Jun 19th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 15th, 2012, 1:00 am

Wii U eShopNintendo is pushing digital retail games aggressively with the Wii U and its new eShop service, according to a source who spoke with Wii U Daily. The source, working at a European developer who previously informed on Wii U Achievements (a report which was later confirmed by Nintendo), said that Nintendo is taking digital downloads seriously this time. He said Nintendo wants to offer all retail games — first and third party titles– available as downloadable titles on the console via the Wii U eShop.

“They’re offering insane incentives for publishers to sell retail games as downloads on the console. You’d be stupid not to take advantage of it and go retail box-only”, he said, adding “The new platform is perfect for indie devs, it’s a whole different ball game than WiiWare. They’ve learned a lot from that mess”.

When we asked what the “insane incentives” on the Wii U eShop were, he replied: “It’s just a much bigger revenue cut that you’d get selling it on any other platform at the moment, plus promotions on the online store. If they [Nintendo] pull it off and it gains traction, it’ll press the other guys [Microsoft and Sony] to give more of the revenue to the publishers. It’s very good for us who make games”.

“They’re offering insane incentives for publishers to sell retail games as downloads on the console. You’d be stupid not to take advantage of it and go retail box-only”Back in April at the annual shareholders meeting and analyst conference call, Nintendo revealed that they would offer full retail Wii U games as digital downloads at launch. The company didn’t provide any other specifics. A few days ago, the company reiterated that it had learned from the mistakes it made with the 3DS launch, where it wasn’t possible to download games and content. This comes from Nintendo UK’s David Yarnton, who said that the Wii U will launch with a larger portfolio of games and a games download service.

Many have proclaimed digital game sales as the way of the future, and Nintendo appears to be taking it very seriously this time around. One question still remains unanswered: how much storage will the Wii U have available for games? It’s been rumored to be around only 8 GB, which would barely hold a single game these days (the Wii U disc supports up to 25 GB by comparison). Of course, players will be able to hook up any USB storage device and store their games there.

“You’ll be making a lot more per unit sold digitally than at retail with the Wii U. And from day one”, the source concluded. We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store for us. No pun intended.

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  • swic11

    This is great news! This will make 3rd party developers want to push more software on the Wii U, which obviously means more games available!!!

    • Devilus

      Im not so sure, remember the Wii-U only has a smallflash memory and ability for plugin usb(and who can say how long the lifetime of the digital “material” will last) they ahve said they will offer space themselves from wich you can have access to when you want. Yes but how long will they offer that? If you buy all your games online you wont really own them. only as long as they feel they want to pay for that service. I know I sound critical but my intention is to show concern. I mean its no garantee. If you own the game physicly you can keep them as long as you teat them good. but what if nintendo goes under, or they say nah we wont provide that acess service anymore. what happends to the games “bought”?!

      • jeb

        Is that not the same risk everyone takes with any current download service? It’s a very common argument. i.e steam/origin/gog/onlive

        • Wii Uoops!

          I know, but something about downloading games is fishy. Even if you get them for a lower price, it still seems unsafe. What happens when you run out of data on the console?

          • SanPharaoh

            I’m starting to learn more about virtual storage space, and can only assume that this would be the natural direction that we are all headed in with all of our DLC.

            It gives you an “unlimited” amount of space to store your content. All we would need as gamers is a console, username and password and all of our games are right there.

            Try to imagine a NetFlix style menu, but with YOUR games that YOU own instead of THEIR movies/shows that YOU’RE renting. They will always be there. And always playable. In this way you can own a massive library and never have to worry about disc space.

            I too have a few concerns regarding this, and truly do prefer to own physical copies of my content, but I also see the benefits of a digital library versus a physical one.

      • Ed

        Beside the fact the games are gonna be in a phyiscal format, of Nintendo acts like Steam, them, if for some ungodly reason Nintendo goes under, then they would patch the games to work without Nintendo involvement.

        …Plus if they work their system like Steam, we are talking Sales!(And online purchase+sales can combat the used game market better than online passes, IMO) I got a terabyte external drive I got from newegg, ready and waiting!

      • swic11

        I think that an external hard drive is easy enough to come by, I have an old one now that’s 250G… more than enough. I personally like a physical copy of a game… But there are many people who don’t. Things are very digital into today’s society, and will continue to be that way/grow more.

      • Marq

        You’re assuming that playing a game downloaded from the Nintendo store would require a constant Internet connection. Nintendo didn’t go in that direction with the Wii, and there’s no signs they’ll do it with Wii U. As long as your games are stored somewhere locally, then you should be fine. You may not be able to play online if a server goes under, but most games should be fine so long as you bought them and have them. Nintendo isn’t as cold and greedy as most firms in the industry.

      • Alienfish

        One other thing to consider is the fact that, so far, there has been transfer support. Almost all DSi games came over to 3DS and they’re preparing transferability from Wii to WiiU. Couple that with what Marq said and you really don’t have anything to worry about. On top of all that, Nintendo Network is poised to allow people to access their content from any WiiU console, eliminating the need to ‘bring your box’ and just carry your SD card or HDD.

  • Majin

    Fuck yeah. This’ll be great. Namely because of the USB storage. It’d be sweet if “The Scene” made it possible to rip WiiU games to an HDD and play ’em from the drive. That’d be awesome.

    Though I do wish that Ninty would do a freeware dev kit like M$oft did.

  • Majin

    Meant to say SDK, not dev kit.

  • Wii Who

    Personally I like to have physical copies of my games.

    However, this is really good on Nintendo part for making game both digital and physical resale, for those who would rather just download the game instead.

    I have a few games I bought from On demand because I was just to lazy to go to the store and by it 😉

    • all

      well in other country’s physical games cost a lot more than the one’s you can download so i think it’s better this way

  • AZHood

    I have read reports that all first-party titles would be retail and digital, but hearing that third-party games getting the same treatment is even better. This will be a huge win for Nintendo if this turns out to be true.

  • The Baconater

    No more scratchy disks, no more missing disks, no more going to Kmart or walmart or gamestop, no more lending disks to friends when you don’t want to, no more disk cases all over the floor, no more getting up to your console to change games. WOOHOO!!!

    • swic11

      this is a nice perk. I like physical copies, but not having to get up is a plus lol. People are lazy lol.

    • Marq

      No more finding out about/remembering about a game you were interested in two or three years ago, but is now impossible to find unless you want to buy a used copy on eBay for more than what a new one would have cost (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn).

      No more putting discs in a ziplock bag whenever you’re going to your girlfriend’s parent’s for the holidays, and wanting to knock the shit out of some little kid that got into your suitcase and got his grubby little hands all over the disc surfaces.

      No more sending your console to Nintendo for an $80 repair when it stops reading discs because it’s been dropped on a hard floor a thousand times from everyone tripping over wires.

      Yeah, I’m getting real personal here…

      • The Baconater

        No more unreadable disk errors, no more pressing eject, no more disks breaking under suitcases when going for a trip, no more leaving dogs in your room while you are away and they chew up your disks, no more earthquakes knocking down a shelf full of games, think it’s personal yet? Lol.

      • rafael

        yeah, no more drowned kid souls living inside zelda cartridges!

        • SanPharaoh

          lol…I remember those days…”you gotta make it whistle”

      • Ninty fan

        Wow, I thought I was the only one with a broken Wii from falling…. but sadly it was my dog that tripped…

    • Alienfish

      Yep, now all you have to worry about is HDD failures and waiting for that crap to redownload onto the new one. Just saying, there are still flaws, but not many.

    • James

      No more selling used games, either.

      I’m glad there are both options, though. Everyone has a different style. 😀

  • Hafid

    The fact is That I use to sell my games to buy others !
    So it really dont interest me …
    But good news on the fact That Nintendo is back in the game !!!
    And to win this Time …

  • Wecka

    Given the literal millions of pounds (£) that Nintendo Europe were owed by UK retailer GAME when it hit the wall earlier this year, it’s no wonder that they are exploring every option to reduce their dependency upon high street retailers wherever possible!

    That said, there will always be a place on the high street for games retailers, and Nintendo, or any other publisher would be foolish to try and completely eliminate retailers from their range of outlets.

  • Captain snugglebottom

    Downloading full retail games might be the future but you won’t phisicaly own the game and that’s not good because your console’s memory might get corrupted somehow and that’s a huge bummer

    • swic11

      I have recently bought a new computer, and systems like Steam and Origin, have let me re-download my old purchases with no problem. If Nintendo adopts this type of system that is connected to your personal gamertag, then this wont be an issue. Nintendo has also stated that all purchases on the Wii will be transferable to the Wii U, so to me it sounds like this type of re-downloading feature is already put into play with the Wii U.

      I am not saying that downloading games is the Ideal way to go, but some people do prefer it (I personally do not) but with Nintendo giving their consumers the options, it makes those digital customers happy.

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        You can already redownload games on the 3DS that you have previously purchased. I had to delete the Nintendo Video app to make memory room, and I noticed as being available to redownload when I downloaded all those retro games that they gave away for the people who bought the system before the price drop. So since the handheld allows redownloads, I see no reason that the Wii U won’t. And since it’ll be tied to your club nintendo account, all should go well. Nintendo does well with customer service.

  • AwayToHit

    Excellent news :D:D:D

  • gNat

    Unfortionatly i dont download anything so id rather just go to a store and buy it there

    • Jerm1234

      go ahead gas is like $4 a gallon still

    • jeb

      there is no unfortunately about it. You can do that.

      • gNat

        Im 13 and my gamestop i can walk to in about 5 minutes.

    • Daqwon

      The 3DS has a similar menu to the DSi and it can also matlitusk. The price will be around 320-330 AUD im assuming since it costs 25000 yen in japan when it comes out. and yes, u can take both 2d and 3d pictures on the outside.

  • gNat

    I actually hope this isnt true because i like my local store and Digital copies can be erased and hacked into through online play. Plus my mom wont let me download anything. :[

    • Joe

      Why does it matter to you if they allow digital copies? Retail copies STILL DO work, so why would you want all of us that DO to suffer just because you don’t like downloads?

      • gNat

        No, you misunderstood. they are also saying that may be the only way you can buy games, Which I wouldnt like. Everybody has there opinions. PS. my opinion wont change the outcome, so stop being pissy.

        • jeb

          These are games that wouldn’t have ever seen the day of light on the WiiU; indipendent games where the developers could never have afforded to push for retail.

          What it does mean though is that if downloading becomes way more popular than retail buying. Then the game some companies who could afford to go retail, might choose not.

          Good thing is this will end up increasing the second hand value of retail games. Whilst giving a well priced option to play the game through downloads.

        • gNat

          And really its your problem if youd “suffer” because of games being only for retail.

  • gNat

    PS i wont buy the Wii U if the games are only digital and wont buy any system that only supports digital copies

    • gNat

      Stop disliking my comment. I love nintendo but i really hate the idea of having full games being downloadable because that will lead to having them only be digital copies and then Data can be destroyed and Gamestop will go out of buisness an everything will stink. Nobody like or dislike this comment for it is just a opinion.

      • jeb

        trust me, the data will not be destroyed. If someone has it on one HDD. Then it’ll be spread even if Nintendo were ever to close down. There will be a way to retrieve it.

        Gamestop will go out of business, no doubt, even if games sell well through retail, due to physical copies selling cheaper through websites like amazon. Industries continuously change, and there is not much you can do about it.

        You’re going to be in for a bumpy ride in the future as everything goes to download form, or games through cloud – thats really where you should be worried, thats when no-one receives any piece of game data. But it will have its perks.

        • Paul

          this is why downloads is fantastic if the price is right

          you download a game to your external hard drive but oops you have loads of crap on it and need to format it, you format it and re download the game again

      • gNat


    • SanPharaoh

      It has already been confirmed that the xbox 720 will be DLC *ONLY*. Microsoft plans to completely do away with physical copies. And their download titles are rumored to still have the same price tag, which if I’m not mistaken is set at about $60. They are doing this because they want to curb the used game market in an attempt to increase revenue.

      In my opinion, Nintendo will be victorious on this DLC front because they ARE offering physical copies (at probably around $60), in ADDITION TO non-physical copies (at maybe $30, or $40, possibly even cheaper we’ll just have to wait and see). And also while I’m thinking about the price tag of New vs Used vs Physical vs Non-physical games, we must remember the rule of supply and demand. The price of a game usually reflects its ability to entertain. If a game sucks, it’s probably cheap, (sometimes) [I just bought Mad World for $5 and I love this game with a passion.] And if a game is expensive…it should entertain us for years to come, whether it’s physical or non-physical.

      What this new method of purchasing games does do, however, is create a problem for places like GameStop, who make most of their money from selling used/pre-owned games. With all this new development in the non-physical arena they may be going in the direction of Blockbuster Video soon if they don’t figure something out. Which would be a shame because the girls at my GameStop are pretty hot, and very flirtatious and, just so happen to “love” all of the same games as me.

  • uPadWatcher

    Whether to purchase at a store or via Wii U eShot, it’s a win-win situation for Nintendo. To me, it’s a great investment for first and third party publishers to have their Wii U titles purchased with two options (or both, in case the physical discs have scratches). By the time I purchase the U, I’m gonna buy myself an external drive (1 or 2 TB).

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      I hope, if you buy physical copies, you’ll be able to save what games you got to your club nintendo account, so if something does happen to the physical copy, you can just download the game onto a hard drive so you won’t have to worry about ever losing a game.

      • TomBolland

        But then you could just purchase a physical copy, play it once on your system and then sell it on the next day for near no loss, just do download it for free. I can’t see a way of this working sadly.

        • Berieanne

          Well, they could include the registration numbers (Like with current First Party games for CLub Nintendo), and if you have one you can download it, and if you want to sell it you can deauthorize the number so someone else can do the same thing

  • Butts

    Listen up! Don’t be stupid. Buy all your games from Gamestop or other videogames stores! Nintendo will probably sell a small percentage less of all their Wii U titles to video game retailers so that when you want a game and you go there, you’ll be forced to buy it online if they don’t have it. It is worse for YOU if you buy games online. Video game companies want your friends to buy their games too so rather than just having your let your pal Matt or Bob borrow it they’ll have to go buy it themselves. That’s less likely they will lend you that 20 bucks when you need it. Also you can’t sell your downloaded game back to Gamestop once it becomes udder shit to you. (Which is usually two weeks after you get a new game with low to moderate replay value.)

    • Ed

      Sorry, I understand ur point of view, but I would rather give my money and my friends’ money to the company who made the product. Esp, if it keeps these developers working and making games. Besides, online shops have sales more readily which, is a win for gamers.

      • Butts

        The fact that online shops might have sales isn’t really an argument for buying a game that you can do more with in disk forrm. Apparently my comment offended people when I’m just trying to help anyone who cares about save some money. Nintendo head, (and the other two big game companies’s heads for that matter) have enough money to not have to work for the next 100 lifetimes. You assumed in your retort that you and your friend’s money was gonna go right into the imaginary Better-Game Research Department. The reality is Reggie just bought a brand new gold dildo. Or a margarita machine. Or just keeps it in his pocket. The point is Nintendo never said more money = better games or more benefits to the players. The gameplay from #1 selling Gamecube title:Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube actually worsened because they remade Brawl around bringing new players into the game rather than listening to the cries of the hardcore players. The main point of what I am trying to say is that Nintendo doesn’t care about you, they just want your money like any business and you only live once, so If I were you, (and this is just me apparently btw) I would just buy the disk. There’s plenty of kids out there who would love to buy Pikmin 3 a week after you’ve beat it for 5 bucks less than the Gamestop price. What do I know I’m just thrify. Do what you want.

        • jeb

          and now we have the option to do what we want. But yes It sucks for those who sell there games, and buy second hand.

  • Matt

    This screams of being a made up story. Surprised no one has mentioned it in fact. The source, ‘working at a European developer’…. ha seriously?

  • Kirby

    If there is 1st and 3rd parties, where is 2nd party?

    • Wii U Daily staff

      “2nd party” are studios that are owned by the first party, e.g Retro Studios is a “2nd party” because they are owned by Nintendo, which kinda makes it a first party game anyway.

    • Ed

      Retro studios is an 2nd party

  • Frankensavior

    Digital Downloads are fine, and convenient. Yet I prefer physical copies. I’m glad the Wii U will support BOTH as CONFIRMED. Yet I don’t think some people commenting on this article comprehend that. Don’t plan on physical copies going away anytime soon. Nintendo pushing for digital downloads makes sense though. A larger range of downloadable content means a more content on the system. Especially if you can get these titles in the EShop on launch day. This doesn’t mean Nintendo is trying to get rid of the physical copies. It’s just a smart competitive move against their competition to show they have more content available.

  • Pretzels

    Good Nintendo. It’s good to not only be able to buy at the stores but online as well. I hope that if you buy a game at a store that you can download it to your WiiU kinda like Xbox.

    • jeb

      This is interesting, I would like this. But unless they can find a way of disconnecting the physical copy from your digital access, then I’m not sure they would implement it.

      Perhaps every time you want to download the game, you verify you own the disc by putting the physical disc in, to prove you own it. This physical disc would have to have its own key different to every other disc. So then if you were to download the game through someone elses account, the game would become invalid on your own account.

      tl:dr – Its seems to me very unlikely Nintendo will try to make this work. Due to 1 game very easily would be playable by 2 different people at one time.

  • DerikGotro64

    Imma make sure I got a 1TB external harddrive in my house when the Nintendo U drops.

  • Jtz

    Now that games will be digital, people will save more because the oppurtunity cost to driving to Best Buy/Target to buy a $60 dollar game will no longer be a total of $75 dollars ($60 + $15 driving to a retailer and back home). Now you actually save more money and wear and tear from your car. Sweet. Only thing is, if I were a Target/Best Buy employee, I get worried about layoffs.

  • Jtz

    So, to retailers, what will motivate consumers to drive to buy a video game when you can just download it at home helping to avoid the high cost of gas?

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Well, some people like physical copies of games, as well, retailers can sell codes to download the games, for people who don’t like to put their credit card or debit card numbers online. You get your digital copy and don’t have to worry about a PSN type of fiasco.

      • jeb

        the main incentive to buying a physical game I assume would be that you can sell it second hand. Plus as downloads are available, physical copies will be more valuable.

        For Nintendo this is a win win situation. People want second hand copies. Nintendo want to make money from second hand copies. If there is less of a difference in price or more of an advantage through downloading. Nintendo can benefit, whilst giving the consumer all options.

    • Marq

      Online retailers like Amazon, bro. That’s where I’m buying all my new games from now on.

  • Jtz

    “Buy all your games from Gamestop or other videogames stores!”

    Listen, Gamestop, Bestbuy ect, you guys are going to have some serious problmes in the future. If I were you Butts, I’d start looking for another job.
    But this is how videostreaming is affecting cable companies. This is also effecting the postal mail man jobs. Why pay $.40 sents to send a stamp when e-mail, tweeter or facebook is free? Why pay for a News Paper when the information is available online for free?

  • wondering girl (?-?)

    question……….i live in Malaysia where eShop is not available, we can download it but cant buy anything. it takes forever for a retail game to come, plus its expensive to import it, some does not even come to this side of the world. so how am i supposed to play???

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Now you don’t have to wait for the imports. The eshop is supposed to be available day one, and if it’s available worldwide, then so should all the games. This could fix many localization issues. If you want a game that isn’t physically localized, you can download it maybe. Hopefully that’s the case. We’ll find out soon enough.

      • jeb

        thats assuming broadband is a viable option.

  • Smurfman256

    Hmm. Free DLC, maybe?

  • Paul

    would love nintendo to do day one release for every country instead of the old rubbish of 3 days later for us as this what makes me angry from playstation and microsoft…

    you can buy a external hard drive for under £100 for a 1tb version or check hotukdeals for daily deals as could one up for even cheaper

    if they offer full games on there store make sure they take a few dollars / pounds of

  • ck1x

    This is really great news and direction for Nintendo to go in. Because if I can buy games digital for $45-$50 over $60 at the stores then that’s a major win for gamers. For those people that enjoy selling games back to GameStop, even they don’t give you that much for games when you trade them in. So I would rather see my savings from the start when I purchase the game.

  • Matt

    I like this. Personally, because I import my games, and plan to import my console from the US, I like having a physical copy because I like the look of the ESRB rating and the 50% cheaper price, but I also love that if a game looks good, but not worth shelling out shipping fees for, I can download it instantly! What I love more is the fact that I can own a 2TB Wii U for the price of the standard $299.99 Wii U!

  • loko

    l’e-shop di nintendo e il migliore servizio mai visto. imbattibile anche la virtual console.

  • Daemonrunner

    This is fantastic news! Sounds like Nintendo is taking a very Steam-like approach to their gaming. I also like that they are receptive to indie development as well. Depending on their model, much like Cloudberry Kingdom, more popular Kickstarter projects could find their way on the Wii U as well.

    Like the Wii U or not, Nintendo appears to be changing not only the way we play games, but the entire market itself. If Nintendo maintains this model and this really takes off, more developers could favor Nintendo for the higher payouts. This could trickle to competition to try to compete to maintain a slot in the digital and indie scene. If it works, this could be a game-changer (pardon the pun) for the market as a whole.

  • 343 H4K0R

    Has anybody thought about the pirates?

    • SanPharaoh

      Yes. It’s a part of the landscape, unfortunately and I’m sure there will be measures taken against piracy, but there will always be thieves. And they always find a way to steal. However much you try to prevent them from ripping you off and securing yourself from them. As technology evolves, so does the criminal.

      It’s up to us as consumers really to decide whether or not we’d like to be a part of the problem, or the solution.

  • 343 H4K0R

    Ya so pretty much no matter what their is going to be pirating maybe not as bad as wii but still pretty bad

    • SanPharaoh

      The goal really is not to worry about piracy as much, but to focus on expanding your market share.

      By doing this, even if pirates manage to find a weakness to exploit, as they always do, Nintendo will be selling a much greater quantity of legally purchased goods to a greater consumer base. This would offset the loss from the sales of the stolen goods. Thus, making the black market a smaller and smaller sector and not really worth worrying about.

  • TheBoldman67

    Actually if physical copies do become much less popular, GameStop could always sell download codes.

    • SanPharaoh

      I’m trying to imagine this…and can’t seem to be able wrap my mind around it. Can you give us one or two example where a business can make a profit being a “middleman”, retailer by selling download codes?

      Isn’t this something the developer, or publisher, or license holder be able to simply do themselves?

  • Inuboy

    Great news, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. With only flash memory to go by, that means we’ll have to buy our memory seperately. Kinda stupid when the PS3 and Xbox 360 have a built in hard drive. I’m praying Nintendo have another higher end model with a hard drive (probably a small one so the design won’t change) or just more memory.

  • McDaniel-77

    If the eShop offers the same comfort like Steam does, I’ll buy some titles as a download.
    It would be great to if the retail version could be installed on Wii U SD-Card, and run the game without the disc inserted. That’s a true benefit, installing games and still need to put the disc in is rediculous.

  • descargar

    Star-crossed by reason of the prodigious analysis, but I’m in point of fact loving the stylish Zune, and conviction this, as extravagantly as the omit reviews some other people be undergoing written, determination arrogate you conclude if it’s the preferable choice also in behalf of you.

  • Raka

    Nintendo is trying it’s hardest to have the best of both worlds. What will Gamestop sell if everyone buys games online? Skylander toys. (go, pokeball!)

    Also, I seem to recall that Nintendo doesnt want to sell digital downloads for less that retail copies. Making them the same price for the consumer keeps game stores a reasonable option. But by giving game DESIGNERS a greater share of the $50-$60 games, well… If a game takes ten thousand sales to make back it’s cost on XBLA, but only five thousand on Wii Ware, what are you going to make it for?

    All in all, Nintendo seems to be paying attention to everyone these days. Cheaper console for consumers, leading to a faster install base. Game developers getting Havok engine (and others) for free. Easy to port already-developed games from this AND next gen consoles. (Unreal 4 will run on Wii U, but Unreal 3 runs slightly more efficiently, according to Epic) Developers get a better slice of the pie if a game is avaiable online. (and more accessable to players) Miiverse helps the gaming comunity figure out what games are popular each week, (and ignore crap wii-waggle-games) so we dont need to wait for hype magazines to know what to buy. Games cost the same in retail, ensuring an equal slice of the pie. And NFC skylander toys in game stores, giving Gamestops something you CANT get online, however hard you try, thus keeping Retail involved in sales, and more willing to promore your console. Which brings us back around to a cheaper console, with a larger install base.

  • tenebrae

    i like onlive but only cause i can play games on my laptop that it cant run with its specs its also gunna be on the ouya thats a plus

    but i really like used games too they are cheaper than steam games most times

    and new physical copies of games…. you just cant beat that new manual smell

  • Hammer

    Well your not going to get much I can tell you that without httneasiig. A couple years ago when I went to trade in some game boy advance games they seriously offered me $3.00 and I was going to trade in like 5 of them. The game boy itself would only be about $10.00 because they are selling used ones for about $45.00. Unless your realy desperate for like $20.00 towards your new DS stuff I I would keep the gameboy and the games and just buy the DS. Overall you would probably get about $20.