Jan 20th, 2016


The Nintendo NX rumor mill is at full tilt this morning, with a financial analyst discussing the possibility for the NX to interface with other devices, like the PS4 and smartphones earlier today. Now it looks like Nintendo could be doing some market research with the help of GFK, a market research firm.

According to a tweet (take that with a grain of salt, I shouldn’t have to say it), a supposed survey is advertising the Nintendo NX as being capable of 4K/60fps video streaming, while playing games at a 900p resolution. That’s the same resolution the Xbox One outputs most games at before upscaling them to 1080p and would seem to confirm the rumor that the Nintendo NX is at least as powerful as the Xbox One.

As always these surveys and speculation confirm nothing, but as we move closer into 2016 expect to see more rumors as Nintendo preps its launch plans for the Nintendo NX.

Do you think they’ll announce it at E3 in June?

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