Jun 27th, 2015

nintendo nx e3

Nintendo hasn’t revealed much about Wii U’s successor yet. Codenamed “NX”, the new console is supposed to be a “brand new concept” according to Satoru Iwata, who recently said that the company is being secretive about the NX so that competitors won’t steal its ideas.

But according to a bit in a new piece by Fortune, Nintendo has just started talking to third party developers and publishers about the NX. According to Fortune, Nintendo started talking about their Wii U successor to other companies at E3, and the reception was positive, according to insiders.

Nintendo has given no time frame on when the NX will launch, but has said that they’ll release the first NX details in 2016. We’ve hard chip-maker AMD say that they’ve developed a new processor for a new game console that is scheduled to launch in 2016 — which could very well be the NX.

Or maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see. But if Nintendo has just started talking about the NX to other companies, it means that dev kits are still quite far away from being shipped.

And should the NX console launch in 2016, that would mean only about a year of development time — which in today’s world is simply not enough for a quality game.

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