Dec 21st, 2015


Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata has shared a quick holiday greeting in his annual message to Nintendo fans at the end of the year. As expected, the passing of Satoru Iwata was mentioned as a difficult time for all at Nintendo, but Shibata says that Nintendo has several game releases planned for 2016 that should keep fans excited.

With Mr Iwata passing away in July, this year has proven to be a real challenge for us, as well as for me personally. It saddened me not only as president of Nintendo of Europe, but as a fellow Nintendo Direct presenter. Looking back at the overwhelming number of tributes you all have paid, it again brought home to me just how much he was loved.

With upcoming Nintendo titles on the way next year, just what does Nintendo of Europe’s president plan to do for the holidays? According to him, playing unique Super Mario Maker courses and singing a bit of Wii Karaoke U.

As we’ve announced in a recent Nintendo Direct already, next year it looks like we will be able to release several titles that Nintendo fans will enjoy. I hope these games will make you smile too!

I hope you all enjoy playing videogames during the Christmas holidays. Personally, I’m looking forward to making some unique Super Mario Maker courses – and singing a bit with Wii Karaoke U too!

It’s nice to see such a heartfelt tribute from one Nintendo Direct presenter to another, but we’re excited about what Nintendo has in store for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U in 2016.

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