Jan 21st, 2014


Ever since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U last year, many fans have been clamoring for an HD remake of Majora’s Mask. We know Nintendo is fond of giving the HD treatment to older Zelda titles, as both Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker HD have gotten the remake treatment. Now more than ever, Nintendo continues to hint that a Majora’s Mask HD remake is on the way. Check out this question from the most recent issue of Game Informer magazine, where A Link Between Worlds designer Hiromasa Shikata discusses the game:

GI: “We found Majora’s Mask and another subtle reference to Link’s Nintendo 64 adventure in Ravio’s Journal. Are there any other Majora’s Mask references that we missed?”

Shikata: “[Having Majora’s Mask in Link’s house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. Now why would they ask us to do that?”

Why indeed? Is Aonuma gearing up for a Majora’s Mask HD remake this year to tide fans over while we wait for the Zelda Wii U reveal? In an interview as recent as October of last year, Eiji Aonuma confirmed that the HD remake of Wind Waker only took the company six months to produce.

How would you like to see this during the next Nintendo Direct?

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  • Lil J Moore

    Please Please Please bring this to WiiU Nintendo and make a Majora themed console So I can buy it.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    This would make me stop bashing the Wii U. But I would like something a bit more than just a remake. Four more dungeons and a couple more areas would be nice. Anyway, a remake of this game for Wii U would be awesome, even though Im pretty sure it would need more than six months.

    • Guahiatt

      I agree. More than a remake i would like to see a succesor…something bigger

    • Kirbyomega

      But if they added more dungeons how would we beat it in just 3 days?!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Lol, long time you played MM?

        • Kirbyomega

          No, but i’ve heard people complain how 3 days was too short lol.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ah, but you can travel back to the first day at will. But you lose all progress so you must finish a dungeoun before travelling back in time. Therefore no problem with more dungeons, allthough they cannot be too big. 🙂

          • Kirbyomega

            Oh my bad, I thought you only had 3 in game days to beat it haha

          • Magnus Eriksson

            yes and no 🙂

    • kaygivs

      there’s a reason for the amount of dungeons….


      • Magnus Eriksson

        Lol, thats a classic example of overanalyzing 🙂

        • kaygivs

          lol but it makes so much sense!!!!

        • KaidaStorm

          Either way though, the 5 stages of depression were intentional but it could either be due to the game theory or due to the end of the world. I’m all for additional content, but I think the regions needs to stay the same.

      • ETMew2348

        nooooooo (sorry for the dislike but no)

    • Jamar Moore

      Well who knows? Maybe it’s BEEN in development.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Please work on the real Zelda and a bit less on remakes, thx !

    • audi lover

      Do both

    • Fred

      Just hire another company to do the remakes like they did with Ocarina of TIme 3D then everyone is happy and we get more games.

    • Heaven on Earth

      My thoughts exactly I rather play the new zelda that revolves around the technology of the wii u im tired of waiting

  • Wayne Beck

    I would prolly give this one another shot. It’s probably the only Zelda I disliked more than WW at the time. WindWaker grew on me, so I suppose it’s possible for MM too.

    • Nintenjoe82

      TP and SS made me grow much more fond of MM and WW. I liked but didn’t love WW and MM at the time but TP and SS seemed to do away with so much of the living breathing worlds that WW, OoT and MM did so well.

      MM is probably too difficult for the kind of Zelda Nintendo are putting out now though.

  • Dark-Link73

    It would be simply amazing to have the remake of Majora’s Mask on the Wii U, but let’s face, there’s more chances of the remake to make it to 3DS because the engine is already running due to the OoT remake.

  • darkcreap

    I remember Aonuma clearly saying in a press event to a question about a Majora’s mask remake that if we played a Link Between Worlds, we would receive an answer to our question.

    I have a hypotheses of mine:

    -Everyone expected a remake of A Link To the Past -> We got Link Between Worlds, which seems like a remake that transformed into a whole new game with a flavour of A Link to the past.
    -I do not expect more remakes of Zelda for 3DS. We have Ocarina and ALBW.
    -I do not expect either a remake for WiiU. We already have Wind Waker. Furthermore, Majora’s Mask is not that popular.
    -I read a rumour (deemed as bullshit in the NeoGAF forums, all must be said), that the new Zelda WiiU is darker in tone and has a feeling like a spiritual successor to the WiiU. As I repeat, this point should not be taken into account but:
    1) Aonuma had specific interest in the mask being there.
    2) It would seem a perfect moment to have a spiritual (or a simple sequel) successor to Majora’s Mask as an all new WiiU Zelda game in the same way that A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to A Link to the Past.

    I think they are screaming it. If I am not far from it, I think we have Zelda this year. (Sorry for my wet dreams, but I had to say it. I know many here think it will be 2015).

    EDIT: I do not mean that ALBW is a remake, but I mean we already have 2 zelda games in the 3DS. I also think that giving that heavy a clue if Zelda is far away is not something Nintendo would do to let their competitors know it.

    • ScrewAttack

      I’d love a game that continues on the Hero shade’s story.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      A new Zelda game inspired by MM could be great, allthough it should be much bigger.

      • darkcreap

        Yes, absolutely. Remember those 2012 rumours that Zelda WiiU would be huge? OK, OK, darkcreap, don’t get hyped, don’t get hyped, calm down!!!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          I think they have to make a bigger one now. Skyward Sword was not as big as they had promised, far shorter than Twilight Princess too. Next one should be bigger than a 2006 years game.

    • audi lover

      Mm way better than oct if they can bundle that with wind waker on wii, and then remake oct for 3ds, then remake wwhd, they best be making a hd version of mm as its by far the best of all 3

    • benjie

      You have a very good point. I’d love to see a sequel like game for MM like link between worlds was for link to the past. I love the dark theme MM has. Lets hope for the best. Probably more info on E3 2014.

  • Ferd726

    How about the new zelda is the sequel of majoras mask

  • Seth S. Scott


  • jhell

    nintendo it time to be the best

  • linxz

    ANOTHER remake? hell no! work on a NEW game instead, now more than ever. ‘nough said

    • Deadpool U

      Work on a new game? You mean like they’re doing right now as we speak?

    • Fred

      if they ship it out to do 3D like they did with Ocarina of Time it won’t even slow down the new game.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Wii U version of MM please

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    It’s a good idea to announce this, but I only expect a portion of fans to gravitate to this particular Zelda. The buzz isn’t that strong, but again l want this to happen. It’s better to do it than not to do it.

    • audi lover

      mm best Zelda just a little short

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Two possibilites…

    -Majoras Mask 3DS
    -Wii U Majoras Mask Sequel to finish the Hero of Time Trilogy

  • Fred

    I’d gladly take Majora’s Mask HD, but I’d prefer Majora’s Mask 3D. It would be cheaper for them to produce where the tools were already all made for Ocarina of TIme so I think that would make it more likely that Nintendo can justify it. I’d love for them to drop it on us like they did NES Remix. You know during a Nintendo Direct they say Majoa’s Mask 3D we added 1 or 2 features and oh yea you can download it RIGHT NOW. I love that concept!

  • John Andalora

    So sick of remakes.
    This is one of the reasons why people say you’re in trouble, Nintendo.

    • Yen

      Because Nintendo is the only company that does remakes…

      • John Andalora

        Never said others don’t do it.
        But considering we’ve already seen Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time, another remake on Zelda is just adding to the pile.

        • Yen

          Skyward Sword just came out 2011. If we get a new Zelda 2015, I’m okay with them giving us a few remakes. Best scenario is a new game revolving around Majora’s Mask instead of a remake of course.

          • John Andalora

            But we Did.
            Link Between Worlds on 3DS in 2013.

            New concepts, new ideas, and yet maintaining a sense of exploration.

            So I think we’re fine for Zelda til 2015, and as I always say if you want to play the old one again then go play the old one.

    • Agent721

      Every company does remakes. Tomb Raider, Rachet & Clank, God of War, etc….the problem is, we need a new Zelda & not just remakes.

      • John Andalora

        Other companies do it.
        However, other companies don’t often make it into a huge bundle with new graphics on the gamepad and make a big fuss about it like Nintendo.

        • Falcoxcalibur

          Nintendo does it right, you mean?

        • Agent721

          Sony made a giant fuss of the GOW remakes. My inbox proves it.

      • readypembroke

        forgot Halo!!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Link between worlds was good. If they did something similar to MM it could be pretty awesome

      • John Andalora

        Isn’t Link Between Worlds its own new kind of thing? I’m looking at Ocarina 3D and Wind Waker.

        • greengecko007

          Nintendo announced it as a sequel, but it is definitely just a well made remake. A Link Between Worlds builds on and changes some of the concepts from A Link to the Past, just a like remake should. Wind Waker HD is a glorified port with better graphics.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Thats excactly what a remake is. Wind Waker wasnt really a remake as much as a restauration, or graphical update (mostly light effects).

          • John Andalora

            When I say “remake,” I refer to things like Conker’s Bad Fur Day vs. Conker’s Bad Fur Day Reloaded. They’re the same game with some slight tweaks.
            I see things like Link Between Worlds more as new concepts. They say it’s “set in the world of Link to the Past,” but that seems more like a “It’s a top-down Zelda” rather than a “It’s more of the same.”

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Remake, remastering, restauration,

          • John Andalora

            I see remakes as things like the transition from Diddy Kong Racing to Diddy Kong Racing DS. Some slight changes, but the same general game.
            I figured Link Between Worlds was more its own thing simply because it brings new material to the table rather than simply costing more than the old one.

    • Daniel

      Thats what i’m saying..!

  • Agent721

    At this point, it’s time for a new Zelda & not another remake. The console needs a new Zelda & NOW.

    • They’ve said basically the same thing so a remake wont happen until after Zelda wii U unless maybe it’s a 3ds game.

    • audi lover

      come on only 6months dev time you would be insane to pass on that, just use another team to do the remakes makes sense considering how much wwhd sold

      • Agent721

        I wouldn’t pass either, I just want a new Zelda and the system needs it.

    • KaidaStorm

      They are making a new Zelda according to Nintendo’s updates. Unless Zelda Wii U happens to be Majora’s Mask, which I highly doubt. Then again, I wouldn’t mind it being a direct sequel with an HD MM attached. 😀 But I doubt that even more.

  • Deadpool U
    • ETMew2348

      he always looked kinda i dont know like shy or the quiet one in your class secretly going to kill you while you walk home o_o

  • Rich Garriques


  • Leo

    Majora’s Mask for the 3DS please.

  • TheHaydenator

    If they are going to announce a Majora’s Mask remake it won’t release until next year at the earliest. With Hyrule Warriors releasing sometime this year and Zelda U releasing sometime between the end of 2014 – beginning of 2015 (supposedly) , there wouldn’t be much point of releasing 3 LoZ games within such a short time frame

  • LJay

    Oh yes! this would be fantastic on the wiiu!

  • bakedapplepie

    Majora’s Mask + HD + Wii U = Perfection

  • Ducked

    Majora’s Mask is by far my favorite Zelda game in the series! I’d love if they made a HD remake on the Wii U, or port it to the 3DS.

  • Rick Valenta

    If they did an HD remake of OOT and MM who wouldn’t buy it? I never beat the original because of issues with the three day re-start and lack of save points, but I would love to give it another shot.


    Earlier this week I said that Nintendo’s eshop needed improvements. I wasn’t talking about its performance, but more in the lines of quality content and features. If Nintendo can start unleashing these classic N64, Gamecube remakes in the eshop that will be the route that will work for them and its fans. In addition, an eshop monthly subscription is a must now. I can’t see Nintendo giving away free games like Sony does, but they can at the very least start by making certain classics available for Subscribers months in advance. This creates hype for the games, eshop, and Nintendo. It’s time to just let it all out Nintendo, enough with the wait.

  • Sdudyoy

    What if It’s not a Majoras mask remake there teasing but Zelda U is a Majora’s mask squeal?

  • wiimenonowiiu

    In my old age i would punch some1 in the face to get this on wii u hd lol

  • Heaven on Earth

    Would rather have twilight princess in hd oh well ill pass on this one until the official wii u zelda arrive

  • Daniel

    What’s with all the remakes? If I wanted to play majoras mask.. i’d play it on my n64. And I do… quite a lot, actually! Is Nintendo daunted by the task of making new zelda games or something?I don’t understand. People, ITS THE SAME GAME.. JUST WITH BOOSTED GRAPHICS. Why is everyone creaming their pants over this? I feel like im taking crazy pills! Lets see a NEW Zelda game! My body is ready for something NEW!

    • Diana of Themyscira

      I’d rather play Zelda games on my 3DS wherever I go, so I don’t mind HD versions of all Link’s adventures.

    • lonewolf

      They make remakes for those who weren’t yet born at the time the n64 was around or were to little to buy and play these games so the remakes will attract new audience of gamers and also those who at that time skipped the n64 to play some other games on other consoles as soon as you realize that you are not alone in this world the better. Nintendo has realized that and that’s why they are on top of the gaming industry.

  • Sheiky Baby

    It’d be cool for the 3DS.. But with the announcement of Hyrule Warriors, it should be away from the Wii U. The Wii U doesn’t need a reputation of constant remakes.

    Now, a cool idea would be for an HD remake to arrive in the eShop a good time after Zelda U.

    • I am Error.

      Maybe by then Nintendo will have a better eShop strategy =)

  • Squid

    E3 or January direct, I’m up for both.

  • shaun

    Much rather have Twilight Princess but with voice acting of everyone else but Link like Metroid Prime

    • lonewolf

      Don’t expect that one until the 9th generation of consoles. you can play the game on your wii u as it is now.

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    I cannot stress enough how much the MM remake should NOT be on the Wii U. If we do get a remake, it should be for the 3DS. Firstly, I can already play the original MM on Wii mode. The thing that made OoT3D innovative weren’t its updated graphics. Sure they were nice, but it was the fact that you could now play one of the greatest console games of all time in the palm of your hand that made it special. And secondly, an HD remake of MM would be a megaton harder than the one they did for WW, and I already don’t like how they wasted their time remaking that one. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have preferred if they just released the original WW on the eShop along with some other GameCube titles like Super Mario Sunshine. WWHD asside, it would take up far too much of Nintendo’s already stretched-thin resources in order to pull off a proper MMHD remake, resources better spent on the brand NEW Zelda than on a remake. The assets needed to make a 3DS version have already been created with OoT3D, so it would be a simple task to make it and wouldn’t take up nearly as much of Nintendo’s resources.

    • Aleks

      True, and fair point. Although, personally, im not into small screen gaming. If its on 3ds Ninty wont get my money. Since there is a MUUUUCH bigger user base, it is likely to be avail on 3ds. If they update it for the system rhat NEEDS the help, i will support (even though the original irritated me to no end with its time limits always keeping me under the no-fun-gun). I like exploration Zelda! Mmask and Skyward are my least favorite, but i’ll give it another go if its updated to the big HD screen.

      • SuperSonicBrawler

        The Wii U needs the help of a brand new Zelda more than it does another HD remake. Seeing as it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo starts releasing N64 games on the eShop along with everything else, it’s not like we’ll never get the chance to play MM on the gamepad. My ideal business strategy for Nintendo would be to release MM for the 3DS some time mid-2014, and then have the next console Zelda, which will hopefully be ready by Christmas, somehow relate to the plot of MM, so that MM3D entices new fans of the series who may not have played the original N64 version to be even more interested in the new game. I’d love to see the mask mechanics return in an all new Zelda game.

  • Aleks

    It’ll most likely be on the 3ds, which doesn’t really need the help. if its sharpened up (quite a bit) and avail on WiiU, im on board.

  • Skelterz

    I’d love this for wii u but if there gunna bring that purple wii u out with it i know its a fan made pic but if they do hopefully it had double memory and by then you can actually just sign in to your previous account from you last wii u because as amazing as the console looks and as much as i’d want it it would be gay to start over all my games again and i have got a few e-shop games

  • Captain Falcon

    Anybody here wanna help a brother out? I’m stuck on what degree I should major in and I’ve been switching so much. What are some jobs in the computer area or video games?

    • Captain Falcon

      Wow. Thumbed down lol

    • Zuxs13

      there is no money in computer game jobs. Get a job in computer programming. Financial companies pay good money and are decent work especially to get your foot in the door. Look for internships offered at your college for computer jobs, its the best way to figure out what you might like and get hired after you graduate.

    • Nintenjoe82

      If you can get to phd level in maths, chemistry or physics, you’ll be able to get most jobs in existence, especially programming.

  • Jason

    I need this. Majora’s Mask is my favourite game.

  • It will most likely be for the 3DS since they have the engine and all the assets done already. I believe this has been in development since some time after OOT3D and they will probably release it summer/fall 2014 in wait for Zelda Wii U.
    Just speculations.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Maybe the new title will take place on the same timeline as Majora’s Mask. Perhaps we’ll finally see how it was created! They could be advertising their new title and we wouldn’t have any idea!

  • starwars360

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah please!!!!
    This will be another game to bring Wii U system sellers!!! 🙂

  • Mario

    Happy 15th anniversary Super smash bros!

  • NkoSekirei

    if they do bring majoras mask to the wii u they should also bring out a limited edition purple wii u deluxe edition with a purple gampad too that be sick

  • AAAkabob

    How about a god damn new game instead of remakes for the love of God.

    • Pikachief

      it doesn’t take away resources as they’re made by separate teams so i don’t see what the issue is.

      And they’ve still done a whole lot less remakes and re-releases than Sony has done on PS3

    • Aleks

      Im happy to replay favorite games again, provided they are updated, at least graphically. Also, the big teams don’t focus on remakes either, so it doesnt really detract from upcoming originals.

    • DrNope

      How about both?

  • HungryMetroid

    A remake would be nice, but I think I’d prefer a sequel on Wii U, complete with transformations, a dark story, and maybe have the three day cycle return or something similar to it.

  • Spencer Manigat

    Alright, let’s crush expectations right now. Majora’s Mask isn’t being remade on the Wii U. It’s being remade on the 3DS. Aonuma already confirmed this. People wanted a Majora’s Mask remake, and he said he’d only do one after he made a NEW ORIGINAL ZELDA on the 3DS FIRST. A Link Between Worlds is that game. Next is Majora’s Mask. On the 3DS. Probably this year.

  • JeanPaul

    I’d just like a new Zelda with TP graphics…

  • DrNope

    Can they just at the very least start bringing N64 games to the Virtual Console!?

    The virtual console is, in my opinion, Nintendo’s greatest fumble at the moment. What should be an embarrassment of riches is just an embarrassment.

    • Aleks

      Could not agree more! A void full of embarassment!

    • I am Error.

      Agreed! It should be a fairly easy service for them to maintain but they’ve treated it like they WANT it to fail.

      • DrNope

        They just won’t let us love it. It’s as if they released Earthbound just so we have a reason to come back and see how shitty it all still is. They threw a parade in an abandoned town.

        Is it too obvious that Metal Gear for the NES could be a BIG hit for them? Get Konami on the phone! Is it too obvious that a bunch of people who just played through A Link Between Worlds might really enjoy A Link to the Past right now?

        Super Mario 3 is TBD? Really? Can’t that just be a staple item by now? Can you imagine if Apple came out with a new iPhone and Instagram or Angry Birds were TBD?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Not to mention some idiot Miiverse users (like this ‘Sam’ character) reporting and attempting to ban anyone who complains about it and blocking anyone who calls him out for it… Defend much?

      • DrNope

        Oh boy don’t get me started…

        A few weeks ago I was watching a television show with the Wii U Gamepad on Tvii. A Nintendo moderator was running an episode of Pawn Stars. There were poll questions, comments for every photo, and the photos were hand picked instead of random. I engaged in the discussion as I watched the show, which is what I would think Nintendo would want. It’s kind of a ghost town on there.

        Anyway, the moderator asked a question on one frame, where the answer was a number. Everyone was guessing numbers. Being cheeky, I guessed a high number in the thousands, something impossible given the question.

        The next day I was sent a Miiverse Code of Conduct violation. My post was deleted. That’s right, a code of conduct violation. The message allowed me to choose one of several predetermined responses, of which all but one admitted guilt. That one was simply, “This is not a Miiverse Code of Conduct violation.” That was all they would let me say to them. Two days later they informed me that I was incorrect.

        So, finding this situation relatively humorous although slightly annoying, I called Nintendo. I wanted to bring to their attention how silly this was. The woman who answered was very nice and understanding. When I explained to her my situation she told me that was absurd and that they could take care of that for me no problem. She understood. She got a supervisor.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think that the supervisor was human. He seemed to understand my situation, and then he said he’d see what he could do. He put me on hold for several minutes, for what I can’t imagine. Was he taking this up with a committee? He finally came back on the line just to tell me that he was really sorry that I had to wait so long, and that I would just have to wait a bit longer. Several more minutes went by. What was happening? Were people in suits checking protocol, talking to bosses, telling their wives they might have to stay late?

        He finally returned only to tell me that my comment was in fact a code of conduct violation. I asked him why, and he said it fell under ‘gibberish’. That is seriously what he said. Just to recap here: The moderator asked a question that called for a number. I responded with a number. VIOLATION!

        The man (robot?) told me that it was perceived as gibberish because it was just a string of numbers, and not identified as making sense. I hadn’t used commas. I asked the man (robot?) if, perhaps if I had used commas, this would not have been a violation. He didn’t know. It was clear that he wasn’t going to admit that their system had made a mistake, and so he was going to make up whatever he could think of to warrant the decision. I asked him about all the aimless doodles on Tvii, which make up about 80% of all the content on there, and asked him if I should do my duty then and report every last one of them as a violation. He didn’t know.

        So, I have a code of conduct violation attached to my account. I think of all the kids on XBOXs yelling ‘faggot’ and worse things into headsets, and I get a slap on the wrist for a short string of numbers.

        Shame on me I guess. 😛

        • Arthur Jarret

          Cool story… typical, but the helpdesk response was simply absurd. I got a violation due to criminal activity… because I posted that Nintendo should just put every one of their games in their emulator and release it untested for free to anyone who has the transferred wii edition – and let them do the QA.

          I also replied with the single response of innocence and immediately got an answer that they verified it was in violation.

          Then I made a huge rage post explained that using the word emulation is not synonymous with downloading ROMs, especially as my post makes clear I’m talking about the emulator used by nintendo on the wii U… I also asked people to report this so – and I quote ‘the intellectually-challenged mods” could learn something.
          About an hour later I got another message saying they have reviewed my post and it was found NOT to be in violation, and it has been undeleted.

          So: nagging works

  • William Martinez

    That cover looks cool.

  • Dylan Clark

    UM YES! ive always wanted to play Majoras Mask it looks so fun! i also never played WW until the now so it was a new expierence for me, im so down for a HD Majora.

    • Sdudyoy

      Majora’s mask is a great game, It’s a bit harder than other 3D Zelda games In my opinion though.

  • LevenThumps

    Please reveal this game at E3. I would buy it day one.

  • Cube

    StarFox 64 in HD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙁 would never happen!

    • Mithiragi

      Never say never 😉

  • leo

    take my money

  • Wade Nixon

    Why not some NEW games Nintendo? This is your problem right now, this will only appeal to the most hard core of Nintendo fans leaving everyone else out. If I wanna play Majora’s Mask I will play it on my N64, I want a NEW Zelda game for your NEW console. Get out of the past FFS.

    • Pikachief

      They don’t have the main Zelda team making any of these ports, spin-offs, or remakes. They were even working on Zelda U at the same time as A Link Between Worlds. So no, this is not their problem because these side games aren’t taking away from their Zelda U resources. Stop complaining about a non-issue 😛

  • Rinslowe

    Let it be!

    • Mithiragi

      Whisper words of wisdom…

  • Con

    Finally a game to play on my wii u

  • Ace

    Nooooo! Put Majora’s Mask on the 3DS where it belongs. It’s a sequal to Ocarina of Time which is also on the 3DS, does it not make sense to put it on the 3DS? Plus, The Wii U has 2 more upcoming Zelda games on the console whereas the 3DS only has 2. And finally, the 3DS is selling damn well as opposed to the Wii U which isn’t. It’s just a better move to put it on the 3DS and maybe make some kind of port of it and put that on the Wii U kinda like Monster Hunter 3. ‘Sigh’

  • gamer4life

    Yea it makes sense. I think they are making the game right now, and Nintendo would reveal it in this months Nintendo Direct. Then it will release around maybe July. After that, Zelda U will be done near holiday season, which is when it should be released.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • MachoMadness

    I would only buy a remake on the Wii U if Ocarina was also included.

    • Brandon Olson

      You must be impossible to please.

      • MachoMadness

        Ask your mom 😉
        Admit, you walked right in to that one B.O. (haha great initials)

        Just beat Wind Waker and didn’t think it was worth the price of admission from the improvements made from the Gamecube.

        • Brandon Olson

          Wow you’re just on a roll today. 😛

          But hey, different strokes for different blokes. I rather liked the improvements… Though granted I never owned the game originally and played it through 100% by borrowing it when I was younger. So a better result for me.

    • I am Error.

      Both on one disc WOULD be amazing. They used the same engine, didn’t they? At the very least, putting OOT and MM on the Wii U VC would be a nice gesture for Miiverse integration, screenshot posting to social media, etc.

  • I hope its a HD remake and not a 3D remake because even though I loved the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask was my favorite zelda game of all time so I’d like to see it in HD.

  • Rafael Bernal Cantaluppi

    i want no remake! I demand a majoras mask sequel!

  • Jay

    I would buy it as long as I don’t have to pay $50 for it.

  • Levi Johansen

    it si no longer a tease, this is confirmation.

    But what system, 3DS or Wii U?

  • Guest

    Urgh, Nintendo hasn’t been teasing the MM remake for Wii U. It’s ALWAYS been teased for the 3DS. This author clearly has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. A Link Between Worlds contained clues to the remake, that game was on the 3DS. The PREQUEL to Majora’s Mask- Ocarina of Time was remade on the 3DS. OPERATION MOONFALL IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT WAS CREATED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF CONVINCING NINTENDO TO PUT MAJORA’S MASK ON THE 3DS!!!

    We’ve already had Majora’s Mask on THREE home consoles. It’s time to have it on a handheld for once.

    Hell, Aonuma agrees it’s time for Majora’s Mask to go handheld-

    “Thinking on it now, having a handheld Majora’s Mask where you could kind of just set things down on your own time – close it, set it aside and come back to it later – might be a game play element some fans will actually take to and might really appreciate.”

    And yeah, Aonuma is…kind of a big deal since yeah…HE’S THE GUY THAT CREATED MAJORA’S MASK.

    This author needs to seriously stop writing. Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS. Going by the current trend. PHANTOM HOURGLASS should be remade on the Wii U since it is the direct sequel to Wind Waker which was remade on Wii U. While Majora’s Mask being the sequel to Ocarina of Time should be remade on the 3DS just as OoT was.

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS with Ocarina of Time. FUCK wii u

  • Guest

    Urgh, Nintendo hasn’t been teasing the MM remake for Wii U. It’s ALWAYS been teased for the 3DS. This author clearly has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. A Link Between Worlds contained clues to the remake, that game was on the 3DS. The PREQUEL to Majora’s Mask- Ocarina of Time was remade on the 3DS. OPERATION MOONFALL IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT WAS CREATED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF CONVINCING NINTENDO TO PUT MAJORA’S MASK ON THE 3DS!!!

    We’ve already had Majora’s Mask on THREE home consoles. It’s time to have it on a handheld for once.

    Hell, Aonuma agrees it’s time for Majora’s Mask to go handheld-

    “Thinking on it now, having a handheld Majora’s Mask where you could kind of just set things down on your own time – close it, set it aside and come back to it later – might be a game play element some fans will actually take to and might really appreciate.”

    And yeah, Aonuma is…kind of a big deal since yeah…HE’S THE GUY THAT CREATED MAJORA’S MASK.

    This author needs to seriously stop writing. Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS. Going by the current trend. PHANTOM HOURGLASS should be remade on the Wii U since it is the direct sequel to Wind Waker which was remade on Wii U. While Majora’s Mask being the sequel to Ocarina of Time should be remade on the 3DS just as OoT was.

  • TaintedXGamer

    a more sinister Hd version of the moon Crashing into the world of termina? Yes Please!!!!!!!!! i haven#t played MM properly and I have yet to get WW, it is on my list of wii U games to get, as soon as my wallet comes back to life.

  • InterTreble

    You know what, it’s for games like this that Nintendo will be never doomed. Never. Sony and Microsoft fanboys can have 1,000 FPS and be happy, but they will never have games like this ones on other consoles but the one they are alway trolling all days 24/7. This is called envy, but they will neve admit! 😉

    • DrNope

      True, but they all have enough to be envious of.

  • Alanistic

    I’m hoping it’ll be a 3DS release like Ocarina. I don’t want to see one game on the 3DS and then the follow-up on Wii U. I’d rather see some remakes of the GameCube titles as I never owned that console.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Never finished it, might buy a remake.

  • pickleboy

    i would much rather see a complete remake of the game, with gameplay modified and all the sidequests, minigames and even the clock town expanded on to bring the game to modern quality. A simple hd remake of the exact same game is boring. The game was very good for its time but the gameplay is so dated now.

    Of course this would require nintendo to actually bother putting significant effort into making something that doesnt disapoint. Maybe now that they have admitted how they failed with the Wii U they are willing to try things. If they made majoras mask modern with wii U graphics and modern gameplay, It would make me consider the wii U a more valuable consoles then the other next gen competition. I hope to see a comeback from nintendo soon

  • Marcos Parreira

    I would prefer it to the 3DS, anyway the only people who would buy it (in my point of view) are Nintendo fans, who have the 3DS and the WiiU.

  • William Cole

    E3 2014 will be one for the books.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I hope it won’t be a remake, but a sequel instead.
    Not a direct time-line based sequel (so no OoT 3), but more of a return of Majoras mask as the main antagonist – what would happen if Vaati or Ganondorf would get hold of the mask?

    Even a prequel, chronicling the creation of the mask and the nature of the alternate dimension called Termina would be amazing.

    I really hope they won’t do a remake – Wii U might end up with more remakes than original games…

  • Caseymac91

    This remake better not be taking their attention away from making new games, which is what the WII U needs most.

  • Walter Thespeeddemon Gates Jr.

    I just hope they take that stupid Day count off there otherwise for me the game will be trash.