Feb 14th, 2016

Nintendo NX will support Unreal Engine 4: rumor

New Nintendo NX rumors are now emerging, and they suggest that it will indeed be a very modern console: according to rumors, the NX will support the Unreal Engine 4, the new engine from Epic Games that’s used by many third party games.

The rumor comes from the same developer insider who previously said that a “graphically impressive” PS4 game is being ported to the NX. In addition to the Unreal Engine 4, the NX supports the newest versions of the Unity Engine as well — Unity is a popular engine for smaller indie games.

The source also says that Nintendo NX dev kits are limited right now, and that there is big demand for the kits. Instead, Nintendo is shipping a software development kit (SDK) instead, which preps game makers to make games on the NX. We’re previously heard that the NX is as powerful as the Xbox One.

Getting popular engine support is a big deal when it comes to attracting third party developers and publishers. In addition to the Unreal Engine 4, some of the other popular engines are the Frostbite engine, used by EA in a lot of their games, including the recent Star Wars Battlefront and the upcoming Battlefield 2143.

The Wii U didn’t support the Unreal Engine 4 nor the Frostbite engine due to its hardware limitations, which meant that a lot of third party games had no chance of being released on the console.

Hopefully the NX will change all of that. The latest sources tell us that Nintendo plans to unveil the NX console in March (that’s next month!).

(pictured above: the original Wii dev kit from 11 years ago)

Via NintenGen

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