miiverse is becoming a nice thing.

    • Bobby P.

      “It’s a Good thing getting Better”

  • link2nintendo

    ooh, great idea. They should continue these kind of incentives that bring people to their console regularly to get t he most out of it. But this will largely depend on what the challenges are…hopefully they’re challenging for everyone and not just kids. They should also give away SMALL prizes to the winners, maybe a free nes download or something as a bigger incentive to participate, as not too many people care for quiet glory.

  • felony211662

    I’ve tapped a few home runs for team Zelda

  • Madmagican

    This could be interesting

    I wonder if we’ll ever get perks for winning

  • Epicstuf

    My friend code on 3DS if anyone is wondering:
    3866 – 8350 – 8984

    • Epicstuf

      Any one?

    • Guest

      Hello, my 3DS friend code is 1048-8865-7734.

  • Fiercedeitymelkor

    This should be an ongoing thing. That said, the first challenge is weak.

    • Merry_Blind

      What’s the first challenge?

      Edit: Nevermind, just found out it’s hitting a homerun in Wii Sports Club.

      • Fiercedeitymelkor

        Yea lol

      • thedeciderU

        yeah they need to sell it hahaha – actually, i have no idea how sales for that game are going. i’ll have to look it up.

        • Merry_Blind

          Yeah I don’t know heh? I know for sure I’m not buying it, or at least, not at the current price. Way too overpriced for a barely enhanced version of an already bare-bone game…

  • sillybajillies

    We don’t need to bash XBONE and PS4 at the end of every article…

    • bistricky

      So you consider,
      “especially considering neither the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 have global communities dedicated to their games on the system.”
      as “bash”ing?

      • thedeciderU

        here’s a tissue for your troubles haha xbone and ps4 are fine, and will be fine. so will wii u. i think it was a comparison, not a jab. lack of inflection can ruin almost any text. why i hate text messages. barf.

        • bistricky

          LOL … I’ll pass this on to sillybajillies. XD

    • thedeciderU

      here’s a tissue for your troubles haha xbone and ps4 are fine, and will be fine. so will wii u. i think it was a comparison, not a jab. lack of inflection can ruin almost any text. why i hate text messages. barf…

    • Devesh


    • Don’t need to, but turn about is fair play as the saying goes.

    • Mark

      You just called it the XBONE… you just no room to talk.

  • Devesh


    • Thomas Vienna

      Same reason you try to beat any video game: for the fun of trying the activity and the satisfaction of completing it.

    • The prize will be getting to elite status on Club Nintendo and getting an old nonexclusive game lol.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    I think we do need to bash XBONE and PS4 owners constantly because that’s what those gamers do to WiiU. WiiU does have something very unique and truly different to bring to the gaming industry. It’s the best console just marketed poorly. But I’m ok with that. Miiverse is truly awesome and is only one of the many awesome features the WiiU has. Well done Nintendo

    • WRONG. Wii U may be great, but the Miiverse is a broken piece of shit.

      • Rodger_Ramjet

        No Way, it’s a great addition and considering how young Miiverse is and it’s evolution in a small space of time; I think it’s very cool

        • No it’s broken. Kids saying stupid shit, core Nintendo fans getting banned for the most ridicules reasons by the power abusive admins. If you knew even half of the shit I have went through you would be singing a different tune. Trust me its a broken piece of shit.

          • MHeinz

            if ur getting banned so often then that means ur using it wrong

          • False. I have had over 100 people impersonate me on Miiverse, report ME as a phony, people from Canada, the USA, Sweden and the UK. A 12 year old American kid hated me for blocking him so he spammed me with reports and got me my 1st perma banned. I was banned for calling a guy “silly” I’ve been banned by my impersonators time and time again. Then they post bragging about getting me banned. I was pretty well known on Miiverse. Then anyone who defended me got banned. I did my final farewell post on Miiverse back at the beginning of May and I said I can feel that I wont even last a week before I get banned again and then 30 minutes after I left my farewell, BANNED AGAIN. Also MY FICTIONAL STORY WAS MARKED AS SPOILERS OF A GAME. One time a post of mine was deleted got me banned, then the admins brought my post BACK yet I was still banned. Then I got impersonators on Facebook, and more on Miiverse. Then I got harassed on Xbox 360 from those idiots. So no, I did nothing fucking wrong. The system is broken. I have been at war with the admins if you want to call it that for over a year. I left on my own terms before anymore bullshit could happen. Though more and more impersonators of mine show up on Miiverse. My fans are tired of dealing with them.

          • A – Kuma

            I post on MiiVerse all the time and i’ve never had a problem…you must be doing something horribly wrong or said something that pissed off a LOT of people if you’re going through all that drama on a generally friendly community. The only trouble I got into was getting a post removed followed by a warning because my friend decided to go on there and write “Penis >:)” when i wasn’t paying attention. From what i can tell all you have to do to stay clean is don’t curse, be an asshole, or be sexual/perverted. I’ve managed it just fine so far, so if you’re not doing any of those 3 things then I don’t know what to say.

          • Nope, if your a troll or being an ass your A-OKAY! I even did a test. I made a new account with a completly different Mii and name, and I trolled, bitched out everyone, made countless posts about how shitty the Wii U was and that the Xbox One was much better and I called people fanboys and all that shit. I did that for a month and NOT 1 SINGLE VIOLATION. I revealed who I was after a month THEN I got banned…The Admins have me on like a Blacklist or something were they don’t like me and are jealous that people actually LIKE me and not them. They see my name, and poof WE MUST BAN HIM.

          • Justinr

            What you just said I don’t think i could make all that up if you paid me! Anyway miiverse is an awesome little app. I love posting screenshots, catching a particular scene etc. I’ve had some great discussions with others about that particular game scene or the game in general.

            The way people used it for ww hd for the figurine collection really blew my mind.

          • I didn’t make it up. I have proof of all of that. I did YouTube videos every time I got banned so my fans would see what stupid thing got me banned this time.

  • Darius

    Im excited!

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    If it’s called camp Miiverse will it have glitter and be pink? I jest, I jest.

  • Lame. Fix Miiverse or kill it off. Adding this doesn’t do a damn thing.

  • MHeinz

    i kinda wish nintendo added achievements or trophies or w/e on the wii u. I guess u could say the Stickers are their version of achievements but only nintendo really uses those

    • Nookling

      Could be cool way to implement stamps in a better way

  • Kenshin0011

    Hey this seems pretty neat

  • A – Kuma

    For the people who feel it’s unnecessary to point out that PS4/XB1 don’t have these features: Many writers across many websites do this all the time, some more or less than others but it always happens. Of course whether the article says something about it or not there are always people who, for whatever reason, are anti-nintendo that will always have something to say about the Wii U(features or lack-there-of). The icing on the cake of course is not only do they feel the need to point these things out, but they attack anyone who likes nintendo or owns a wii u. I’ve seen comments like “anyone who uses miiverse is a loser” “the wii u has NO good games on it” “Nintendo is just trying to pander to children and ‘adult babies’ who don’t know what a game is” “no real man would buy a wii u for himself” the list goes on.
    Because I own a wii u i’m apparently a child, uneducated, a wimp, have no taste in games, don’t know what gaming is all about, need to grow up, only want to play “kiddie” games, less of a gamer, less of a man, not a man at all, some kind of sub-human, “just a casual”(honestly, what the fuck does that even mean?), need to get a life, need to get laid, am ruining the gaming industry….all because i bought a fucking gaming system I like? All because they don’t like a gaming system or company? I have to be on the receiving end of all this hatred and irrational anger and i don’t even talk shit to anyone, i don’t hate on the other consoles, hell I’M GOING TO BUY A PS4 SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE! But no, fuck me i should die just because i own a nintendo console. just because they think it sucks, and it all stems just from the fact that the wii u has a feature that could be better or lacks a feature entirely…so you know what? Fuck them, one little jab(and it’s not even a jab really) at their console of choice isn’t going to kill them, they don’t deal with the ridiculous hatred and slander nintendo fans and console owners do. I fuckin hate this console war bullshit…

    • LordiMcKill

      All the Wii U haters are probably a fanboys and girls for a console themselves, only wanting to see their console come out on top. But when a console manufacturer announces an exclusive game to their own console that was once a title that appeared/appearing on other consoles (eg. Bayonetta 2, Devil’s Third) that’s when the haters and fanboys come out of the shadows and express how they really feel about these changes and that’s when the bashing begins. Sometimes people just don’t appreciate the unique features that every console has, the Wii U has unique features and so do the Xbox One and PS4. At the end of the day it all boils down to which console is the One 4 U.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    WHAT THE…!!!


    Miiverse…. you did it again!